Some girls walk into the country they are from / Sawako Nakayasu.

Nakayasu, Sawako, 1975- author.
First edition.
Seattle : Wave Books, [2020]
Wave books (Seattle (Wash.)) ; 088.
Wave books ; 088
135 pages : illustrations ; 21 cm.
Includes poems originally in English and Japanese; poems translated from Japanese into English and vice versa ; and poems translated into French from English.
"A multilingual poetry collection by Sawako Nakayasu of both original and translated works"-- Provided by publisher.
Machine generated contents note: Girls Rolling Themselves
Girls Inhabit Arch
Tem Girls In The Opem Room
Under The Condition Of Sending A Warm Thing By Spoon
Now The Bridge A Grey Orchid
Dix Filles Dans Un Paquet De Chips
Girls Stealing The Air Out Of My Bulmones
Girl F Or Girl I Or Girl J In A Cup, In A Battery, In A Sheet Of Paper At A Point When It Ceases To Hold
Girls Respond Quickly To A Call From High Up
Is It Safe For Girls To Have Favorite Bears
When Girl B Rolls Over And Quantifies It All Over Again
A Line Of Five Girls With Golfballs In Their Mouths
Girl Soup
Ten Masturbating Girls Utopia
Quel Drole De Pays
Girl H Finally Says Fuck That Shit And Jumps Into My Pocket
Girl B Has Brought A Giant Sheet With Them
The Color Of Girl E'S Face As I Break The News To Her
Star Clusters Like The Clatter
Blow Up And Accelerate
Sink Or Swim
Girl C Caught Working In The Sun
29 Years Of Girls
A Boil Of Glass Or Girl G Who Is Fading Away
Girl J Covered Inside And Out In Antimony
There Are Multiple Girls And Ways Of Appreciating Olivier Messiaen
The Extent Of Girlskin As She Accrues An Interest In Safety
In A Plastic Bag Of Jell-O With Nine Other Girls
Girl D Has A Job And A Store
Girl In Her Dreamings And Girl In Her Hair
Girl A And The Money
Bright Sun In The Head Of The Girls
Girl P
Girl B And Girl J Have Parallel Meals
Laid Out Along The Road Like Attenuant Parts
Girl A'S Peanuts And Girl D'S Mouthful
Girl F In A Sea Of Waldas
Girls Respond Quickly To A Call From Up High
World Made Up Of Pieces Of Girls B, D, E, And G
Girl F Walks Into A Bar
Four Girls Pool Their Breasts Together
Soft White Feel Flower Run
Girl B Under The Arch
Bright Sun In The Head Of The Girls
Laid Out Along The Road Like Attenuant Parts
The Dead Girl You Are Dragging Off The Back Of Your Boat
Ten Girls In A Bag Of Potato Chips
Ochikubo Stew
What A Crazy Country
Mountain Girls
Girl P
- Whose Story Never Ends
Girl D And Her Phosphorus Eyes
Girl F Waits On The Street Corner Of Limber Intentions
29 Years Of Girls
Girl Names
The Sawako Nakayasu Tour
All The Girls And Their Audience Member
Girl Fight
Horns, Delivery Of
Gurl E Seyling Samesong Os Un Ongene Un This Baech Wud
Some Girls Fight Inside A Bag Of Cheetos
Relations With Walls
Girls Duck Into A Dumpling To Escape The Stench Of Saturday Night Humanity
Girl F In An Ocean Of Hats
Sink Or Swim
Deflated Rubber Turkey
Girls Respond Quickly To A Call From Up High
Shaking Or Not
A Small Amount Of Water Is Thrown Into The Space Between Girl E And What Used To Be Girl E
Star Clusters Like The Clatter
That Time When Girl F Walked Into A Bubble Bath With All Her Clothes On
Girl D With Phosphorus Eyes
Girl A Jumps Into The Orchestra
Under The Condition Of A Small Hole In The Floor Of An Auditorium
Small Woman Enterprising Nest And Arrow
I Secreted And Wanted To See The Beautiful Shutters At The Windows
Girl In A Field Of Flowers
Cloud Pause The Irregular Intervals And The Department Of Independent Light Manufacturing
Girl B On A Piece Of Hard Ground
Board Game
Picture Them, Girls A Through J
Word Gets Out That Arms Are For Hugging
Soft White Feel Flower Run & Black Air
Girl E Saying Something As An Engine On The Beach Would
Ten Girls Stepping Into And Out Of The Light.
Chao, Geneva, translator, contributor.
Nakayasu, Sawako, 1975-. Poems. Selections
Nakayasu, Sawako, 1975- Poems. Selections. French.
Nakayasu, Sawako, 1975- Poems. Selections. Japanese.
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