SUMMA HALENSIS : doctrines and debates.

[Place of publication not identified] DE GRUYTER, 2020.
Veröffenlichungen des Grabmann-Institutes zur Erforschung der mittelalterlichen Theologie und Philosophie ; Bd. 66.
Veröffenlichungen des Grabmann-Institutes zur Erforschung der mittelalterlichen Theologie und Philosophie, 0580-2091 ; volume 66
x, 367 pages ; 25 cm.
Summa theologica -- Congresses.
Theology, Doctrinal -- History -- Middle Ages, 600-1500 -- Congresses.
Summa theologica.
Theology, Doctrinal -- Middle Ages.
Conference papers and proceedings.
For generations, early Franciscan thought has been widely regarded as unoriginal: a mere attempt to systematize the longstanding intellectual tradition of Augustine in the face of the rising popularity of Aristotle. This volume brings together leading scholars in the field to undertake a major study of the sources and context of the so-called Summa Halensis (1236-45), which was collaboratively authored by the founding members of the Franciscan school at Paris, above all, Alexander of Hales, and John of La Rochelle, in an effort to lay down the Franciscan intellectual tradition or the first time. The contributions will highlight that this tradition, far from unoriginal, laid the groundwork for later Franciscan thought, which is often regarded as formative for modern thought. Furthermore, the volume shows the role this Summa played in the development of the burgeoning field of systematic theology, which has its origins in the young university of Paris. This is a crucial and groundbreaking study for those with interests in the history of western thought and theology specifically.
A guide to citing the Summa Halensis / Simon Maria Kopf and Lydia Schumacher
The Summa Halensis: doctrines and debates: Introduction / Lydia Schumacher
Part 1: Theology and philosophical theology
The Summa Halensis on whether universal and particular are said of God / Antoine Côté
Forging the analogy of being : John of La Rochelle's De divinis nominibus (Trier, Abtei St. Matthias, 162) and the Summa Halensis on knowing and naming God / Jacob W. Wood
The proof for a necessary existent in the Summa Halensis / Lydia Schumacher
Defusing theological dynamite: Predestination and divine love in the Summa Halensis / Franklin T. Harkins
Providence and causality in the Summa Halensis / Corey L. Barnes
The comprehensive trinitarianism of the Summa Halensis / Boyd Taylor Coolman
The contribution of the Summa Halensis to the reason for the incarnation / Justus H. Hunter
The Summa Halensis: Towards a new concept of 'person' / Theo Kobusch
The ontology of grace of Alexander of Hales and John of La Rochelle / Vincent L. Strand, SJ
Idolaters, philosophers and an elusive Jew: The problem of paganism in the Summa Halenis / John Marenbon
Part 2: Moral and sacramental theology
Passions and sins: The Summa Halensis and John of La Rochells / Silvana Vecchio (trans. Hilary Siddons)
From 'Lex aeterna' to the 'leges addictae': John of La Rochelle and the Summa Halensis / Riccardo Saccenti
Beyond the positive law: The oath and vow as a theological matter between the 12th and early 13th centuries / Ricardo Saccenti
Contrition, confession, and the power of the keys in the Summa Halensis / Ian Christopher Levy
The eucharist in early Franciscan tradition / Marcia L. Colish
Place, person, and prayer in the Summa Halensis: Reflections on Franciscan identity in the mid 13th century / Timothy J. Johnson
The sanctification of Mary: Summa Halensis and the status quaestionis prior to Williamof Ware and John Duns Scotus / Mary Beth Ingham, CSJ.
Includes bibliographical references and index.
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