Intelligent Science and Intelligent Data Engineering : Third Sino-foreign-interchange Workshop, IScIDE 2012, Nanjing, China, October 15-17, 2012, Revised Selected Papers / edited by Jian Yang, Fang Fang, Changyin Sun.

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1st ed. 2013.
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This book constitutes the proceedings of the third Sino-foreign-interchange Workshop on Intelligence Science and Intelligent Data Engineering, IScIDE 2012, held in Nanjing, China, in October 2012. The 105 papers presented were carefully peer-reviewed and selected from 429 submissions. Topics covered include pattern recognition; computer vision and image processing; machine learning and computational intelligence; knowledge discovery, data mining, and web mining; graphics and computer visualization; and multimedia processing and applications.
Nonnegative Matrix Factorization on Orthogonal Subspace with Smoothed L0 Norm Constrained
A Multiphase Entropy-Based Level Set Algorithm for MR Breast Image Segmentation Using Lattice Boltzmann Model
Understanding the Top Grass Roots in Sina-Weibo
Feature-Scoring-Based Multi-cue Infrared Object Tracking
A Novel Unconstrained Correlation Filter and Its Application in Face Recognition
Salience-Based Prototype Selection for K-Nearest Neighbor Classification in Multiple-Instance Learning
Calibrate a Moving Camera on a Linear Translating Stage Using Virtual Plane + Parallax
Neural Population Decoding in Short-Time Windows
Noise and Illumination Invariant Road Detection Based on Vanishing Point
Text-Like Motion Representation for Human Motion Retrieval
A Novel Inductive Semi-supervised SVM with Graph-Based Self-training
Pseudo-Zernike Moment Invariants to Blur Degradation and Their Use in Image Recognition
Gait Recognition Based on Partitioned Weighting Gait Energy Image
Facial Expressions Analysis Based on Cooperative Neuro-computing Interactions
A Novel Moving Cast Shadow Detection of Vehicles in Traffic Scene
Semi-supervised Learning with Local and Global Consistency by Geodesic Distance and Sparse Representation
The Study of Rock Tunnel Stability Based on Extension Neural Network
Head Pose Estimation via Background Removal
Spatially Correlated Nonnegative Matrix Factorization for Image Analysis
A Competitive Sample Selection Method for Palmprint Recognition
A Local-Context-Based Fuzzy Algorithm for Image Enhancement
3D Partial Surface Matching Using Differential Geometry and Statistical Approaches
Dimensionality Reduction by Low-Rank Embedding
A Novel Cluster Combination Algorithm for Document Clustering
Reliable Detection of Malignant Ventricular Arrhythmias Based on Complex Network Theory
Face Registration: Evaluating Generative Models for Automatic Dense Landmarking of the Face
Face Recognition with Multi-scale Block Local Ternary Patterns
Ensemble Haar and MB-LBP Features for License Plate Detection
Exploring Unknown Paths in Networks Based on Multiple Random Walks
Face Recognition by Using Overlapping Block Discriminative Common Vectors
Supervised Kernel Self-Organizing Map
Automated Classification of Protein Subcellular Location Patterns on Images of Human Reproductive Tissues
Formation Flight of Multi-agent Based on Formation Feedback Control
Predicting the Age of Healthy Adults from Structural MRI by Sparse Representation
A Multi-dimensional Data Association Algorithm for Multi-sensor Fusion
An Image Quality Assessment Algorithm Based on Feature Selection
Force Work Induced Metric for Face Verification
Functional Connectivity-Based Parcellation of Human Medial Frontal
Cortex via Maximum Margin Clustering
3D Facial Landmark Localization via a Local Surface Descriptor HoSNI
Feature Reduction for Efficient Object Detection via L1-norm Latent SVM
Iterative Phase Unwrapping in Color Doppler Flow Mapping
TRUS Image Segmentation Driven by Narrow Band Contrast Pattern Using Shape Space Embedded Level Sets
Multi-modal Based Violent Movies Detection in Video Sharing Sites
Discriminant Analysis Based on Nearest Feature Line
A Novel Matching Strategy for Finger Vein Recognition
A Fast Vanishing Point Detection Method in Structured Road
Tetrolet Regularization and Learning for Single Frame Image Super-Resolution
Optimization and Fiber-Centered Prediction of Functional Network ROIs
A Projected Conjugate Gradient Method for Compressive Sensing
High-Quality Synthetic Aperture Auto-imaging under Occlusion
Convergence Properties of Perceptron Learning with Noisy Teacher
An Improved Approximate K-Nearest Neighbors Nonlocal-Means Denoising Method with GPU Acceleration
Frameworks for Multimodal Biometric Using Sparse Coding
Facial Expression Recognition Using a New Image Representation and Multiple Feature Fusion
Face Recognition Using Fast Neighborhood Component Analysis with Spatially Smooth Regularizer
Autoencoder for Polysemous Word
Pedestrian Detection on Moving Vehicle Using Stereovision and 2D Cue
Multiscale Sample Entropy Analysis of Wrist Pulse Blood Flow Signal for Disease Diagnosis
Interactive Segmentation with Recommendation of Most Informative Regions
Illumination Normalization for Face Recognition under Extreme Lighting Conditions
A Finger Vein Image Quality Assessment Method Using Object and Human Visual System Index
Synaesthetic Correspondence between Auditory Clips and Colors: An Empirical Study
Learning Attribute Relation in Attribute-Based Zero-Shot Classification
Calculating Vanishing Points in Dual Space
SAR Image Segmentation Based on Gabor Filter Bank and Active Contours
Measuring the Attentional Effect of the Bottom-Up Saliency Map of Natural Images
Balance between Diversity and Relevance for Image Search Results
Learning with Weak Views Based on Dependence Maximization Dimensionality Reduction
Schizophrenia Candidate Genes Specific to Human Brain Region Are Restricted to Basal Ganglia
Logistic Tensor Regression for Classification
A Patch-Based Non-local Means Method for Image Denoising
Contributions to the Horn-Schunck Optical Flow Equations-Part II: Decoupling via Linear Transformations
Fast Restoration of Nonuniform Blurred Images
Chaotic Random Projection for Cancelable Biometric Key Generation
An Efficient Video Copy Detection Method Combining Vocabulary Tree and Inverted File
Estimation Based on RBM from Label Proportions in Large Group Case
Neighborhood-Preserving Estimation Algorithm for Facial Landmark Points
An Efficient Algorithm for Feature Selection with Feature Correlation
Classification of Three Wine Varieties Based on ELM and PCA
On Non-Euclidean Metrics Based Clustering
Learning Compact Representation for Image with Tensor Manifold Perspective
Efficient ESL-Event-to-SQL Translation
An Efficient Active Learning Method Based on Random Sampling and Backward Deletion
Fuzziness-Preserving Attribute Reduction from Hybrid Data
An Improved Fisher Discriminant Dictionary Learning for Video Object Tracking
Performance Analysis of Matrix Gait Recognition under Linear Interpolation Framework
Discriminative GMM-HMM Acoustic Model Selection Using Two-Level Bayesian Ying-Yang Harmony Learning
Lightly Supervised Acoustic Model Training for Mandarin Continuous Speech Recognition
A Hierarchical Representation Policy Iteration Algorithm for Reinforcement Learning
Shape Retrieval Based on Parabolically Fitted Curvature Scale-Space Maps
Markerless Tracking Algorithm Based on 3D Model for Augmented Reality System
An Effective Lane Detection Algorithm for Structured Road in Urban
A Scale-Space-Based System for Time Series Prediction
An Affine Invariant Shape Retrieval Algorithm
The Maximized Discriminative Subspace for Manifold Learning Problem
Ridge-Based Automatic Vascular Centerline Tracking in X-ray Angiographic Images
A Variational Model for Multiphase Image Segmentation on an Implicit Open Surface and Its Fast Algorithms
Fusing Discrete Cosine Transform and Multi-level Center-Symmetric Local Binary Pattern Features for Periocular Recognition
Artificial Neural Network Based Control Strategy Research and Simulation on Robot Uncalibrated Visual Servoing System
A Computational Personality-Based and Event-Driven Emotions Model in PAD Space
A Framework for Constructing Benchmark Databases and Protocols for Retinopathy in Medical Image Analysis
Artificial Emotion Model of Child Playmate Robot Based on a Combined Method
Implementation of Data Acquisition System Using 89C2051
A Modified BA Model with Tunable Clustering and Better Robustness
Matrix-Variate Discriminative Analysis, Integrative Hypothesis Testing, and Geno-Pheno A5 Analyzer.
Yang, Jian, editor., Editor,
Fang, Fang, editor., Editor,
Sun, Changyin, editor., Editor,
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