Biology and Conservation of Martens, Sables, and Fishers : A New Synthesis / Martin G. Raphael, Steven W. Buskirk, William J. Zielinski, Keith B. Aubry, Gilbert Proulx.

Ithaca, NY : Cornell University Press, [2012]
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Mammals in the genus Martes are mid-sized carnivores of great importance to forest ecosystems. This book, the successor to Martens, Sables, and Fishers: Biology and Conservation, provides a scientific basis for management and conservation efforts designed to maintain or enhance the populations and habitats of Martes species throughout the world. The twenty synthesis chapters contained in this book bring together the perspectives and expertise of 63 scientists from twelve countries, and are organized by the five key themes of evolution and biogeography, population biology and management, habitat ecology and management, research techniques, and conservation.Recent developments in research technologies such as modeling and genetics, biological knowledge about pathogens and parasites, and concerns about the potential effects of global warming on the distribution and status of Martes populations make new syntheses of these areas especially timely. The volume provides an overview of what is known while clarifying initiatives for future research and conservation priorities, and will be of interest to mammalogists, resource managers, applied ecologists, and conservation biologists.
List of Contributing Authors
Section 1. Evolution and Biogeography of the Genus Martes
1. Synthesis of Martes Evolutionary History / Hughes, Susan S.
2. Behind the Genes: Diversification of North American Martens ( Martes americana and M. caurina ) / Dawson, Natalie G. / Cook, Joseph A.
3. Complex Host-Parasite Systems in Martes : Implications for Conservation Biology of Endemic Faunas / Hoberg, Eric P. / Koehler, Anson V.A. / Cook, Joseph A.
4. Distribution Changes of American Martens and Fishers in Eastern North America, 1699-2001 / Krohn, William B.
Section 2. Biology and Management of Martes Populations
5. Population Biology and Matrix Demographic Modeling of American Martens and Fishers / Buskirk, Steven W. / Bowman, Jeff / Gilbert, Jonathan H.
6. Evaluating Translocations of Martens, Sables, and Fishers: Testing Model Predictions with Field Data / Powell, Roger A. / Lewis, Jeffrey C. / Slough, Brian G. / Brainerd, Scott M. / Jordan, Neil R. / Abramov, Alexei V. / Monakhov, Vladimir / Zollner, Patrick A. / Murakami, Takahiro
7. Pathogens and Parasites of Martes Species: Management and Conservation Implications / Gabriel, Mourad W. / Wengert, Greta M. / Brown, Richard N.
8. Ecophysiology of Overwintering in Northern Martes Species / Mustonen, Anne-Mari / Nieminen, Petteri
Section 3. Ecology and Management of Habitat for Martes Species
9. Improved Insights into Use of Habitat by American Martens / Thompson, Ian D. / Fryxell, John / Harrison, Daniel J.
10. Habitat Ecology of Fishers in Western North America: A New Synthesis / Raley, Catherine M. / Lofroth, Eric C. / Truex, Richard L. / Scott Yaeger, J. / Mark Higley, J.
11. Habitat Ecology of Martes Species in Europe: A Review of the Evidence / Virgós, Emilio / Zalewski, Andrzej / Rosalino, Luis M. / Mergey, Marina
Section 4. Advances in Research Techniques for Martes Species
12. Scale Dependency of American Marten (Martes americana) Habitat Relations / Shirk, Andrew J. / Wasserman, Tzeidle N. / Cushman, Samuel A. / Raphael, Martin G.
13. The Use of Radiotelemetry in Research on Martes Species: Techniques and Technologies / Thompson, Craig M. / Green, Rebecca A. / Sauder, Joel / Purcell, Kathryn L. / Sweitzer, Richard A. / Arnemo, Jon M.
14. Noninvasive Methods for Surveying Martens, Sables, and Fishers / Long, Robert A. / MacKay, Paula
15. Occupancy Estimation and Modeling in Martes Research and Monitoring / Slauson, Keith M. / Baldwin, James A. / Zielinski, William J.
Section 5 Conservation of Martes Populations
16. Martens and Fishers in a Changing Climate / Lawler, Joshua J. / Safford, Hugh D. / Girvetz, Evan H.
17. Conservation Genetics of the Genus Martes : Assessing Within- Species Movements, Units to Conserve, and Connectivity across Ecological and Evolutionary Time / Schwartz, Michael K. / Ruiz-González, Aritz / Masuda, Ryuichi / Pertoldi, Cino
18. Use of Habitat and Viability Models in Martes Conservation and Restoration / Carroll, Carlos / Spencer, Wayne D. / Lewis, Jeffrey C.
19. Conservation of Martens, Sables, and Fishers in Multispecies Bioregional Assessments / Marcot, Bruce G. / Raphael, Martin G.
20. A Century of Change in Research and Management on the Genus Martes / Proulx, Gilbert / Santos-Reis, Margarida
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Aubry, Keith B., editor.
Buskirk, Steven W., editor.
Proulx, Gilbert, editor.
Raphael, Martin G., editor.
Zielinski, William J., editor.
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