Social divisions : inequality and diversity in Britain / edited by Geoff Payne and Eric Harrison.

Bristol, UK ; Chicago, IL, USA : Policy Press, 2020.
xiv, 428 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm
Fourth edition.

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Social stratification.
Social stratification -- Great Britain.
Machine generated contents note: pt. I The persistence of social divisions
1. Defining and explaining `social divisions' / Geoff Payne
Social divisions as a way of thinking about society
What are social divisions?
Social divisions as social rules
Social divisions in contemporary society
The complexity of social divisions
The plan of the book
Discussion questions
Further reading
2. Class and stratification / John Scott
Conceptualising class and stratification
Differentiating class, status and authority
Occupations and social stratification
Class societies
Mapping classes
Changing class relations
Class and life chances in contemporary society
The subordinate classes
The intermediate situation
The advantaged classes
Mobility and elites
Occupation plus: class as lived experience
Discussion questions
Further reading
3. Gender / Pamela Abbott
Changes in gender relations
Explaining gender divisions: the feminist critique of male sociology
Gender and power
Sexual violence
Gender and education
Beyond schools
Gender, work and domestic labour
Gender and the labour market
Explanations for women's labour market participation
Gender and welfare policies
Discussion questions
Further reading
4. Race / John Solomos
Historical background and context
Situating the present
Community, culture and cohesion
Residential segregation
Multiculturism and conflict
Race, riots, and deracialisation
Race, gender and class
Racialised inequalities today
Discussion questions
Further reading
pt. II Social structures and inequalities
5. Education / Diane Reay
A brief history of social division in education
The tripartite system
Comprehensive schooling
Academy schools and achievement
Geography matters
Socially divisive educational practices: children and young people
Higher education: the new educational glass ceiling
Discussion questions
Further reading
6. Work / Tim Strangleman
The social division of labour
Work as uniting, work as dividing
Divisions at work: skill and qualifications
Divisions at work: gender
Divisions at work: race/ethnicity
Divisions at work: age
The new economy and new social divisions?
Work and social divisions
Discussion questions
Further reading
7. Poverty / Lucinda Platt
What is poverty?
Poverty as social division
Evaluating poverty: the early studies
Absolute or relative poverty
Luxuries and the bare necessities of life
Measuring poverty: income
Material disadvantage
Poverty in Britain today
Discussion questions
Further reading
8. Elites / Daniel R. Smith
Classical elite theory: Pareto, Mosca and Michels
American elite theories: Veblen and Mills
Elites in the UK: then and now
The super-rich
British elite institutions: education and clubs
Discussion questions
Further reading
9. Global social divisions / Robert Holton
Key concepts
A short historical sociology of global social divisions
How unequal is economic inequality in today's world?
Gender and globalisation
Globalisation and network society
Global cities
Discussion questions
Further reading
pt. III Social divisions and the body
10. Sexuality / Stevi Jackson
Sexuality, gender and institutionalised heterosexuality
The critique of essentialism
The social construction of sexuality
A sexualised culture?
Heterosexuality as a gendered practice
Heterosexuality as an institution
Choice, inequality and the commodification of sex
New essentialisms and the re-entanglement of gender and sex
Discussion questions
Further reading
11. Age / Liz Frost
The social nature of age divisions
Youth: cultural capital
Subcultures and beyond
The declining cultural capital of the young?
Older people
Differences or convergences?
Discussion questions
Further reading
12. Disability / David Saltiel
Understanding the social model of disability
Criticisms of the social model
Hearing the lived experience of disability
Disability in modern society: conceptual and political challenges
Disability in modern society: the duality of change
Discussion questions
Further reading
13. Health / Geoff Payne
Defining health and illness: medical or social?
Defining health and illness: personal and cultural?
Who lives here? The compositional approach
What is this place like? The contextual approach
Poor people and poor places: the relational approach
Beyond the individual and the local: the political economy approach
Future directions
Discussion questions
Further reading
pt. IV Inclusion, exclusion and inequality
14. Social identities / Steph Lawler
Identity troubles
Producing identities
Sameness and difference
Recognition and redistribution
Power, privilege and identity
Discussion questions
Further reading
15. National identity / David Mccrone
Changing national identities
National and state identities
The `dark gods' theory
The new orthodoxies: culture wars
Transforming national identities
Understanding nationalisms
Discussion questions
Further reading
16. Religion / Michael Rosie
Religious conflict: division as civil war
Religion: discord and unity
Britain: state, religion, diversity
Towards (mostly) pluralism
The decline in religious belonging
Religious difference
Religion and enduring social division
Discussion questions
Further reading
17. Community / Catherine Maclean
The nature of community
Communities and change
The dynamics of community living
Recent conceptual developments and trends
Discussion questions
Further reading
18. Social divisions as a sociological perspective / Geoff Payne
Defining `social division'
Division and difference
Social divisions and social cohesion
Social divisions as a distinctive perspective
Intersectionality: evolutionary idea or metaphorical dead end?
Social division and intersectionality
The significance of social division
Discussion questions.
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Includes bibliographical references and index.
Payne, Geoff, 1944- editor.
Harrison, Eric, 1967- editor.
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