Advances in Soft Computing and Its Applications : 12th Mexican International Conference, MICAI 2013, Mexico City, Mexico, November 24-30, 2013, Proceedings, Part II / edited by Félix Castro, Alexander Gelbukh, Miguel González.

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1st ed. 2013.
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Lecture notes in computer science. Lecture notes in artificial intelligence 8266
Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence ; 8266
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Information storage and retrieval.
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The two-volume set LNAI 8265 and LNAI 8266 constitutes the proceedings of the 12th Mexican International Conference on Artificial Intelligence, MICAI 2013, held in Mexico City, Mexico, in November 2013. The total of 85 papers presented in these proceedings were carefully reviewed and selected from 284 submissions. The first volume deals with advances in artificial intelligence and its applications and is structured in the following five sections: logic and reasoning; knowledge-based systems and multi-agent systems; natural language processing; machine translation and bioinformatics and medical applications. The second volume deals with advances in soft computing and its applications and is structured in the following eight sections: evolutionary and nature-inspired metaheuristic algorithms; neural networks and hybrid intelligent systems; fuzzy systems; machine learning and pattern recognition; data mining; computer vision and image processing; robotics, planning and scheduling and emotion detection, sentiment analysis and opinion mining.
The Best Genetic Algorithm I: A Comparative Study of Structurally Different Genetic Algorithms
The Best Genetic Algorithm II: A Comparative Study of Structurally Different Genetic Algorithms
The Concept of Confidence for Inheritance-Based Genetic Algorithms
WIGA: Wolbachia Infection Genetic Algorithm for Solving Multi-Objective Optimization Problems
B-spline Surface Approximation Using Hierarchical Genetic Algorithm
A Study of Genetic Algorithms to Solve the School Timetabling Problem
Explicit Exploration in Estimation of Distribution Algorithms
An Ant Colony Algorithm for Improving Ship Stability in the Containership Stowage Problem
Including Modal Improvisation and Music-Inspired Components to Improve Harmony Search
A Massive Parallel Cellular GPU Implementation of Neural Network to Large Scale Euclidean TSP
Determination of Cardiac Ejection Fraction by Electrical Impedance Tomography Using an Artificial Neural Network
Bidirectional Recurrent Neural Networks for Biological Sequences Prediction
Complete Diagnosis of Electrical Power Systems Using MDS and ANFIS
Intelligent Rotor Time Constant Identification Approach in Indirect Field Oriented Induction Motor Drive
Flame Classification through the Use of an Artificial Neural Network Trained with a Genetic Algorithm
Traffic Sign Recognition Based on Linear Discriminant Analysis
Association Measures and Aggregation Functions
JT2FIS: A Java Type-2 Fuzzy Inference Systems Class Library for Building Object-Oriented Intelligent Applications
Fault Detection and Diagnosis of Electrical Networks Using a Fuzzy System and Euclidian Distance
An Embedded Fuzzy Agent for Online Tuning of a PID Controller for Position Control of a DC Motor
A Note on Parameter Selection for Support Vector Machines
Reinforcement Learning Method for Portfolio Optimal Frontier Search
Weighed Aging Ensemble of Heterogenous Classifiers for Incremental Drift Classification
Similarity Based on Data Compression
Pattern Recognition with Spiking Neural Networks
Subjective Evaluation of Labeling Methods for Association Rule Clustering
An Algorithm of Classification for Nonstationary Case
Using NIAR k-d Trees to Improve the Case-Based Reasoning Retrieval Step
Weighting Query Terms towards Multi-faceted Information Fusion of Market Data
An Agents and Artifacts Approach to Distributed Data Mining
Evaluating Business Intelligence Gathering Techniques for Horizon Scanning Applications
Identification of Relations in Region Connection Calculus: 9-Intersection Reduced to3+-Intersection Predicates
Fast and Robust Object Recognition Based on Reduced Shock-Graphs and Pruned-SIFT
Matching Qualitative Spatial Scene Descriptions a la Tabu
Classification of Mexican Paper Currency Denomination by Extracting Their Discriminative Colors
Towards Reduced EEG Based Brain-Computer Interfacing for Mobile Robot Navigation
Practical Speech Recognition for Contextualized Service Robots
Using Monte Carlo Tree Search to Solve Planning Problems in Transportation Domains
An Approach Based on an Interactive Procedure for Multiple Objective Optimisation Problems
On Modeling Planning Problems: Experience from the Petrobras Challenge
An Introduction to Concept-Level Sentiment Analysis
Common Sense Knowledge Based Personality Recognition from Text
Implementing Fuzzy Subtractive Clustering to Build a Personality Fuzzy Model Based on Big Five Patterns for Engineers
Finding Opinion Strength Using Rule-Based Parsing for Arabic Sentiment Analysis
Emotion Based Features of Bird Singing for Turdus Migratorius Identification.
Castro, Félix, editor., Editor,
Gelbukh, Alexander. editor., Editor,
Gonzalez, Miguel, editor., Editor,
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