Making Mindanao : Cotabato and Davao in the formation of the Philippine nation-state / Patricio N. Abinales.

Abinales, P. N.
Quezon City : Ateneo de Manila University Press, ©2000.
xii, 235 pages ; 23 cm

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Other Title:
Cotabato and Davao in the formation of the Philippine nation-state
Southern Mindanao (Philippines) -- Politics and government.
Cotabato City (Philippines) -- Politics and government.
Davao City (Philippines) -- Politics and government.
Political participation -- Philippines -- Mindanao Island.
Political participation.
Politics and government.
Philippines -- Cotabato City.
Philippines -- Davao City.
Philippines -- Mindanao Island.
Philippines -- Southern Mindanao.
"Southern Mindanao became the battleground of two major rebellions in the 1970s: one sought to create a separate Muslim state, and the other - a communist insurgency - aspired to overthrow the Philippine state. Standard explanations of these rebellions point to the explosive combination of historic ethnic disputes, massive demographic changes accompanying the closure of the frontier, rising class inequalities, the entry of transnational capital, and the militarization of southern Mindanao."
"While not denying explanatory value to these arguments, this book rejects ethnicity and political economy as the dominant causes. Making Mindanao argues that colonial construction of the state and its subsequent transformation from the colonial to the postcolonial period largely shaped Mindanao's political landscape. The book thus focuses on how local power was determined by state formation and how the state's ability to establish its authority was mediated by mutual accommodation between strong men who controlled this frontier zone. It compares Cotabato and Davao to show the process of state formation and the shaping of local power from the American period (1900-1941) to the eve of the declaration of martial law by Ferdinand Marcos (1946-1972)."--Jacket.
1. State Formation and Local Power on a Philippine Periphery
2. Variation in Colonial State-Building
3. Making Muslim Filipinos
4. Davao and the Dynamics of a Settler Zone
5. Demographic Change and Social Stability on the Postwar Frontier
6. State and Society on the Postwar Frontier
7. Local Strong Men: Two Case Studies
8. Centralizing State, Weakening Strong Men, and a Frontier in Crisis
9. Lessons from the Periphery.
Revision of the author's thesis (Ph. D.)--Cornell University.
Includes bibliographical references (pages 201-228) and index.
Other format:
Online version: Abinales, P.N. Making Mindanao.
Online version: Abinales, P.N. Making Mindanao.