Reality and Measurement in Algebraic Quantum Theory : NWW 2015, Nagoya, Japan, March 9-13 / edited by Masanao Ozawa, Jeremy Butterfield, Hans Halvorson, Miklós Rédei, Yuichiro Kitajima, Francesco Buscemi.

1st ed. 2018.
Singapore : Springer Singapore : Imprint: Springer, 2018.
Mathematics and Statistics (Springer-11649)
Springer proceedings in mathematics & statistics 2194-1009 ; 261
Springer Proceedings in Mathematics & Statistics, 2194-1009 ; 261
1 online resource (VIII, 396 pages) : 30 illustrations, 16 illustrations in color.
Functional analysis.
Quantum field theory.
String models.
Quantum computers.
Statistical physics.
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This book features papers based on presentations at the "Nagoya Winter Workshop 2015: Reality and Measurement in Algebraic Quantum Theory (NWW 2015)", held in Nagoya, Japan, in March 2015. The book includes new research results in quantum information theory, quantum measurement theory, information thermodynamics, operator algebraic and category theoretical foundations of quantum theory, as well as the interplay between experimental and theoretical investigations on the uncertainty principle. The foundations of quantum theory have been a source of mystery, puzzles and confusion, and have encouraged innovations in mathematical languages to describe, analyze, and delineate this wonderland. Both ontological and epistemological questions about quantum reality and measurement have been placed at the center of the mysteries originally explored by Bohr, Heisenberg, Einstein, and Schrödinger. This volume describes how those traditional problems are today explored from the most advanced perspectives. This book appeals to a broad audience of mathematicians, theoretical and experimental physicists, and philosophers of science.
Part I Quantum Reality: Sarah Cannon and Andreas D¨oring, A Generalisation of Stone Duality to Orthomodular Lattices
G´abor Hofer-Szab´o, Bell's Local Causality is a d-Separation Criterion
Yuichiro Kitajima, Local Operations and Completely Positive Maps in Algebraic Quantum Field Theory
Klaas Landsman and Bert Lindenhovius, Symmetries in Exact Bohrification
Mikl´os R´edei, Categorial Local Quantum Physics
Part II Quantum Information: Francesco Buscemi, Reverse Data-Processing Theorems and Computational Second Laws:
Michael J. W. Hall, Trust-Free Verification of Steering: Why You Can't Cheat a Quantum Referee
Holger F. Hofmann, Dynamics and Statistics in the Operator Algebra of Quantum Mechanics
Keiji Matsumoto, A New Quantum Version of f -Divergence
Part III Quantum Measurement: Jeremy Butterfield, Peaceful Coexistence: Examining Kent's Relativistic Solution to the Quantum Measurement Problem
Yuji Hasegawa, Relations Inherent in Successive 1=2??Spin Measurements
Jasper van Heugten and Sander Wolters, Obituary for a Flea
Kazuya Okamura, Measuring Processes and the Heisenberg Picture.
Ozawa, Masanao. editor., Editor,
Butterfield, Jeremy, editor., Editor,
Halvorson, Hans, editor., Editor,
Rédei, Miklós, editor., Editor,
Kitajima, Yuichiro. editor., Editor,
Buscemi, Francesco, editor., Editor,
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