System Dynamics : Theory and Applications / edited by Brian Dangerfield.

1st ed. 2020.
New York, NY : Springer US : Imprint: Springer, 2020.
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Encyclopedia of complexity and systems science series
Encyclopedia of Complexity and Systems Science Series
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This new book addresses the status of the field of System Dynamics 60+ years after its inception. It presents state-of-the-art expositions by leading authorities in either a facet of the theory and methodology of the subject or its application in a specific domain. Exhibiting greater reach and authority than would be possible in a conventional authored textbook, the volume includes nine chapters covering methodological aspects, and 14 on various contemporary applications. Emerging from the System Dynamics section of the Encyclopedia of Complexity and Systems Science, First Edition (2009), the book features brand new chapters covering project management, workforce modelling, applications in defense, operations management, engineering of strategy, the roots of model validation, as well as many considerably enhanced versions of existing chapters. Together, the chapters reveal a remarkable landscape of theory and practice, and how System Dynamics can contribute critical policy insights to a broad audience of students and professionals across many fields of study. .
1.Business Policy and Strategy, System Dynamics Applications to
2.Delay and Disruption in Complex Projects
3.Diffusion of Innovations, System Dynamics Analysis of the
4.Dynamics of Income Distribution in a Market Economy: Possibilities for Poverty Allevation
5.Group Model Building
6.Health Care in the United Kingdom and Europe, System Dynamics Applications to
7.Health Care in the United States, System Dynamics Applications to
8.Management of Renewable Resources, System Dynamics in the
9.Public Policy, System Dynamics Applications to
10.Scenario-Driven Planning with System Dynamics
11.System Dynamics and Its Contribution to Economics and Economic Modeling
12.System Dynamics and Organizational Learning
13.System Dynamics in the Evolution of the Systems Approach
14.System Dynamics Modeling: Validation for Quality Assurance
15.System Dynamics Models of Environment, Energy and Climate Change
16.System Dynamics Models, Optimization of
17.System Dynamics Philosophical Background and Underpinnings
18.System Dynamics, Analytical Methods for Structural Dominance Analysis in
19.System Dynamics, Introduction to
20.System Dynamics, The Basic Elements of
21. System Dynamics in Defence
22.System Dynamics and Project Management
23.System Dynamics and Workforce Planning
24.The Engineering of Strategy
25.System Dynamics and Operations Management Index.
Dangerfield, Brian, editor., Editor,
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