50 Activities for Promoting Ethics [electronic resource].

Caroselli, Marlene.
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Fifty activities for promoting ethics within the organization
50 activities for promoting ethics in the organization
Fifty activities for promoting ethics in the organization
1st edition
Amherst : HRD Press, 2003.
50 Activities
50 Activities
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This title is divided into five sections. Each section has ten exercises designed to stimulate discussion and promote inquiry regarding business ethics. The activities focus on Leadership, Corporate Citizenship, Salesmanship, Management, and Teamwork. Contributing to this collection is a range of trainers from a wide variety of disciplines and locations, including Europe, India, Canada, and a broad cross-section of the United States. Training Objectives: Increase ethics awareness among managers, teams and sales personnel; Help develop values and guidelines; Provide training activities to suppo
Table of Contents; Introduction; Overview of the Exercises; A Final Note; Part A:Ethical LeadershipIntroduction: Laurie Haughey; 1. Ethical LeadershipIntelligent Life in the Universe; 2. Ethical Leadership - You're Better Ough; 3. Ethical Leadership - Take Offense and Take the Offensive; 4. Ethical Leadership - Standing on Common Ground; 5. Ethical Leadership - False Prophets; 6. Ethical Leadership - Park Your Ethicar in the Harvard Yard; 7. Ethical Leadership - You Dont Need Leaders to TellPeople the Good News; 8. Ethical Leadership - Machiavellian, Manipulative, or Masterful?
9. Ethical Leadership - Be-Guile10. Ethical Leadership - More P-O-W-E-R to You; Part B:Ethical Corporate Citizenship Introduction: Thomas J. Mitrano; 11. Ethical Corporate Citizenship - Verbally Abusive Behavior; 12. Ethical Corporate Citizenship - E-Mail Ethics; 13. Ethical Corporate Citizenship - To Be or Not to Be Civil; 14. Ethical Corporate Citizenship - Librarians Dont Rule the World!; 15. Ethical Corporate Citizenship - Its for a Good Cause; 16. Ethical Corporate Citizenship - Flirting with Danger; 17. Ethical Corporate Citizenship - Leader of the PAC
18. Ethical Corporate Citizenship - Lobbying for Positions19. Ethical Corporate Citizenship - Neutron Neutrality; 20. Ethical Corporate Citizenship - Whatever It Takes; Part C:Ethical Salesmanship Introduction: Robin Wilson; 21. Ethical Salesmanship - A Stick in Time Saves Nine; 22. Ethical Salesmanship - A Sale of Need Is a Sale Indeed; 23. Ethical Salesmanship- Info fo You; 24. Ethical Salesmanship - Ethicsfrom A to Z; 25. Ethical Salesmanship - Sell-ebrities; 26. Ethical Salesmanship - News-Capers; 27. Ethical Salesmanship - Inside Scoops; 28. Ethical Salesmanship - Ethics Audit
29. Ethical Salesmanship - Take the Ow Out of Now30. Ethical Salesmanship - Drug Testing: An Employers Right or anEmployees Wrong?; Part D:Ethical Management Introduction: Nan DeMars; 31. Ethical Management - Ethics Evaluation; 32. Ethical Management - Rites, Rights, and Wrongs; 33. Ethical Management - That Feather in Your Cap; 34. Ethical Management - Alphabet Soup-ervision; 35. Ethical Management - ManagerManagement; 36. Ethical Management - You Know Theres a Child; 37. Ethical Management - Will the Real Ethical Manager Please Stand?; 38. Ethical Management - Codified Ethics
39. Ethical Management - Stand Up for Standards40. Ethical Management - Perform as a Norm; Part E.Ethical Teamwork Introduction: Kristin Arnold; 41. Ethical Teamwork - Blindfold Obstacle Course; 42. Ethical Teamwork - Duty in General; 43. Ethical Teamwork - Judgment Daze; 44. Ethical Teamwork - Information Age-ing; 45. Ethical Teamwork - Whistle-Blown in the Wind; 46. Ethical Teamwork - How Do You Spell L-E-A-D-E-R?; 47. Ethical Teamwork - Declarations of Dependence; 48. Ethical Teamwork - There Is No Terror; 49. Ethical Teamwork - This Is the House That MAC Built
50. Ethical Teamwork - Story Glory
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