Theory, Numerics and Applications of Hyperbolic Problems I : Aachen, Germany, August 2016 / edited by Christian Klingenberg, Michael Westdickenberg.

1st ed. 2018.
Cham : Springer International Publishing : Imprint: Springer, 2018.
Mathematics and Statistics (Springer-11649)
Springer proceedings in mathematics & statistics 2194-1009 ; 236
Springer Proceedings in Mathematics & Statistics, 2194-1009 ; 236
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Differential equations, Partial.
Fluid mechanics.
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The first of two volumes, this edited proceedings book features research presented at the XVI International Conference on Hyperbolic Problems held in Aachen, Germany in summer 2016. It focuses on the theoretical, applied, and computational aspects of hyperbolic partial differential equations (systems of hyperbolic conservation laws, wave equations, et cetera) and of related mathematical models (PDEs of mixed type, kinetic equations, nonlocal or/and discrete models) found in the field of applied sciences.
Abels, H., Daube, J., Kraus, C. and Kröner, D: The Sharp-Interface Limit for the Navier-Stokes-Korteweg Equations
Abreu, E., Bustos, A. and Lambert, W. J: Asymptotic Behavior of a Solution of Relaxation System for Flow in Porous Media
Alessandri, A., Bagnerini, P., Cianci, R. and Gaggeroi, M: Optimal Control of Level Sets Generated by the Normal Flow Equation
Amadori, D. and Park, J: Emergent Dynamics for the Kinetic Kuramoto Equation
Ancellin, M., Brosset, L. and Ghidaglia, J-M: A Hyperbolic Model of Non-Equilibrium Phase Change at a Sharp Liquid-Vapor Interface
Antonelli, P., D'Amico, M. and Marcati, P: The Cauchy Problem for the Maxwell-Schrodinger System with a Power-Type Nonlinearity
Aregba-Driollet, D. and Brull, S: Construction and Approximation of the Polyatomic Bitemperature Euler System
Arun, K. R., Das Gupta, A. J. and Samantaray, S: An Implicit-Explicit Scheme Accurate at Low Mach Numbers for the Wave Equation System
Ballew, J: Bose-Einstein Condensation and Global Dynamics of Solutions to a Hyperbolic Kompaneets Equation
Barth, A. and Kroker, I: Finite Volume Methods for Hyperbolic Partial Differential Equations with Spatial Noise
Baty, H. and Nishikawa, H: A Hyperbolic Approach for Dissipative Magnetohydrodynamics
Berberich, J., Chandrashekar, P. and Klingenberg, C: A General Well-Balanced Finite Volume Scheme for Euler Equations with Gravity
Berthon, C., Loubre, R. and Michel-Dansac, V: A Second-Order Well-Balanced Scheme for the Shallow-Water Equations with Topography
Bianchini, S. and Marconi, E: A Lagrangian Approach to Scalar Conservation Laws
Bonicatto, P: On Uniqueness of Weak Solutions to Transport Equation with Non-Smooth Velocity Field
Boyaval, S: Johnson-Segalman - Saint-Venant Equations for a 1D Viscoelastic Shallow Flow in Pure Elastic Limit
Bragin, M. D. and Rogov, B. V: On the Exact Dimensional Splitting for a Scalar Quasilinear Hyperbolic Conservation Law
Brenier, Y: On the Derivation of the Newtonian Gravitation from the Brownian Agrigation of a Regular Lattice
Bressan, A: Traffic Flow Models on a Network of Roads
Brunk, A., Kolbe, N. and Sfakianakis, N: Chemotaxis and Haptotaxis on Cellular Level
Buchmuller, P., Dreher, J. and Helzel, C: Improved Accuracy of High-Order WENO Finite Volume Methods on Cartesian Grids with Adaptive Mesh Refinement
Castaneda, P: Explicit Construction of Effective Flux Functions for Riemann Solutions
Castelli, P., Jabin, P-E. and Junca, S: Fractional Spaces and Conservation Laws
Castro, M. J., Gallardo, J. M. and Marquina, A: Jacobian-Free Incomplete Riemann Solvers
Chalons, C., Magiera, J., Rohde, C. and Wiebe, M: A Finite-Volume Tracking Scheme for Two-Phase Compressible Flow
Chandrashekar, P. and Badwaik, J: Arbitrary Lagrangian-Eulerian Discontinuous Galerkin Method for 1-D Euler Equations
Chandrashekar, P., Gallego-Valencia, J. P. and Klingenberg, C: A Runge-Kutta Discontinuous Galerkin Scheme for the Ideal Magnetohydrodynamical Model
Chertock, A., Herty, M. and NurOzcan, S: Well-Balanced Central-Upwind Schemes for 2 × 2 Systems of Balance Laws
Christoforou, C. and Tzavaras, A: On the Relative Entropy Method for Hyperbolic-Parabolic Systems
Colombo, R. M., Klingenberg, C. and Meltzer, M-C: A Multispecies Traffic Model Based on the Lighthill-Whitham-Richards Model
Cottet, G-H: Semi-Lagrangian Particle Methods for Hyperbolic Equations
Courtes, C: Convergence for PDEs with an Arbitrary Odd Order Spatial Derivative Term
Dai, Z: A Cell-Centered Lagrangian Method for 2D Ideal MHD Equations
Dal Santo, E., Rosini, M. D. and Dymski, N: The Riemann Problem for a General
Dedner, A. and Giesselmann, J: Residual Error Indicators for dG Schemes for Discontinuous Solutions to Systems of Conservation Laws
Deolmi, G., Dahmen, W., Müller, S., Albers, M., Meysonnat, P. S. and Schroder, W: Effective Boundary Conditions for Turbulent Compressible Flows Over a Riblet Surface
Francesco, M. D., Fagioli, S., Rosini, M. D. and Russo, G: A Deterministic Particle Approximation for Non-Linear Conservation Laws
Iorio, E. D., Marcati, P. and Spirito, S: Splash Singularity for a Free-Boundary Incompressible Viscoelastic Fluid Model
Egger, H. and Kugler, T: An Asymptotic Preserving Mixed Finite Element Method for Wave Propagation in Pipelines
Elling, V: Nonexistence of Irrotational Flow Around Solids with Protruding Corners
Flohr, R. and Rottmann-Matthes, J: A Splitting Approach for Freezing Waves
Folino, R: Metastability for Hyperbolic Variations of Allen-Cahn Equation
Fridrich, D., Liska, R. and Wendroff, B: Cell-Centered Lagrangian Lax-Wendroff HLL Hybrid Schemes in Cylindrical Geometry
Galstian, A: Semilinear Shifted Wave Equation in the de Sitter Spacetime with Hyperbolic Spatial Part
Galtung, S-T: Convergence Rates of a Fully Discrete Galerkin Scheme for the Benjamin-Ono Equation
Gerhard, N. and Müller, S: The Simulation of a Tsunami Run-up Using Multiwavelet-Based Grid Adaptation
Gersbacher, C. and Nolte, M: Constrained Reconstruction in MUSCL-type Finite Volume Schemes
Giesselmann, J. and Zacharenakis, D: A Posteriori Analysis for the Euler-Korteweg Model
Gomes, D., Nurbekyan, L. and Sedjro, M: Concervations Laws Arising in the Study of Forward-Forward Mean-Field Games
Gugat, M., Herty, M. and Yu, H: On the Relaxation Approximation for 2 × 2 Hyperbolic Balance Laws
Hantke, M., Matern, C. and Warnecke, G: Numerical Solutions for a Weakly Hyperbolic Dispersed Two-phase Flow Model
Hawerkamp, M., Kröner, D. and Moenius, H: Optimal Controls in Flux-, Source- and Initial Terms for Weakly Coupled Hyperbolic Systems
Herty, M., Kurganov, A., and Kurochkin, D: On Convergence of Numerical Methods for Optimization Problems Governed by Scalar Hyperbolic Conservation Laws.
Klingenberg, Christian. editor., Editor,
Westdickenberg, Michael, editor., Editor,
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