Separated siblings : an evangelical understanding of Jews and Judaism / John E. Phelan, Jr.

Phelan, John E., Jr. author.
Grand Rapids, Michigan : William. B. Eerdmans Publishing Company, 2020.
xix, 340 pages ; 23 cm
United States.
Judaism -- Relations -- Evangelicalism.
Evangelicalism -- Relations -- Judaism.
Evangelicalism -- United States.
Interfaith relations.
"A concise introduction to Judaism-including its history, beliefs, and practices-geared toward an American evangelical audience"-- Provided by publisher.
Machine generated contents note: 1. Introducing Judaism
What Is Judaism?
New Challenges
Judaism Today: A People
Key Texts and Terms
Jewish Denominations
2. God Of Abraham
The God of Israel
Paul's Abraham
The God of Abraham
3. God Of Moses
The God Who Reveals
Torah as Revelation Today
The Revelation of God
4. God Of The Commandments
God's Commandments and God's People
Abraham Joshua Heschel and the People of God
Some Christian Reflections
5. Israel
Longing, Hope, and Promise
Fulfilling All the Mitzvot
A Place to Be Safe
Christian Reflections
6. God Of Prayer
Models of Prayer
When to Pray
Women and Prayer in Judaism
A Christian Response
7. God Of Righteousness
What Does It Mean to Be Righteous?
Righteousness and the Rabbis
The Evil Inclination
The Day of Atonement
Christian Reflections
8. Exile And Restoration
The Canonization of Scripture
The History of the Second Temple Era
The Influence of Hellenism on Second Temple Judaism
Elite Individuals and Formative Groups of the First Century CE
Groups: Seeking Faithfulness to Torah
9. Jesus The Jew
Premodern Jewish Conceptions of Jesus
The Question of the "Historical Jesus"
Assessing the "Jewish Jesus"
10. Paul The Jew
Paul in the Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Centuries
Paul at Mid-Century
New Perspective for Jews and Christians
Assessing the Jewish Paul
11. The Rabbis
The Rabbinic Tradition
The Talmud
12. The Age Of Genius
Political Changes: The Arrival of Islam and the Conflicts between East and West
The Exilarch and Gaon under Islam
Jews under Christian Rule: Spain, France, and the Rhineland
The Pietists, the Mystics, and the Kabbalah
13. Jews In Early Modernity
Expulsion from Spain
Seeking New Lands
The Impact of Martin Luther and the Reformation
The Jews of Amsterdam
Mysticism, Messianism, and Mitnagdim
The Jerusalem of Lithuania
14. Emancipation, Reform, And Danger
Freedom and Faithfulness in the Enlightenment
The Jewish Enlightenment: Reform and Resistance
The Scientific Study of Judaism
The Rise of Modern Anti-Semitism
The Education of Adolf Hitler
15. From The Rise Of Zionism To The State Of Israel
Early Immigration
William Blackstone and the Origins of Christian Zionism
From Balfour to World War II
The Nazis and the Shoah
From the Shoah to the State of Israel
16. Dialogue And Hope
Before, During, and After the Shoah
Jewish Responses
The Holocaust Theologians
Anti-Jewish Understandings
A Way Forward?.
Includes bibliographical references and indexes.
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