Slippery slope : Europe's troubled future / Giles Merritt.

Merritt, Giles, author.
Oxford, England : Oxford University Press, 2016.
1 online resource (287 p.)
European Union.
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A hard-hitting warning that Europe's prospects are gloomy unless Europeans awake from their torpor and embrace the often difficult changes necessary to flourish in the 21st century world. From one of our most influential thinkers on European matters.
Cover; SLIPPERY SLOPE: Europe's Troubled Future; Copyright; Dedication; ABOUT THE AUTHOR; CONTENTS; COMMENTS ON SLIPPERY SLOPE: EUROPE'S TROUBLED FUTURE; PREFACE AND ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS; 1: The Myths Hastening Europe's Decline; European Unity to the Rescue . . .; . . . Once There is Unity of Purpose; Business as Usual is Not an Option . . .; . . . But Muddling Through Has Become the EU's Habit; 2: The World in 2050: A Glimpse into the Future; Resource Competition and Conflict; Asia's Accelerating Arms Race . . .; . . . and the West's Changing Security Role; The New Global Economic Landscape
Workforce Shortages in an Overpopulated World? Energy Will Determine Our Policy Options; The Wild Card is Future Technologies; 3: Managing the New Global Economy: Europe's Chance to Take Centre Stage; The Key Role Europe Could Yet Play; It's True; Only Global Solutions Will Do; Pinning Hopes on the G ; The Transatlantic Dimension; European Voices: Cacophony not Chorus; 4: Europe Need Not Fear Asia's Rise; Asia's Patchy Growth Outlook; Asia's Bargain Hunters are Investing Worldwide; Feeling the Hot Breath of Asia's R&D Spending; Do We Want a Billion-plus Angry or Happy Chinese?
Wake Up, Brussels !5: For Europe, Africa Spells Trouble and Opportunity; Europe Hasn't Yet Registered 'Rising Africa'; Africa Could Feed a Hungry World; Helping Africa to Help Itself; 6: The Human Factor: Not Enough Jobs, but also Not Enough Workers; There's No Going Back to the Good Times; Xenophobic Europe and the Global Competition for Talented Immigrants; Sense and Nonsense About the Jobs Crisis; 7: Europe's Stuttering Efforts to Catch Up with the Digital Revolution; How Europe Lost Its Productivity Advantage; 'Captains of Industry' Aboard a Rudderless Ship
The EU's Stuttering Industrial Policies Back to the 1930's: Pump-Priming the Economy with Infrastructure Projects; 8: Why 'Brussels' Lacks Legitimacy, Credibility, and Even Genuine Power; Democratic Legitimacy: The EU's Elusive 'Holy Grail'; The Reform Roller Coaster; Addressing the EU's Credibility Gap; What is the Way Ahead?; 9: Searching for an Exit from the EU's Political Labyrinth; No Consensus on What 'Political Union' Would Mean; Bringing Democracy to the European Commission . . . and the Parliament; The Eurozone Crisis and Governance of a Two-Speed Europe
An Impossible Maze of Unacceptable Choices 10: Putting some Muscle into Europe's 'Soft Power'; Strong on Promises, Weak on Deliverables; The Muddled Definitions of Europe's Security Goals; The Atlantic Dimension; Keeping Pace with Geopolitical Change; Why Brussels Doesn't Walk the Talk; 11: 'Juncker's Curse'-Why EU Leaders Don't Deliver on Their Promises; The Innovation Gap That's Dividing Europe; Searching for a 'Grand Strategy' . . . or Even a New Narrative; Reforming the EU: Great Debate or Timid Nibbling?; What Do Europeans Think of Twenty-First Century Challenges?
12: No Master Plan for the EU, but an Urgent 'To Do' List
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