The New Codebreakers : Essays Dedicated to David Kahn on the Occasion of His 85th Birthday / edited by Peter Y. A. Ryan, David Naccache, Jean-Jacques Quisquater.

1st ed. 2016.
Berlin, Heidelberg : Springer Berlin Heidelberg : Imprint: Springer, 2016.
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This Festschrift volume is published in honor of David Kahn and is the outcome of a Fest held in Luxembourg in 2010 on the occasion of David Kahn's 80th birthday. The title of this books leans on the title of a serious history of cryptology named "The Codebreakers", written by David Kahn and published in 1967. This book contains 35 talks dealing with cryptography as a whole. They are organized in topical section named: history; technology - past, present, future; efficient cryptographic implementations; treachery and perfidy; information security; cryptanalysis; side-channel attacks; randomness embedded system security; public-key cryptography; and models and protocols. .
Mary of Guise's enciphered letters
About Professionalisation in the Intelligence Community: the French Cryptologists (ca 1870-ca 1945)
Myths and legends
The One-Time Pad and the Index of Coincidence
Technology - Past, Present, Future
The Fall of a Tiny Star
Post-Quantum Cryptography: State of the Art
What is the future of cryptography?
Efficient Cryptographic Implementations
Bitsliced High-Performance AES-ECB on GPUs
Buying AES Design Resistance with Speed and Energy
Double-Speed Barrett Moduli
Treachery and Perfidy
Failure is Also an Option
How to (Carefully) Breach a Service Contract?
Information Security
SpoofKiller: You can teach people how to pay, but not how to pay attention
Cyber-Physical Systems Security
Practical Techniques Building on Encryption for Protecting and Managing Data in the Cloud
Cryptography as an Attack Technology: Proving the RSA/Factoring Kleptographic Attack
Dual EC: A Standardized Back Door
An Improved Differential Attack on Full GOST
Cryptographic Hash Functions and Expander Graphs: The End of the Story?
Side-Channel Attacks
Polynomial Evaluation and Side Channel Analysis
Photonic Power Firewalls
A Heuristic Approach to Assist Side Channel Analysis of the Data Encryption Standard
Improving the Big Mac attack on Elliptic Curve Cryptography
Randomness testing: result interpretation and speed
A fully-digital Chaos-based Random Bit Generator
Embedded System Security
Secure Application Execution in Mobile Devices
Hardware-enforced Protection against Buffer Overflow using Masked Program Counter
Public-Key Cryptography
Hierarchical Identities from Group Signatures and Pseudonymous Signatures
Secure ElGamal-type Cryptosystems Without Message Encoding
Safe-Errors on SPA Protected implementations with the Atomicity Technique
Models and Protocols
Clever Arbiters versus Malicious Adversaries: On the Gap between Known-Input Security and Chosen-Input Security
Security Analysis of the Modular Enhanced Symmetric Role Authentication (mERA) Protocol
Crypto Santa. .
Ryan, Peter, 1957- editor., Editor,
Naccache, David. editor., Editor,
Quisquater, Jean-Jacques. editor., Editor,
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