Term Rewriting and Applications [electronic resource] : 16th International Conference, RTA 2005, Nara, Japan, April 19-21, 2005, Proceedings / edited by Jürgen Giesl.

1st ed. 2005.
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This volume contains the proceedings of the 16th International Conference on Rewriting Techniques and Applications (RTA2005),whichwasheldonApril19- 21, 2005, at the Nara-Ken New Public Hall in the center of the Nara National Park in Nara, Japan. RTA is the major forum for the presentation of research on all aspects of rewriting.PreviousRTAconferenceswereheldinDijon(1985),Bordeaux(1987), Chapel Hill (1989), Como (1991), Montreal (1993), Kaiserslautern (1995), Rutgers (1996), Sitges (1997), Tsukuba (1998), Trento (1999), Norwich (2000), Utrecht (2001), Copenhagen (2002), Valencia (2003), and Aachen (2004). This year, there were 79 submissions from 20 countries, of which 31 papers were accepted for publication (29 regular papers and 2 system descriptions). The submissions came from France (10 accepted papers of the 23.1 submitted papers), USA (5.6 of 11.7), Japan (4 of 9), Spain (2.7 of 6.5), UK (2.7 of 4.7), The Netherlands (1.7 of 3.8), Germany (1.3 of 2.3), Austria (1 of 1), Poland (1 of 1), Israel (0.5 of 0.8), Denmark (0.5 of 0.5), China (0 of 4), Korea (0 of 4), Taiwan (0 of 1.3), Australia (0 of 1), Brazil (0 of 1), Russia (0 of 1), Switzerland (0 of 1), Sweden (0 of 1), and Italy (0 of 0.3). Each submission was assigned to at least three Program Committee m- bers, who carefully reviewed the papers, with the help of 111 external referees.
Confluent Term Rewriting Systems
Generalized Innermost Rewriting
Orderings for Innermost Termination
Leanest Quasi-orderings
Abstract Modularity
Union of Equational Theories: An Algebraic Approach
Equivariant Unification
Faster Basic Syntactic Mutation with Sorts for Some Separable Equational Theories
Unification in a Class of Permutative Theories
Dependency Pairs for Simply Typed Term Rewriting
Universal Algebra for Termination of Higher-Order Rewriting
Quasi-interpretations and Small Space Bounds
A Sufficient Completeness Reasoning Tool for Partial Specifications
Tyrolean Termination Tool
Call-by-Value Is Dual to Call-by-Name - Reloaded
??-Calculus and Duality: Call-by-Name and Call-by-Value
Reduction in a Linear Lambda-Calculus with Applications to Operational Semantics
Higher-Order Matching in the Linear Lambda Calculus in the Absence of Constants Is NP-Complete
Localized Fairness: A Rewriting Semantics
Partial Inversion of Constructor Term Rewriting Systems
Natural Narrowing for General Term Rewriting Systems
The Finite Variant Property: How to Get Rid of Some Algebraic Properties
Intruder Deduction for AC-Like Equational Theories with Homomorphisms
Proving Positive Almost-Sure Termination
Termination of Single-Threaded One-Rule Semi-Thue Systems
On Tree Automata that Certify Termination of Left-Linear Term Rewriting Systems
Twenty Years Later
Open. Closed. Open.
A Tutorial Example of the Semantic Approach to Foundational Proof-Carrying Code
Extending the Explicit Substitution Paradigm
Arithmetic as a Theory Modulo
Infinitary Combinatory Reduction Systems
Proof-Producing Congruence Closure
The Algebra of Equality Proofs
On Computing Reachability Sets of Process Rewrite Systems
Automata and Logics for Unranked and Unordered Trees.
Giesl, Jürgen, editor., Editor,
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