Polytroxane and slide-ring materials / by Kohzo Ito, Kazuaki Kato, Koichi Mayumi.

Ito, Kohzo, author.
Cambridge, England : Royal Society of Chemistry, 2016.
1 online resource (217 p.)
Monographs in supramolecular chemistry ; 15.
Monographs in Supramolecular Chemistry, 1368-8642 ; 15

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Supramolecular chemistry.
Electronic books.
The first book to cover the fundamentals and applications of polyrotaxane and slide-ring materials authored by their inventor.
Cover; Contents; Preface; Chapter 1 Introduction; References; Chapter 2 Thermodynamics of Inclusion Complex Formation and the Sliding Transition in Polyrotaxane; 2.1 Inclusion Complex Formation of a Polymer and Rings; 2.2 Inclusion Complex Formation of Polymer and Tube; 2.3 Sliding Transition of Rings and Tubes on a Backbone Polymer; References; Chapter 3 Scattering Studies of Polyrotaxane and Slide-ring Materials; 3.1 Structure Analysis of Polyrotaxane in Solution; 3.2 Deformation Mechanism of Slide-ring Gels; 3.3 Dynamics of Polyrotaxanes in Solution; References
Chapter 4 Mechanical Properties of Slide-ring Materials4.1 Overview of Slide-ring Materials; 4.2 Pulley Effect and the Stress-Strain Curve; 4.3 Entropy of the Rings and the Sliding Transition; 4.4 Evaluation of Sliding Elasticity; 4.5 Viscoelastic Profile of Slide-ring Materials; 4.6 Biaxial Tensile Properties of Slide-ring Materials; 4.7 Stretch-driven Volume Change of the Slide-ring Gels; References; Chapter 5 Solid-state Properties of Polyrotaxanes; 5.1 Structure and Viscoelastic Properties of Chemically Modified Polyrotaxanes in the Solid State
5.2 Structure and Dynamics of Polyrotaxane-based Sliding Graft Copolymers5.3 Orientational Motion in Mesogenic Polyrotaxane and Local Mode Relaxations of Polymer Segments in the Solid State; 5.4 Molecular Dynamics of Polyrotaxanes Investigated by Solid-state Nuclear Magnetic Resonance; References; Chapter 6 Insulated Molecular Wires based on the Polyrotaxane Structure; 6.1 Insulated Molecular Wires; 6.2 Polyaniline-based Insulated Molecular Wires; 6.3 Structural Analysis of Insulated Molecular Wires; 6.4 Optical Properties of Inclusion Complex Formation; References
Chapter 7 Synthesis of Polyrotaxane and Slide-ring Materials7.1 General Strategy for Synthesis; 7.2 Synthesis of CD-based Polyrotaxane by the Threading Method; 7.2.1 Activation of the End Groups of Guest Polymers; 7.2.2 Inclusion Complex Formation with CDs; 7.2.3 End-capping of the Inclusion Complex; 7.2.4 Activation of Intramolecular Motions; 7.3 Characterization of CD-based Polyrotaxane; 7.4 Diversification of the Chemical Structure of Polyrotaxane; 7.4.1 Diversity of the Cyclic Component; 7.4.2 Diversity of the Backbone Polymers
7.4.3 Diversity of the Host-Guest Ratio (Including Double-threaded PR)7.5 Simplification of the Threading Method; References; Chapter 8 Applications of Polyrotaxane and Slide-ring Materials; 8.1 Biological Applications of Polyrotaxane; 8.2 Biosafety Test of Slide-ring Hydrogels; 8.3 Other Applications of Slide-ring Gels; 8.4 Other Applications of Slide-ring Materials in the Solid State; References; Subject Index
Description based upon print version of record.
Includes bibliographical references at the end of each chapters and index.
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Kato, Kazuaki, author.
Mayumi, Koichi, author.