Multi-Paradigm Programming with Modern C++ [electronic resource] / Pashkov, Georgy.

Pashkov, Georgy, author.
Packt Publishing, 2020.
1 online resource (1 video file, approximately 7 hr., 43 min.)
1st edition

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Write clean, fast, concurrent code with key features of C++ 14,17, and now 20. About This Video Acquire knowledge of not only the features of modern C++ but also some of the best programming practices. Get a grasp of all the key features of C++2a, including modules, concepts, task blocks, transactional memory, ranges, coroutines, and more, in a single course. A practical guide to advance your skills along with new features of the latest C++ versions (14, 17, and 20) for creating better software with ease. In Detail C++ is a multi-paradigm language that lets you solve a problem in different ways, and this course will teach you the best practices. Furthermore, C++ has been re-invented again. C++2a is the largest extension to the language since C++11, and it almost feels like a new language. Developers who master the new features will be able to write cleaner, faster and concurrent code. In this course, you will learn about the best practices of C++ programming, including project structure, designing interfaces and classes, C++ Core Guidelines, and the most recent language standard. The new features are numerous and cover almost every area of the language: modules let us organize our programs better; concepts help us create cleaner APIs; ranges forever change how we look at containers; concurrency features, such as coroutines, bring parallel and concurrent programming to a whole new level. You will get plenty of practical experience with short, real-world code examples. By the end of this course, you will be ready to create better software using C++.
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