The Collected Essays of Milton Babbitt / Milton Babbitt; Stephen Peles, Joseph N. Straus, Andrew Mead, Stephen Dembski.

Babbitt, Milton, author.
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Princeton, NJ : Princeton University Press, [2011]
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Music -- History and criticism.
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Like his compositions, Milton Babbitt's writings about music have exerted an extraordinary influence on postwar music and thinking about music. In essays and public addresses spanning fifty years, Babbitt has grappled profoundly with central questions in the composition and apprehension of music. These writings range from personal memoirs and critical reviews to closely reasoned metatheoretical speculations and technical exegesis. In the history of music theory, there has been only a small handful of figures who have produced work of comparable stature. Taken as a whole, Babbitt's writings are not only an invaluable testimony to his thinking--a priceless primary source for the intellectual and cultural history of the second half of the twentieth century--but also a remarkable achievement in their own right. Prior to this collection, Babbitt's writings were scattered through a wide variety of journals, books, and magazines--many hard to find and some unavailable--and often contained typographical errors and editorial corruptions of various kinds. This volume of almost fifty pieces gathers, corrects, and annotates virtually everything of significance that Babbitt has written. The result is complete, authoritative, and fully accessible--the definitive source of Babbitt's influential ideas.
The String Quartets of Bartók 1949
Review of Schoenberg et son école and Qu'est ce que la musique de douze sons? by René Leibowitz. 1950
Review of Polyphonie-Revue musicale trimestrielle; Quatrième cahier: Le Système dodécaphonique 1950
Review of Felix Salzer, Structural Hearing: Tonal Coherence in Music 1952
Tintinnabulation of the Crochets 1953
Musical America's Several Generations 1954
Some Aspects of Twelve-Tone Composition 1955
The Composer as Specialist 1958
Twelve-Tone Invariants as Compositional Determinants 1960
The Revolution in Sound: Electronic Music 1960
Past and Present Concepts of the Nature and Limits of Music 1961
Set Structure as a Compositional Determinant 1961
Twelve-Tone Rhythmic Structure and the Electronic Medium 1962
Reply to George Perle 1963
Remarks on the Recent Stravinsky 1964
The Synthesis, Perception, and Specification of Musical Time 1964
An Introduction to the R.C.A. Synthesizer 1964
The Structure and Function of Musical Theory 1965
The Use of Computers in Musicological Research 1965
Edgard Varèse: A Few Observations of His Music 1966
Three Essays on Schoenberg 1968
On Relata I 1970
Contribution to "The Composer in Academia: Reflections on a Theme of Stravinsky" 1970
In Memoriam: Mátyás Seiber 1970
Contribution to "Stravinsky (1882-1971): A Composer's Memorial" 1971
Contemporary Music Composition and Music Theory as Contemporary Intellectual History [1972]
In Memoriam: Stefan Wolpe 1972
Since Schoenberg 1974
Celebrative Speech 1976
Responses: A First Approximation 1976
Introduction to Marion Bauer's Twentieth Century Music 1978
Foreword to Beyond Orpheus 1979
Ben Weber (1916-1979) 1979
Robert Miller (1930-1981) 1981
The More than the Sounds of Music 1984
I Remember Roger (Contribution to "In Memoriam: Roger Sessions") 1985
"All the Things They Are": Comments on Kern 1985
Hans Keller: A Memoir 1986
Stravinsky's Verticals and Schoenberg's Diagonals: A Twist of Fate 1987
On Having Been and Still Being an American Composer 1989
A Life of Learning 1991
Brave New Worlds 1994
"My Vienna Triangle at Washington Square," Revisited and Dilated 1999
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Dembski, Stephen, editor.
Mead, Andrew, editor.
Peles, Stephen, editor.
Straus, Joseph N., editor.
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