Bioinformatics and Biomedical Engineering : 7th International Work-Conference, IWBBIO 2019, Granada, Spain, May 8-10, 2019, Proceedings, Part I / edited by Ignacio Rojas, Olga Valenzuela, Fernando Rojas, Francisco Ortuño.

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1st ed. 2019.
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Lecture notes in computer science. Lecture notes in bioinformatics 11465
Lecture Notes in Bioinformatics ; 11465
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The two-volume set LNBI 11465 and LNBI 11466 constitutes the proceedings of the 7th International Work-Conference on Bioinformatics and Biomedical Engineering, IWBBIO 2019, held in Granada, Spain, in May 2019. The total of 97 papers presented in the proceedings, was carefully reviewed and selected from 301 submissions. The papers are organized in topical sections as follows: Part I: High-throughput genomics: bioinformatics tools and medical applications; omics data acquisition, processing, and analysis; bioinformatics approaches for analyzing cancer sequencing data; next generation sequencing and sequence analysis; structural bioinformatics and function; telemedicine for smart homes and remote monitoring; clustering and analysis of biological sequences with optimization algorithms; and computational approaches for drug repurposing and personalized medicine. Part II: Bioinformatics for healthcare and diseases; computational genomics/proteomics; computational systems for modelling biological processes; biomedical engineering; biomedical image analysis; and biomedicine and e-health. .
High-throughput genomics: bioinformatic tools and medical applications
A Coarse-Grained Representation for Discretizable Distance Geometry with Interval Data
Fragment-based Drug Design to Discover Novel Inhibitor of Dipeptidyl Peptidase-4 as a Potential Drug for Type 2 Diabetes Therapy
Discovery of Novel Alpha-Amylase Inhibitors For Type II Diabetes Mellitus Through The Fragment-Based Drug Design
Compression of Nanopore FASTQ files
De novo Transcriptome Global Assembly of Solea senegalensis v5.0 Using TransFlow
Deciphering the role of PKC in calpain-CAST system through formal modeling approach
The Application of Machine Learning Algorithms to Diagnose CKD Stages and Identify Critical Metabolites Features
Expression change correlations between transposons and adjacent genes in lung cancer reveal a genomic location dependence and highlights cancer-significant genes
Signal processing based CNV detection in bacterial genomes
Omics data acquisition, processing, and analysis
Dependency Model for Visible Aquaphotomics
Image based individual identification of Sumatra barb (Puntigrus tetrazona)
Alignment of Sequences Allowing for Non-Overlapping Unbalanced Translocations of Adjacent Factors
Probability in HPLC-MS metabolomics
Pipeline for Electron Microscopy Images Processing
A Greedy Algorithm for Detecting Mutually Exclusive Patterns in Cancer Mutation Data
Qualitative Comparison of Selected Indel Detection Methods for RNA-Seq Data
Structural and functional features of glutathione reductase transcripts from olive (Olea europaea L.) seeds
Bioinformatics approaches for analyzing cancer sequencing data
Prediction of thermophilic proteins using voting algorithm
Classifying Breast Cancer Histopathological Images Using A Robust Artificial Neural Network Architecture
Spatial Attention Lesion Detection on Automated Breast Ultrasound
Essential Protein Detection from Protein-Protein Interaction Networks Using Immune Algorithm
Integrating multiple datasets to discover stage-specific cancer related genes and stage-specific pathways
Integrated detection of copy number variation based on assembly of NGS and 3GS data
Protein Remote Homology Detection based on Profiles
Next generation sequencing and sequence analysis
Reads in NGS are distributed over a sequence very inhomogeneously
Differential Expression Analysis of ZIKV Infected Human RNA Sequence Reveals Potential Genetic Biomarkers
Identification of Immunoglobulin Gene Usage in Immune Repertoires Sequenced by Nanopore Technology
Flexible and Efficient Algorithms for Abelian Matching in Genome Sequences
Analysis of gene regulatory networks inferred from ChIP-seq data
Structural Bioinformatics and Function
Function vs. taxonomy: the case of fungi mitochondria ATP synthase genes
Non-Coding Regions of Chloroplast Genomes Exhibit a Structuredness of Five Types
Characteristics of Protein Fold Space Exhibits Close Dependence on Domain Usage
Triplet Frequencies Implementation in Total Transcriptome Analysis
A hierarchical and scalable strategy for protein structural classification
Protein structural signatures revisited: geometric linearity of main chains are more relevant to classification performance than packing of residues
Telemedicine for Smart Homes and Remote Monitoring
Positioning Method for Arterial Blood Pressure Monitoring Wearable Sensor
Study of the detection of falls using the SVM algorithm, different datasets of movements and ANOVA
Influence of illuminance on sleep onset latency in IoT based lighting system environment
Clustering and analysis of Biological Sequences with Optimization Algorithms
Efficient online Laplacian eigenmap computation for dimensionality reduction in molecular phylogeny via optimisation on the sphere
PROcket, an efficient algorithm to predict Protein Ligand Binding Site
Gene Expression High-Dimensional Clustering towards a Novel, Robust, Clinically Relevant and Highly Compact Cancer Signature
Computational Approaches for Drug Repurposing and Personalized Medicine
When Mathematics Outsmarts Cancer
Influence of the stochasticity in the model on the certain drugs pharmacodynamics
Graph Model for the Identification of Multi-Target Drug Information for Culinary Herbs
On Identifying Candidates for Drug Repurposing for the Treatment of Ulcerative Colitis using Gene Expression. .
Rojas, Ignacio, editor., Editor,
Valenzuela, Olga, editor., Editor,
Rojas, Fernando, editor., Editor,
Ortuño, Francisco, editor., Editor,
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