Mediterranean Cold-Water Corals: Past, Present and Future : Understanding the Deep-Sea Realms of Coral / edited by Covadonga Orejas, Carlos Jiménez.

1st ed. 2019.
Cham : Springer International Publishing : Imprint: Springer, 2019.
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Coral Reefs of the World, 2213-719X ; 9
Coral Reefs of the World, 2213-719X ; 9
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What do we know about Mediterranean Cold (Deep)-Water coral ecosystems? In this book, specialists offer answers and insights with a series of chapters and short papers about the paleoecology, biology, physiology and ecology of the corals and other organisms that comprise these ecosystems. Structured on a temporal axis-Past, Present and Future-the reviews and selected study cases cover the cold and deep coral habitats known to date in the Mediterranean Basin. This book illustrates and explains the deep Mediterranean coral habitats that might have originated similar thriving ecosystems in today's Atlantic Ocean.
1. An introduction to the research on Mediterranean cold-water corals
PART I - Past
2. Paleoecology of Mediterranean cold-water corals
3. Drop chapter. Cold water corals in the Mediterranean: a history of discovery
4. A turbulent story: Mediterranean contourites and cold-water corals
5. Drop chapter. Messinian salinity crisis: what happened to cold-water corals?
6. Drop chapter. Did Quaternary climate fluctuations affect Mediterranean deep-sea coral communities?
7. Drop chapter. A deglacial cold-water coral boom in the Alborán Sea: from coral mounds and species dominance
8. Drop chapter. Highly variable submarine landscapes in the Alborán Sea created by cold-water corals
9. Spatio-temporal distribution of Mediterranean cold-water corals
10. Drop chapter. Bathyal corals within the Aegean Sea and the adjacent Hellenic trench
11. Mediterranean cold-water corals as paleoclimate archives
12. Drop chapter: Tomography of cold-water corals - bearing cores
13. Drop chapter. Changing views about Mediterranean cold-water corals
PART II - Present
14. Taxonomy, genetics and biodiversity of Mediterranean deep-sea corals and cold-water corals
15. Habitat mapping of cold-water corals in the Mediterranean Sea
16. Cold-water coral habitat mapping in the Mediterranean Sea: methodologies and perspectives
17. Drop chapter. Working with visual methods, comparison among the French deep-sea canyons
18. Review of the circulation and characteristics of intermediate water masses of the Mediterranean
implications for cold-water coral habitats
19. Occurrence and biogeography of Mediterranean cold-water corals
20. Drop chapter. Gorgonian and black coral assemblages in deep coastal bottoms and continental shelves of the Mediterranean Sea
21. Drop chapter. Mediterranean black coral communities
22. Drop chapter. Recent discoveries of extensive cold-water coral assemblages in Maltese waters
23. Drop chapter. Corals of Aphrodite: Dendrophyllia ramea populations of Cyprus
24. Drop chapter. Cold-water corals in fluid venting submarine structures
25. Drop chapter. Cold-water corals and mud volcanoes - life on a dynamic substrate
26. Occurrence of living cold-water corals at large depths within submarine canyons of the northwestern Mediterranean Sea
27. Drop chapter. Submarine canyons in the Mediterranean: a shelter for cold-water corals
28. Drop chapter. A cold-water coral habitat in La Fonera submarine canyon, northwestern Mediterranean Sea
29. Cold-water coral associated fauna in the Mediterranean Sea and adjacent areas
30. Cold-water corals as shelter, feeding and life-history critical habitats for fish species: ecological interactions and fishing impact
31. Past, present and future connectivity of Mediterranean cold-water corals: patterns, drivers and fate in a technically and environmentally changing world
32. Drop chapter. Desmophyllum dianthus genetics and more
33. Diversity of bacteria associated with the cold-water corals Lophelia pertusa and Madrepora oculata
34. Drop chapter. Lophelia pertusa and Madrepora oculata: An Archaea riddle?
35. Biology and ecophysiology of Mediterranean cold-water corals
36. Growth patterns of Mediterranean calcifying cold-water corals
37. Demography and conservation of deep corals: the study of population structure and dynamics
38. Cold-water coral in aquaria: advances and challenges. A focus on the Mediterranean
39. Drop chapter. Approaching cold-water corals to the society: novel ways to transfer knowledge
PART III - Future
40. Perspectives of biophysical modelling with implications on biological connectivity of Mediterranean cold-water corals
41. Drop chapter. The interface between tectonic evolution and cold-water coral dynamics in the Mediterranean
42. Drop chapter. The Mediterranean is getting saltier: from the past to the future
43. Drop chapter. The spread of non-indigenous species in the Mediterranean - a threat to cold-water corals?
44. Fate of Mediterranean scleractinian cold-water corals as a result of global climate change. A synthesis. - 45. Drop chapter. A case study: variability in the calcification response of Mediterranean cold-water corals to ocean acidification
46. Conservation of cold-water corals in the Mediterranean: current status and future prospects for improvement.
Orejas Saco del Valle, Covadonga, editor., Editor,
Jimenez, Carlos, editor., Editor,
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