Calcined Clays for Sustainable Concrete : Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on Calcined Clays for Sustainable Concrete / edited by Fernando Martirena, Aurélie Favier, Karen Scrivener.

1st ed. 2018.
Dordrecht : Springer Netherlands : Imprint: Springer, 2018.
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Economic development-Environmental aspects.
Mines and mineral resources.
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This volume focuses on research and practical issues linked to Calcined Clays for Sustainable Concrete. The main topics are geology of clays, hydration and performance of blended system with calcined clays, alkali activated binders, applications in concrete and mortar, durability of concrete under various aggressive conditions, and economic and environmental impacts of the use of calcined clays in cement based materials. This book compiles the different contributions of the 2nd International Conference on Calcined Clays for Sustainable Concrete, which took place in La Habana, December 5th-7th, 2017.The papers update the latest research in their field, carried out since the last conference in 2015.  Overall it gives a broad view of research on calcined clays and their application in the field of construction, which will stimulate further research into calcined clays for sustainable concrete.
Calcined Clay-Cement Stabilisation - Physicochemical Attributes and Stabilised Strengths of A-1-a and A-2-6 Soils, by O. A. Adekitan and G. M. Ayininuola
Sulfate Resistance of Cement Mortar Containing Metakaolin by Abdelsalam M. Akasha and Jamal M. Abdullah
Use of R3 Rapid Screening Test to Determine Reactivity and Chloride Binding Potential of Locally Available Kaolinite Clay, by M. Almarshoud, J.L. Saint Rome, K. A. Riding
Assessment of cuban kaolinitic clays as source of supplementary cementitious materials to production of cement based on clinker - calcined clay - limestone, by Roger S. Almenares Reyes , Adrián Alujas Díaz , Sergio Betancourt Rodríguez , Carlos Alberto Leyva Rodríguez , José Fernando Martirena Hernández
 Proposal of a methodology for the preliminary assessment of kaolinitic clay deposits as a source of SCMs, by Adrián Alujas Díaz, Roger S. Almenares Reyes, Florencio Arcial Carratalá, José F. Martirena Hernández
Hydration study of Limestone Calcined Clay Cement (LC3) using various grades of calcined kaolinitic clays, by F. Avet, K. Scrivener
Reaction degree of metakaolin in Limestone Calcined Clay Cement (LC3) , by F. Avet, K. Scrivener
Durability of steam cured pozzolanic mortars at atmospheric pressure, by Kübra Ekiz Barış and Leyla Tanaçan
Use of Low-Carbon Cement in the Preparation of Masonry Mortars for Building Restoration, by D. Betancourt Cura, Y. Lima Triana , F. Martirena Hernandez
Quantification of Pore Size Distribution Modification due to Metakaolin Inclusion in Cement Based Systems, by B Bhattacharjee
Limestone Calcined Clay Cement: The experience in India this far, by Shashank Bishno1 and Soumen Maity
Pilot scale production of Limestone Calcined Clay Cement, by Shashank Bishnoi, Soumen Maity, Mukesh Kumar, SK Saxena, SK Wali
The special case of North-Eastern India for the production of LC3, by Shashank Bishnoi, Soumen Maity, S. P. Pandey, P. K. Tripathy
Comparative study of compressive creep behavior of concrete with metakaolin or silica fume, by R. Bucher, H. Cagnon, T. Vidal, M. Cyr
Effect of carbonate minerals and calcination of carbonatites and kamafugites on their pozzolanic performance and early age concrete properties, by A. Buregyeya, Y. Ballim, S. Nwaubani, A. G. Kerali, M. Otieno
Assessment of the Pozzolanic Reactivity of Calcined Kaolinitic Clays by a Rapid Alkaline Solubility Test, by E. Cabrera, R. Almenares, A. Alujas
Sustainability of Cuban Construction Supply Chain by means of LC3 Cement: Case Studies in Villa Clara Province, by Yudiesky Cancio Díaz, Inocencio Raúl Sánchez Machado, José Fernando Martirena Hernández, Guillaume Habert
Degradation of Calcined Clay-Limestone Cementitious Composites under Sulfate Attack, by YU Cheng, YUAN Peng, YU Xin, LIU Jiaping
Sulfate and alkali-silica performance of blended cements containing illitic calcined clays, by Gisela Cordoba, Agustin Rossetti, Dario Falcone, E.F: Irassar
Use of Ceramic Waste as a Pozzolanic Addition on Cement, by Ing. Rayda Crespo Castillo
Development of the microstructure in LC3 systems and its effect on concrete properties, by Yuvaraj Dhandapani1, Vignesh K. , Thangadurai Raja and Manu Santhanam
Carbonation of Concrete with Low Carbon Cement LC3 Exposed to Different Environmental Conditions, by Ernesto Díaz, Raúl González, Dayran Rocha Adrian Alujas, Fernando Martirena
Evaluation of compressive strength and microstructure of cement pastes containing different qualities of metakaolin, by N. Dumani and J. Mapiravana
Influence of initial water curing on strength and microstructure development of blended cements, by A. C. Emmanuel, H.  Talluru, S. Krishnan and S. Bishnoi
Initial performance evaluation of calcined clay based ternary blended cement under various climatic conditions in India, by A. C. Emmanuel, G. Mishra, S. Bishnoi
Alkali Silica Reaction and Sulfate Attack: Expansion of Limestone Calcined Clay Cement, by A. Favier and K. Scrivener
The effect of limestone on the performance of ternary blended cement LC3: limestone, calcined clays and cement, by Aurélie Favier, Franco Zunino, Ioannis Katrantzis and Karen Scrivener
Influence of Clay Type on Performance of Calcined Clay - Limestone Portland Cements, by S. Ferreiro, D. Herfort and J. S. Damtoft
Metakaolin-based geopolymers for nuclear waste encapsulation, by D. A. Geddes, X. Ke, S. A. Bernal, M. Hayes and J. L. Provis
The influence of recycled concrete and clay brick particles on the strength and porosity of cement-based pastes, by T.M. Grabois, G.C. Cordeiro and R.D. Toledo Filho
The Effect of Kaolinite Content of China Clay on the Reactivity of Limestone Calcined Clay Cement, by P. K. Haldar, S. Mithia, K. Mukherjee, N. R. Dhabarde, E. Bansal, P. Phulwari, A. Kumar, S. Kesh, S. Maity
The effect of alkali on the properties of Limestone Calcined Clay Cement (LC3) , by W. Hanpongpun and K. Scrivener
On the Reactivity of Calcined Clays from Lower Lusatia for the Production of Durable Concrete Structures, by Klaus-Juergen Huenger, Robert Gerasch, Ingolf Sander, Maria Brigzinsky
Compressive strength improvements of cement-based composites achieved with additional milling of metakaolin, by Biljana Ilić, Aleksandra Mitrović, Vlastimir Radonjanin, Mirjana Malešev, Miodrag Zdujić
Properties of the cement-based composites with high content of metakaolin, by Biljana Ilić, Vlastimir Radonjanin, Mirjana Malešev, Miodrag Zdujić, Aleksandra Mitrović
Calcined clays - performance as composite material, by Christian Kalb
Structural ordering of aged and hydrothermally cured metakaolin based potassium geopolymers, by Xinyuan Ke, John L. Provis and Susan A. Bernal
Carbonation of limestone calcined clay cement concrete, by M.S.H. Khan, Q.D. Nguyen, A. Castel
Grinding of calcined clays and its effects on cement properties, by W. Kluge, Dr. B. O. Assmann
Hydration and mechanical properties of limestone calcined clay cement produced with marble dust, by Sreejith Krishnan, Arun C Emmanuel, Swadesh Kumar Kanaujia and Shashank Bishnoi
Performance-based Design Procedure Applied to the Selection of Low-CO2 Binder Systems Including Calcined Clay, by Wilson R. Leal da Silva, Lars N. Thrane, Thomas L. Svensson, Sergio Ferreiro, Duncan Herfort, Claus Pade1, Jesper S. Damtoft
Thermal Processing of Calcined Clay, by J. Lemke, C. Berger
Thermal transformation of illitic-chlorite clay and its pozzolanic activity, by Roxana Lemma, Cristina C. Castellano, Viviana L. Bonavetti, Monica A. Trezza, Viviana F. Rahhal and Edgardo F. Irassar
In-situ observation of dissolution behavior of carbonatite in water glass solution, by Jing Li, Jianqin Lin, Qijun Yu, Jie Hu, Suhong Yin
Analysis of the Mixing Performance Containing the LC3 as Agglomerant with Different Types of Calcined Clay, by D. Lins, J. Rêgo and E. Silva
Evaluation of calcined clays from Boyaca-Colombia containing alunite as Supplementary Cementitious Materials, by Ariam Lozano Perez, Mathieu Antoni
Improvement of the environmental energy sustainability in the production of cement Portland with addition of thermally activated clays, by Dr. Eng. I. L. Machado, Dr. Eng. H. I. Moya, Lic. S. B. Sánchez, Dr. Sc. Eng. F. Martirena
Resource mapping of china clay for LC3 application in India, by Soumen Maity and Santanu Mithia
Chloride Transport Behavior of LC3 Binders, by H. Maraghechi, F. Avet, and K. Scrivener
Blended cements with calcined illitic clay: workability and hydration, by Guillermina Marchetti, Jaroslav Pokorny, Alejandra Tironi, Mónica A. Trezza, Viviana F. Rahhal, Zbyšek Pavlík, Robert Černý, Edgardo F. Irassar
Low Carbon Cement LC3 in Cuba: ways to achieve a sustainable growth of cement production in emerging economies, by Fernando Martirena, Karen Scrivener
Studies on the influence of limestone-calcined clay blend on the hydration of cement, by G. Mishra, A. Emmanuel, S. Bishnoi
Thermal Resistivity of Chemically Activated Calcined Clays -Based Cements, by Marangu J. Mwiti, Thiong'o J. Karanja, Wachira J.
Promising Early age evaluations of Fly ash - Calcined marl - OPC ternary cement, by Serina Ng and Tone Østnor
Applicability of lime reactivity strength potential test for the reactivity study of limestone calcined clay cement, by Anuj Parashar, Vineet Shah, Shashank Bishnoi
Limestone and Calcined Clay Blended Cement Used as Low-Cost Binder to Reduce Heat Production and Potential for Delayed Ettringite Formation, by Jerry M. Paris and Christopher C. Ferraro
Hydrate Phase Assemblages in Calcium Sulfoaluminate - Metakaolin - Limestone Blends, by M. Pedersen, B. Lothenbach, F. Winnefeld, and J. Skibsted
Influence grinding procedure, limestone content and PSD of components on properties of clinker-calcined clay-limestone cements produced by intergrinding, by A. Pérez, A. Favier, K. Scrivener and F. Martirena
Durability of concretes made with calcined clay composite cements, by Roland Pierkes, Simone E. Schulze, Jörg Rickert
Alkali-activation of calcined clays - past, present and future, by John L. Provis
Influence of a calcined clay and the temperature on the hydration of an oilwell cement, by Juan Alberto Ribalta, Adrián Alujas Díaz and José Fernando Martirena
Influence of the kind of mineral addition and the seawater on the hydration of a Portland cement, by Juan Alberto Ribalta*, Leidys Laura Pérez and Adrián Alujas Díaz
Standardization strategy of Low Carbon Cement in Cuba. Case study for "Siguaney" Cement Factory, by D. Rocha, R. Almenares, S. Sanchez, A. Alujas, F. Martirena
Antibacterial metakaolin-based geopolymer cement, by Jose-Carlos Rubio-Avalos
Identification of reactive sites in calcined kaolinite and montmorillonite from a combination of chemical methods and solid-state NMR Spectroscopy, by C. Ruiz-Santaquiteria and J.
Martirena, Fernando, editor., Editor,
Favier, Aurélie, editor., Editor,
Scrivener, Karen, editor., Editor,
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