Beyond Bystanders : Educational Leadership for a Humane Culture in a Globalizing Reality / Nimrod Aloni, Lori Weintrob.

Leiden, Boston : Brill | Sense, 2017.
Moral Development and Citizenship Education 11.
Moral Development and Citizenship Education; v. 11
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Educational leadership.
Organizational learning.
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Beyond Bystanders calls for a shift in the professional self-image of teachers from agents of socialization to active advocates of human flourishing, social justice, and world betterment. The editors propose that it is irresponsible for teachers to posit themselves as bystanders and to conceive of globalization as something happening to them. Their role as educators in all disciplines must be to establish educational leadership that would empower students to critically evaluate developing global realities—mass migrations, socioeconomic inequalities, global warming, and the dehumanizing effects of submission to social media and consumerism—and achieve the overarching goals of humanization and facilitation of the fulfilling life. A shared commitment to humanist ethics, pedagogical activism, and social engagement at Kibbutzim College of Education (Tel Aviv) and Wagner College (New York) sparked this collaboration. The authors of the book include educational thinkers such as Nel Noddings, Michael Apple, David Hansen, Pasi Sahlberg, and Wiel Veugelers as well as scholars and practitioners from six different countries and diverse professional and cultural backgrounds. An essential part of our educational enterprise must involve promoting intercultural opportunities, confronting cultural ills and ensuring that civic engagement is more attuned to political realities. Educators in all disciplines can reframe their teaching and schools to be more cooperative and civic-minded and challenge views of marginalized, immigrant, undocumented and refugee communities as strangers.
Preliminary Material / Nimrod Aloni and Lori Weintrob
Introduction / Nimrod Aloni and Lori Weintrob
Education and Leadership in Schools Today / David T. Hansen
Schooling and Globalization / Pasi Sahlberg and Jason Brown
Education for Critical-Democratic Citizenship / Wiel Veugelers
Educators Worthy of the Name / Nimrod Aloni
Occupy Wall Street in the Classroom / Nir Michaeli and Esther Yogev
Relationships Informing Process / Jason C. Fitzgerald
Globalization: Defining the Terrain / Beverly D. Shaklee , April Mattix Foster and Supriya Baily
Whose Dreams? / Cyril Ghosh and Lori Weintrob
Pedagogies of Empire / Makhroufi Ousmane Traoré
Transnational Networks for an International Education / Steven W. Thomas
Social, Educational, and Linguistic Models of Immigrants’ Integration into Society / Smadar Donitsa- Schmidt
The Obligation to Teach about the Holocaust and Genocide, and the Obligation to Educate Against Racism / Yair Auron
Care Ethics and Education / Nel Noddings
Empathy in Virtuous Pedagogy / Yehudith Weinberger
Student Assessment and Good Teaching / Irit Levy- Feldman and Zipora Libman
Doing Philosophy With Children / Ann Gazzard
Work that Matters / Lily Mcnair , Sarah Donovan and Samantha Siegel
Using Civil and Disability Rights History to Encourage Social Equity / David Gordon and Rita Reynolds
Global Crises, Social Justice, and Teacher Education / Michael W. Apple
Education for Social Responsibility / Jamal Abu Hussain and Smadar Gonen
Peace Education / Silvia Guetta
The Transformative Power of Dialogue and Remembrance in Israel/Palestine / Patricia Moynagh
Education for Sustainability / David Dunetz, , Ilana Avissar and Dafna Gan
Environmental Vulnerability and Resilience Potential / Alexa Dietrich and Margarita Sánchez
From Critique To Transformative Leadership / Richard Guarasci.
Includes bibliographical references and index.
Aloni, Nimrodi, editor.
Weintrob, Lori, editor.
Publisher Number:
10.1007/978-94-6351-026-4 doi
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