The Social Lives of Forests : Past, Present, and Future of Woodland Resurgence / Susanna B. Hecht, Kathleen D. Morrison, Christine Padoch.

Chicago : University of Chicago Press, [2014]
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Forests are in decline, and the threats these outposts of nature face-including deforestation, degradation, and fragmentation-are the result of human culture. Or are they? This volume calls these assumptions into question, revealing forests' past, present, and future conditions to be the joint products of a host of natural and cultural forces. Moreover, in many cases the coalescence of these forces-from local ecologies to competing knowledge systems-has masked a significant contemporary trend of woodland resurgence, even in the forests of the tropics. Focusing on the history and current use of woodlands from India to the Amazon, The Social Lives of Forests attempts to build a coherent view of forests sited at the nexus of nature, culture, and development. With chapters covering the effects of human activities on succession patterns in now-protected Costa Rican forests; the intersection of gender and knowledge in African shea nut tree markets; and even the unexpectedly rich urban woodlands of Chicago, this book explores forests as places of significant human action, with complex institutions, ecologies, and economies that have transformed these landscapes in the past and continue to shape them today. From rain forests to timber farms, the face of forests-how we define, understand, and maintain them-is changing.
Acknowledgments / Morrison, Kathleen D.
1. From Fragmentation to Forest Resurgence: Paradigms, Representations, and Practices / Hecht, Susanna B. / Morrison, Kathleen D. / Padoch, Christine
Part I. Conceptual Frameworks. Rethinking Social Lives and Forest Transitions: History, Ideologies, Institutions, and the Matrix
2. False Forest History, Complicit Social Analysis: Rethinking Some West African Environmental Narratives / Fairhead, James / Leach, Melissa / Hecht, Susanna B.
3. Stories of Nature's Hybridity in Europe: Implications for Forest Conservation in the Global South / Neumann, Roderick P. / Hecht, Susanna B.
4. Adam Smith in the Forest / Jonsson, Fredrik Albritton / Hecht, Susanna B.
5. Jungles, Forests, and the Theatre of Wars: Insurgency, Counterinsurgency, and the Political Forest in Southeast Asia / Peluso, Nancy Lee / Vandergeest, Peter / Hecht, Susanna B.
6. Mutant Ecologies: Radioactive Life in Post-Cold War New Mexico / Masco, Joseph / Hecht, Susanna B.
7. Pan-Tropical Perspectives on Forest Resurgence / Grainger, Alan / Hecht, Susanna B.
8. The Social Lives of Forest Transitions and Successions: Theories of Forest Resurgence / Hecht, Susanna B.
9. Paradigms Lost: Tropical Conservation under Late Capitalism / Perfecto, Ivette / Vandermeer, John / Hecht, Susanna B.
10. Effects of Human Activities on Successional Pathways: Case Studies from Lowland Wet Forests of Northeastern Costa Rica / Chazdon, Robin L. / Alvarado, Braulio Vilchez / Letcher, Susan G. / Wendt, Amanda / Sezen, U. Uzay / Hecht, Susanna B.
Part II. Historical Ecologies. Human-Forest Relationships and the Erasure of History
11. Constructing Nature: Socio-Natural Histories of an Indian Forest / Morrison, Kathleen D. / Lycett, Mark T.
12. Culturing the Rainforest: The Kelabit Highlands of Sarawak / Janowski, Monica / Barton, Huw / Jones, Samantha / Morrison, Kathleen D.
13. Residual Effects of Agroforestry Activities at Dos Hombres, a Classic Period Maya Site in Belize / Lentz, David L. / Lane, Brian / Morrison, Kathleen D.
14. Forest as Faunal Enclave: Endangerment, Ecology, and Exclusion in India / Rangarajan, Mahesh / Morrison, Kathleen D.
15. Amazonia: The Historical Ecology of a Domesticated Landscape / Erickson, Clark L. / Morrison, Kathleen D.
Part III. Market Dynamics. Market Dynamics and Regional Change
16. The Fate of the Branded Forest: Science, Violence, and Seduction in the World of Teak / Raymond L., Raymond L. / Menzies, Nicholas K.
17. Gendered Knowledge and the African Shea-Nut Tree / Carney, Judith / Elias, Marlè€ne / Menzies, Nicholas K.
18. Ancient Forest Tea: How Globalization Turned Backward Minorities into Green Marketing Innovators / Menzies, Nicholas K.
19. The Production of Forests: Tree Cover Transitions in Northern Thailand, Northern Laos, and Southern China / Fox, Jefferson / Menzies, Nicholas K.
20. From Swidden to Rubber: Transforming Landscape and Livelihoods in Mountainous Northern Laos / Lagerqvist, Yayoi Fujita / Menzies, Nicholas K.
Part IV. Institutions. Institutions: The Secret Lives of Forests
21. A Forest for My Kingdom? "Forest Rent" and the Politics of History in Asante (Ghana) / Berry, Sara / Hecht, Susanna B.
22. The Invisible Map: Community Tenure Rights / Barry, Deborah / Meinzen-Dick, Ruth / Hecht, Susanna B.
23. Re-Greening the Sahel: Linking Adaptation to Climate Change, Poverty Reduction, and Sustainable Development in Drylands / Reij, Chris / Hecht, Susanna B.
Part V. The Urban Matrix. Urban Ecologies
24. Amazonia 1492: Pristine Forest or Cultural Parkland / Heckenberger, Michael J. / Kuikuro, Afukaka / Kuikuro, Urissap'a Tabata / Russell, J. Christian / Schmidt, Morgan / Fausto, Carlos / Franchetto, Bruna / Padoch, Christine
25. Urban Residence, Rural Employment, and the Future of Amazonian Forests / Padoch, Christine / Steward, Angela / Pinedo-Vasquez, Miguel / Putzel, Louis / Ruiz, Medardo Miranda
26. From Fallow Timber to Urban Housing: Family Forestry and Tablilla Production in Peru / Sears, Robin R. / Pinedo-Vasquez, Miguel / Padoch, Christine
27. Forest Resources, City Services: Globalization, Household Networks, and Urbanization in the Amazon Estuary / Brondizio, Eduardo S. / Siqueira, Andrea D. / Vogt, Nathan / Padoch, Christine
28. Chicago Wilderness: Integrating Biological and Social Diversity in the Urban Garden / Crane, Peter / Heneghan, Liam / Muraski-Stotz, Francie / Pruett-Jones, Melinda / Ross, Laurel / Wali, Alaka / Westphal, Lynne / Padoch, Christine
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Hecht, Susanna B., editor.
Morrison, Kathleen D., editor.
Padoch, Christine, editor.
De Gruyter.
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