Nuclear magnetic resonance. Volume 45 / editor, Vasudevan Ramesh, University of Manchester, UK ; authors, Sharon E. Ashbrook, University of St. Andrews, UK [and fifteen others].

Ashbrook, Sharon E., author.
Cambridge : Royal Society of Chemistry, [2016]
1 online resource (326 p.)
Specialist periodical report.
A specialist periodical report

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Nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy.
Electronic books.
This volume will focus on a theme - NMR applications in industry and providing a comprehensive yet critical review of the current literature from various industries.
Cover; Contents; Preface; NMR spectroscopy of minerals and allied materials; Application of NMR in polymer characterization; Applications of NMR in nuclear chemistry; NMR of paints, inks and coatings; Applications of magnetic resonance imaging to probe chemistry and flow in complex systems; Application of hyphenated NMR in industry; Application of NMR in drug discovery; NMR characterisation of natural products derived from under-explored microorganisms; Application of NMR in food analysis; Table Index; References; 1 Introduction; 2 Silicate minerals; 3 Non-silicate minerals
4 Allied materialsReferences; 1 Introduction; 2 Chain packing and conformation of synthetic polymers; 3 Chain trajectory of semicrystalline polymer; 4 Molecular dynamics of synthetic polymers; 5 Chemical reaction and decompositions of synthetic polymers; 6 Deformation of synthetic polymers; 7 Energy materials; 8 Supramolecular polymers; 9 Natural polymers; 10 Conclusion; Acknowledgments; References; 1 Introduction; 2 Direct observation of actinide elements by NMR; 3 Applications of liquid-state NMR spectroscopy; References; 1 Introduction; 2 NMR study of paint and ink formulations
3 NMR analysis of coatings4 Conclusions; References; 1 Introduction; 2 Heterogeneous chemical reactions; 3 Chemistry in flow; 4 Rheology of complex fluids; References; 1 Introduction; 2 Applications of LC-NMR; 3 Applications of NMR hyphenated with other analytical techniques; 4 Applications of NMR hyphenated to reactors; 5 Conclusions and future trends; References; 1 Introduction; 2 Advances in protein-based NMR-assisted drug discovery; 3 Advances in ligand-based NMR-screening; 4 In cell NMR and NMR metabolomics; new applications; 5 Conclusions and perspectives; References; 1 Introduction
2 Hyphenated NMR techniques3 Dereplication strategies for pinpointing unknown natural products; 4 Homonuclear 1H-1H correlation experiments; 5 Heteronuclear (1H-13C and 1H-15N) experiments; 6 Approaches for the 3D configuration of natural products; 7 Fast 2D data acquisition methods; 8 Dereplication of complex extract mixtures by NMR; 9 Other approaches that aid the structure elucidation of natural products; 10 Computer-aided structure elucidation (CASE); 11 Selected case studies; 12 Summary; Acknowledgments; References; 1 Introduction; 2 Alcoholic beverages; 3 Non alcoholic beverages
4 Vegetable oils5 Fruits & vegetables; 6 Honey; 7 Milk; 8 Cheese & yoghurt; 9 Meat; 10 Conclusions and future trends
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Ramesh, Vasudevan, editor.