Commentaries on the laws of England. Book III, Of private wrongs / William Blackstone ; with an introduction, notes and textual apparatus by Gallanis, Thomas P.

Blackstone, William, author.
Oxford, [England] : Oxford University Press, 2016.
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Law -- England.
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The only variorum edition of Blackstone's seminal treatise on the common law, tracing the evolution of Blackstone's thought from the first to the ninth edition. The third volume focuses on civil remedies, and courts and procedure, including equity.
Cover; Commentaries on the Laws of England Book III: Of Private Wrongs; Copyright; Contents; Editor's Introduction to Book III; Subject Matter, Sources and Comparison with Blackstone's Analysis; Reception of Book II upon Publication; Blackstone's Varia; Impact of Book II to the Present Day; Acknowledgements; Note to the Reader; Abbreviations; General abbreviations; Bibliographical abbreviations; Chapter the first: Of the redress of private wrongs by the mere act of the parties; Chapter the second: Of redress by the mere operation of law; Chapter the third: Of courts in general
Chapter the fourth: Of the public courts of common law and equityChapter the fifth: Of courts ecclesiastical, military, and maritime; Chapter the sixth: Of courts of a special jurisdiction; Chapter the seventh: Of the cognizance of private wrongs; Chapter the eighth: Of wrongs, and their remedies, respecting the rights of persons; Chapter the ninth: Of injuries to personal property; Chapter the tenth: Of injuries to real property, and first of dispossession, or ouster, of the freehold; Chapter the eleventh: Of dispossession, or ouster, of chattels real; Chapter the twelfth: Of trespass
Chapter the thirteenth: Of nusance Chapter the fourteenth: Of waste ; Chapter the fifteenth: Of subtraction ; Chapter the sixteenth: Of disturbance ; Chapter the seventeenth: Of injuries proceeding from, or affecting, the crown; Chapter the eighteenth: Of the pursuit of remedies by action; and, first, of the original writ; Chapter the nineteenth: Of process ; Chapter the twentieth: Of pleading ; Chapter the twenty first: Of issue and demurrer; Chapter the twenty second: Of the several species of trial; Chapter the twenty third: Of the trial by jury
Chapter the twenty fourth: Of judgment, and its incidentsChapter the twenty fifth: Of proceedings, in the nature of appeals; Chapter the twenty sixth: Of execution; Chapter the twenty seventh: Of proceedings in the courts of equity; Appendix; No. I: Proceedings on a Writ of Right Patent; . 1. Writ of Right patent in the Court Baron; . 2. Writ of Tolt, to remove it into the County Court; . 3. Writ of Pone, to remove it into the Court of Common Pleas; . 4. Writ of Right, quia Dominus remisit Curiam; . 5. The Record, with award of Battel; . 6. Trial by the grand Assise
No. II: Proceedings on an Action of Trespass in Ejectment, byOriginal, in the King's Bench. 1. The Original Writ; . 2. Copy of the Declaration against the casual Ejector; who gives Notice thereupon to the Tenant in Possession; . 3. The Rule of Court; . 4. The Record; No. III: Proceedings on an Action of Debt, in the Court of common Pleas; removed into the King's Bench by Writ of Error; . 1. Original; . 2. Process; . 3. * Bill of Middlesex, and Latitat thereupon, in the Court of King's Bench; . 4. Writ of Quo minus in the Exchequer; . 5. Special Bail
on the Arrest of the Defendant, pursuant to the Testatum Capias, in page xiv [IV. 310]
Includes bibliographical references and index.
Includes index.
Description based on online resource; title from PDF title page (ebrary, viewed October 13, 2016).
Gallanis, Thomas P., illustrator, writer of introduction.