The Oxford handbook of moral development : an interdisciplinary perspective / edited by Lene Arnett Jensen.

New York : Oxford University Press, 2020.
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Handbook of moral development
Moral development
Moral development.
Drawing together the work of over 90 authors, hailing from diverse disciplines such as anthropology, education, human development, psychology and sociology, this handbook reflects the dynamic and interdisciplinary nature of the field of moral development. Across more than 40 chapters, this handbook opens the door to a broad view of moral motives and behaviours, ontogeny and developmental pathways and contexts that children, adolescents and adults experience with respect to morality. It offers a comprehensive and timely tour of the field.
Moral Development: From Paradigms to Plurality / Lene Arnett Jensen
The Development of Moral Values in Cultural Context / Gisela Trommsdorff
The Development of Critical Consciousness / Scott Seider, Aaliyah El-Amin, Lauren Leigh Kelly
Parent-Child Value Similarity: Broadening from Intergenerational Transmission to Reciprocal Influences, Genetics, and Environmental Antecedent / Ariel Knafo-Noam, Daniela Barni, Shalom H. Schwartz
The Development of Moral Reasoning: From Common Beginnings to Diverse Life Course Pathways / Lene Arnett Jensen
Emotion Experiences in Moral Context: Developmental Perspectives / Tina Malti, Joanna Peplak, Erinn Acland
The Emergence of Moral Responses and Sensitivity / J. Kiley Hamlin, Enda Tan
Early Developments in Acts and Evaluations of Helping: When and How to Help? / Audun Dahl
The Development of Moral Disengagement: Learning to Make Wrong Right / Kay Bussey
The Development of Communal and Spiritual Dutifulness in India: Upholding Dharma, Offering Seva / Rachana Bhangaokar
Volunteerism / S. Mark Pancer
The Development of Care / Ofra Mayseless
The Lifespan Development of Generativity / Michael W. Pratt, M. Kyle Matsuba, Heather L. Lawford, Feliciano Villar
The Psychology of Filial Piety and Moral Decision-Making in Chinese People / Kuang-Hui Yeh, Olwen Bedford
The Development of Forgiveness / Robert D. Enright, Jacqueline Y. Song
The Development of Pro-Environmentalism in Context / M. Kyle Matsuba, Tobias Krettenauer, Michael W. Pratt
Moral Flourishing in Later Life through Purpose beyond the Self / Anne Colby, Matthew Bundick, Kathleen Remington, Emily Morton
Family and Moral Development / Laura M. Padilla-Walker, Madison K. Memmott-Elison
Conversations and Moral Development / Allison DiBianca Fasoli
Master Narratives, Ethics, and Morality / Moin Syed, Monisha Pasupathi, Kate C. McLean
Childcare, Culture, and Child Development: A Swedish Perspective / Laura Ferrer-Wreder, Lilianne Eninger, Hanna Ginner Hau, Tina M. Olsson, Mina Sedem, Sarah Thomas, Mara Allodi Westling
Play Groups as a Context for Moral Development / Doris Bergen, Darrel R. Davis
The Development of Prosocial Motives / Gustavo Carlo, Sarah L. Pierotti
Integrating Cultural Values Through Everyday Experiences: Yucatec Maya Children's Moral Development / Suzanne Gaskins
Youth Programs as a Context for Development of Ethical Judgment and Action / Reed W. Larson, Kathrin C. Walker, Gina McGovern
Moral Development in Civic and Political Context / Daniel Hart
Religious Groups and Institutions as a Context for Moral Development: Religion as Fertile Ground / Pamela Ebstyne King, Sarah A. Schnitker, Benjamin J. Houltberg
Secular Living as a Context for Moral Development / Phil Zuckerman, Kyle Thompson
Ethnicity and Race as Contexts for Moral Development / Deborah Rivas-Drake, Michael A. Medina
Media as a Context for Studying Moral Development / Marina Krcmar, Drew P. Cingel
Globalization as a Context for Moral Development / Jessica McKenzie
Culture and the Development of Moralities of Community / Joan G. Miller, Malin Ka╠łllberg-Shroff
Moral Self-Identity and Character Development / Daniel Lapsley, Timothy S. Reilly, Darcia F. Narvaez
Moral Choices in Digital Games: Pixelated Morality / Cleve Graver, Fran C. Blumberg
The Interplay of Developing Morality and Gender Attitudes / Rebecca S. Bigler, Lynn S. Liben
Moral Implications of Attitudes, Beliefs, and Behaviors Related to Sexual and Gender Diversity / Russell B. Toomey, Maura Shramko, Stacey S. Horn, V. Paul Poteat
The Environmental Commons: Collective Moral Actions and Policies / Constance Flanagan, Becca Jo Dower, Morgan Smallwood, Erin Gallay, Alisa Pykett, Clifton Skye
The Development of Moral Self-Awareness / Ross A. Thompson
The Development of Moral Self-Presentation / Robin Banerjee, Gail D. Heyman, Kang Lee
The Development of Purpose: An International Perspective / William Damon, Heather Malin
Moral Identity Development / Sam A. Hardy, Tobias Krettenauer, Natasha Hunt.
Includes bibliographical references and index.
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Jensen, Lene Arnett, editor.
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