The Kitchen as Laboratory : Reflections on the Science of Food and Cooking / César Vega, Erik van der Linden, Job Ubbink.

New York, NY : Columbia University Press, [2012]
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Arts and Traditions of the Table: Perspectives on Culinary History
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Eating is a multisensory experience, yet chefs and scientists have only recently begun to deconstruct food's components, setting the stage for science-based cooking. In this global collaboration of essays, chefs and scientists advance culinary knowledge by testing hypotheses rooted in the physical and chemical properties of food. Using traditional and cutting-edge tools, ingredients, and techniques, these pioneers create, and sometimes revamp, dishes that respond to specific desires and serve up an original encounter with gastronomic practice.From the seemingly mundane to the food fantastic-from grilled cheese sandwiches, pizzas, and soft-boiled eggs to Turkish ice cream, sugar glasses, and jellified beads-the essays in The Kitchen as Laboratory cover a range of creations and their history and culture. They consider the significance of an eater's background and dining atmosphere and the importance of a chef's methods, as well as the strategies used to create a great diversity of foods and dishes. This collection will delight experts and amateurs alike, especially as restaurants rely more on science-based cooking and recreational cooks increasingly explore the physics and chemistry behind their art. Contributors end each essay with their personal thoughts on food, cooking, and science, offering rare insight into a professional's passion for playing with food.
Foreword / Steingarten, Jeffrey
Introduction. The Case for Science Inspired by the Kitchen / Vega, César / Ubbink, Job / Linden, Erik van der
One. The Science of a Grilled Cheese Sandwich / Kimmel, Jennifer
Two. Sound Appeal / Povey, Malcolm
Three. Mediterranean Sponge Cake / Lorenzo, Cristina de / Laguarda, Sergio
Four. Spherification. Faux Caviar and Skinless Ravioli / Vega, César / Castells, Pere
Five. Konjac Dondurma. Designing a Sustainable and Stretchable "Fox Testicle" Ice Cream / Johnson, Arielle / Kirshenbaum, Kent / McBride, Anne E.
Six. Stretchy Textures in the Kitchen. Insights from Salep Dondurma / Foster, Tim J.
Seven. Moussaka as an Introduction to Food Chemistry / Ritzoulis, Christos
Eight. The Sticky Science of Malaysian Dodol / Karim, Alias A. / Bhat, Rajeev
Nine. The Perfect Cookie Dough / Kamozawa, Aki / Talbot, H. Alexander
Ten. To Bloom or Not to Bloom? / Frazier, Amelia / Hartel, Richard
Eleven. Bacon. The Slice of Life / Knight, Timothy
Twelve. Scandinavian "Sushi". The Raw Story / Snitkjær, Pia / Mortensen, Louise M.
Thirteen. Maximizing Food Flavor by Speeding Up the Maillard Reaction / Lersch, Martin
Fourteen. Lighten Up! The Role of Gases in the Culinary Experience / Golding, Matt
Fifteen. The Meringue Concept and Its Variations / Wierenga, Peter / Hofstede, Helen / Linden, Erik van der / Schutte, Sidney / Boer, Jonnie
Sixteen. Why Does Cold Milk Foam Better? Into the Nature of Milk Foam / Maldonado-Valderrama,, Julia / Wilde, Peter J. / Gálvez-Ruiz, María J.
Seventeen. Ice Cream Unlimited. The Possibilities of Ingredient Pairing / Scholten, Elke / Peters, Miriam
Eighteen. Egg Yolk. A Library of Textures / Vega, César
Nineteen. Ketchup as Tasty Soft Matter. The Case of Xanthan Gum / Vilgis, Thomas
Twenty. Taste and Mouthfeel of Soups and Sauces / Mitchell, John R.
Twenty-one. Playing with Sound: Crispy Crusts / Varela, Paula / Fiszman, Susana
Twenty-two. Baked Alaska and Frozen Florida. On the Physics of Heat Transfer / Burbidge, Adam
Twenty-three. On Superb Crackling Duck Skin. An Homage to Nicholas Kurti / Young, Christopher / Myhrvold, Nathan
Twenty-four. Sweet Physics. Sugar, Sugar Blends, and Sugar Glasses / Russ, Natalie / Vilgis, Thomas
Twenty-five. Coffee, Please, but No Bitters / Groenewold, Jan / Mariën, Eke
Twenty-six. Turning Waste into Wealth. On Bones, Stocks, and Sauce Reductions / Ubbink, Job
Twenty-seven. Restructuring Pig Trotters. Fine Chemistry Supporting the Creative Culinary Process / Ruiz, Jorge / Calvarro, Julia
Twenty-eight. Innovate. Old World Pizza Crust with New World Ingredients
Twenty-nine. Eating Is Believing / Mielby, Line Holler / Frøst, Michael Bom
Thirty. Molecular Gastronomy Is a Scientific Activity / This, Hervé
Thirty-one. The Pleasure of Eating: The Integration of Multiple Senses / Arboleya, Juan-Carlos / Lasa, Daniel / Oliva, Oswaldo / Vergara, Javier / Luis-Aduriz, Andoni
Thirty-two. On the Fallacy of Cooking from Scratch / Vega, César / McClements, David J.
Thirty-three. Science and Cooking. Looking Beyond the Trends to Apply a Personal, Practical Approach
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Ubbink, Job, editor.
Vega, César, editor.
Linden, Erik van der, editor.
De Gruyter.
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