Designing integrated care ecosystems : a socio-technical perspective / Bernard J. Mohr, Ezra Dessers, editors.

Cham : Springer, [2019]
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Integrated delivery of health care.
Preface and an Invitation
Our Dream and Our Invitation
Editors and Contributors
Why Do We Need Integrated Care?
1 Past and Present
2 Integrated Care Outcomes
3 Current Strategies
4 Conclusion
Integrated Care Ecosystems
1 Beyond Organizations and Networks
2 Ecosystems
2.1 An Ecological Metaphor
2.2 Ecosystems Consists of Actors and Their Relations
2.3 Why Ecosystem Purpose Matters
2.4 Each Ecosystem Has an Ecosystem Niche
2.5 Ecosystem Actors Perform Activities
2.6 An Ecosystem Has Multiple Levels
3 Ecosystem Definition
4 Care Networks or Care Ecosystems?
4.1 Purpose
4.2 Composition
4.3 Integration
4.4 Governance
5 Conclusion
Designing from a Socio-Technical Systems Perspective
1 Chapter Overview
2 What Is Meant by Design?
2.1 Design
2.2 Designing
2.3 What Gets Designed?
2.4 Who Designs?
2.5 The Socio-technical System Design Perspective
3 Integrated Care as an Issue of Organizing
3.1 The Coherence Between Things
3.2 Boundaries for Redesign
3.3 Care Processes and Activities
3.4 Fragmentation of the Care Ecosystem
4 STS Principles for Designing
4.1 STS Design Process
5 Can Ecosystems Be Designed?
6 Summary and Transition to Part II
Case Stories
Connected Relationships: Development and Implementation of an Integrated Care Ecosystem Within the United Kingdom
1 Challenges Triggering the Need for Ecosystem Design
1.1 Key Terms and Concepts: Moving Beyond Networks to Whole Ecosystems
2 Theory Applied to the Challenge
2.1 Integration at the National Level Within the United Kingdom
2.2 Integrated Care Ecosystems
3 Method
3.1 The Historical Design Process of Integrated Neighbourhood Working
3.2 The Current Integrated Neighbourhood Working Model
3.3 Methods of Evaluation
4 Results
4.1 The Focus of the Integrated Care Ecosystem Concept
4.2 Partner Engagement and Commitment Issues
4.3 Understanding of Roles and Cultures
4.4 The Workforce and Leadership
4.5 Measuring Outcomes and Impact
5 Discussion
5.1 Partner Engagement
5.2 Relational and Technical Aspects
5.3 Socio-technical Systems Design
5.4 Designing Current Integrated Services
5.5 Lessons Learned for Designing Integrated Care Ecosystems
"Primary Care Plus" in the Netherlands: Ecosystem Care Integration from a Socio-Technical Perspective
1 Fundamental Change Needed
2 Treating More Patients in Primary Care
3 PC+ in the Netherlands
3.1 Basic Concept of PC+
3.2 Three Variants in the Design of PC+
3.3 Ecosystem Dynamics in Designing Within a Regional Partnership
4 New Possibilities for PC+ Designs from a Socio-Technical Perspective
4.1 Focus on Value-Adding Transformation Processes
4.2 Organizations as Open Interaction Networks
Includes bibliographical references.
4.3 Complexity Reduction
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Mohr, Bernard J.
Dessers, Ezra.
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