Computer Analysis of Images and Patterns : 15th International Conference, CAIP 2013, York, UK, August 27-29, 2013, Proceedings, Part I / edited by Richard Wilson, Edwin Hancock, Adrian Bors, William Smith.

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1st ed. 2013.
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The two volume set LNCS 8047 and 8048 constitutes the refereed proceedings of the 15th International Conference on Computer Analysis of Images and Patterns, CAIP 2013, held in York, UK, in August 2013. The 142 papers presented were carefully reviewed and selected from 243 submissions. The scope of the conference spans the following areas: 3D TV, biometrics, color and texture, document analysis, graph-based methods, image and video indexing and database retrieval, image and video processing, image-based modeling, kernel methods, medical imaging, mobile multimedia, model-based vision approaches, motion analysis, natural computation for digital imagery, segmentation and grouping, and shape representation and analysis.
Table of Contents - Part I.-Biomedical Imaging: A Computer Vision Perspective
Rapid Localisation and Retrieval of Human Actions with Relevance Feedback
Deformable Shape Reconstruction from Monocular Video with Manifold Forests
Multi-SVM Multi-instance Learning for Object-Based Image Retrieval
Maximizing Edit Distance Accuracy with Hidden Conditional Random Fields
Background Recovery by Fixed-Rank Robust Principal Component Analysis
Manifold Learning and the Quantum Jensen-Shannon Divergence Kernel
Spatio-temporal Manifold Embedding for Nearly-Repetitive Contents in a Video Stream
Spatio-temporal Human Body Segmentation from Video Stream
Sparse Depth Sampling for Interventional 2-D/3-D Overlay: Theoretical Error Analysis and Enhanced Motion Estimation
Video Synopsis Based on a Sequential Distortion Minimization Method
A Graph Embedding Method Using the Jensen-Shannon Divergence
Mixtures of Radial Densities for Clustering Graph
Analysis of Wave Packet Signature of a Graph
Hearing versus Seeing Identical Twins
Voting Strategies for Anatomical Landmark Localization Using the Implicit Shape Model
Evaluating the Impact of Color on Texture Recognition
Temporal Self-Similarity for Appearance-Based Action Recognition in Multi-View Setups
Adaptive Pixel/Patch-Based Stereo Matching for 2D Face Recognition
A Machine Learning Approach for Displaying Query Results in Search Engines
A New Pixel-Based Quality Measure for Segmentation Algorithms Integrating Precision, Recall and Specificity
A Novel Border Identification Algorithm Based on an "Anti-Bayesian" Paradigm
Assessing the Effect of Crossing Databases on Global and Local Approaches for Face Gender Classification
BRDF Estimation for Faces from a Sparse Dataset Using a Neural Network
Comparison of Leaf Recognition by Moments and Fourier Descriptors
Dense Correspondence of Skull Models by Automatic Detection of Anatomical Landmarks
Detection of Visual Defects in Citrus Fruits: Multivariate Image Analysis vs Graph Image Segmentation
Domain Adaptation Based on Eigen-Analysis and Clustering, for Object Categorization
Estimating Clusters Centres Using Support Vector Machine: An Improved Soft Subspace Clustering Algorithm
Fast Approximate Minimum Spanning Tree Algorithm Based on K-Means
Fast EM Principal Component Analysis Image Registration Using Neighbourhood Pixel Connectivity
Fast Unsupervised Segmentation Using Active Contours and Belief Functions
Flexible Hypersurface Fitting with RBF Kernels
Gender Classification Using Facial Images and Basis Pursuit
Graph Clustering through Attribute Statistics Based Embedding
Graph-Based Regularization of Binary Classifiers for Texture Segmentation
Hierarchical Annealed Particle Swarm Optimization for Articulated Object Tracking
High-Resolution Feature Evaluation Benchmark
Fully Automatic Segmentation of AP Pelvis X-rays via Random Forest Regression and Hierarchical Sparse Shape Composition
Language Adaptive Methodology for Handwritten Text Line Segmentation
Learning Geometry-Aware Kernels in a Regularization Framework
Motion Trend Patterns for Action Modelling and Recognition
On Achieving Near-Optimal "Anti-Bayesian" Order Statistics-Based Classification for Asymmetric Exponential Distributions
Optimizing Feature Selection through Binary Charged System Search
Outlines of Objects Detection by Analogy
PaTHOS: Part-Based Tree Hierarchy for Object Segmentation
Tracking System with Re-identification Using a Graph Kernels Approach
Recognizing Human-Object Interactions Using Sparse Subspace Clustering
Scale-Space Clustering on the Sphere
The Importance of Long-Range Interactions to Texture Similarity
Unsupervised Dynamic Textures Segmentation
Voting Clustering and Key Points Selection
Motor Pump Fault Diagnosis with Feature Selection and Levenberg-Marquardt Trained Feedforward Neural Network
Unobtrusive Fall Detection at Home Using Kinect Sensor
"BAM!" Depth-Based Body Analysis in Critical Care
3-D Feature Point Matching for Object Recognition Based on Estimation of Local Shape Distinctiveness
3D Human Tracking from Depth Cue in a Buying Behavior Analysis Context
A New Bag of Words LBP (BoWL) Descriptor for Scene Image Classification.-Accurate Scale Factor Estimation in 3D Reconstruction
Affine Colour Optical Flow Computation
Can Salient Interest Regions Resume Emotional Impact of an Image?
Contraharmonic Mean Based Bias Field Correction in MR Images
Correlation between Biopsy Confirmed Cases and Radiologist's Annotations in the Detection of Lung Nodules by Expanding the Diagnostic Database Using Content Based Image Retrieval
Enforcing Consistency of 3D Scenes with Multiple Objects Using Shape-from-Contours
Expectation Conditional Maximization-Based Deformable Shape Registration
Facial Expression Recognition with Regional Features Using Local Binary Patterns
Global Image Registration Using Random Projection and Local Linear Method
Image Segmentation by Oriented Image Foresting Transform with Geodesic Star Convexity
Multi-run 3D Streetside Reconstruction from a Vehicle
Interactive Image Segmentation via Graph Clustering and Synthetic Coordinates Modeling.
Wilson, Richard, editor., Editor,
Hancock, Edwin. editor., Editor,
Bors, Adrian. editor., Editor,
Smith, William, editor., Editor,
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