Christopher Hitchens and His Critics : Terror, Iraq, and the Left / Thomas Cushman, Simon Cottee, Christopher Hitchens.

New York, NY : New York University Press, [2008]
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War and society.
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Christopher Hitchens-political journalist, cultural critic, public intellectual and self-described contrarian-is one of the most controversial and prolific writers of his generation. His most recent book, God Is Not Great, was on the New York Times bestseller list in 2007 for months. Like his hero, George Orwell, Hitchens is a tireless opponent of all forms of cruelty, ideological dogma, religious superstition and intellectual obfuscation. Once a socialist, he now refers to himself as an unaffiliated radical. As a thinker, Hitchens is perhaps best viewed as post-ideological, in that his intellectual sources and solidarities are strikingly various (he is an admirer of both Leon Trotsky and Kingsley Amis) and cannot be located easily at any one point on the ideological spectrum. Since leaving Britain for the United States in 1981, Hitchens's thinking has moved in what some see as contradictory directions, but he remains an unapologetic and passionate defender of the Enlightenment values of secularism, democracy, free expression, and scientific inquiry. The global turmoil of the recent past has provoked intense dispute and division among intellectuals, academics, and other commentators. Hitchens's writing during this time, particularly after 9/11, is an essential reference point for understanding the genesis and meaning of that turmoil-and the challenges that accompany it. This volume brings together Hitchens's most incisive reflections on the war on terror, the war in Iraq, and the state of the contemporary Left. It also includes a selection of critical commentaries on his work from his former leftist comrades, a set of exchanges between Hitchens and various left-leaning interlocutors (such as Studs Terkel, Norman Finkelstein, and Michael Kazin), and an introductory essay by the editors on the nature and significance of Hitchens's contribution to the world of ideas and public debate. In response, Hitchens provides an original afterword, written for this collection. Whatever readers might think about Hitchens, he remains an intellectual force to be reckoned with. And there is no better place to encounter his current thinking than in this provocative volume.
Christopher Hitchens and His Critics
Part I. Hitchens on Terror
1. American Society Can Outlast or Absorb Practically Anything
2. The Pursuit of Happiness Is at an End
3. Against Rationalization
4. Of Sin, the Left, and Islamic Fascism
5. Ha Ha Ha to the Pacifists
6. Stranger in a Strange Land
7. Saving Islam from bin Laden
8. It's a Good Time for War
9. Inside the Islamic Mafia
10. Al Qaeda's Latest Target
11. To Die in Madrid
12. Murder by Any Other Name
13. Bush's Secularist Triumph
14. Jihad in the Netherlands
15. We Cannot Surrender
16. Yes, London Can Take It
17. Why Ask Why?
Part II. Hitchens on Iraq
18. Appointment in Samarra?
19. Taking Sides
20. So Long, Fellow Travelers
21. I Wanted It to Rain on Their Parade
22. Weapons and Terror
23. Restating the Case for War
24. The Literal Left
25. Guerrillas in the Mist
26. Fallujah
27. Vietnam?
28. Second Thinking
29. Abu Ghraib Isn't Guernica
30. History and Mystery
31. Unmitigated Galloway
32. Losing the Iraq War
33. A War to Be Proud Of
34. Anti-War, My Foot
Part III. Hitchens on the Left
35. An Interview with Christopher Hitchens, Part I
36. Don't. Be. Silly. An Open Letter to Martin Amis
37. Europe's Status Quo Left
38. Left-Leaving, Left-Leaning
39. Polymath with a Cause
40. Susan Sontag: An Obituary
41. An Interview with Christopher Hitchens, Part II
Part IV. Critical Responses and Exchanges
42. Letter to the Nation, October 1, 2001
Hitchens Re sponds
43. Letter to the Nation, January 10, 2002
Hitchens Responds
44. Christopher Hitchens: The Dishonorable Policeman of the Left
45. Letter to the Nation, January 6, 2003
Hitchens Responds
46. Hitchens as Model Apostate
Hitchens Responds
47. Obituary for a Former Contrarian
48. Farewell Hitch
49. The Passion of Christopher Hitchens
50. Christopher Hitchens: Flickering Firebrand
51. Christopher Hitchens's Last Battle
52. The Genocidal Imagination of Christopher Hitchens
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Cottee, Simon, editor., Editor,
Cushman, Thomas, editor., Editor,
Hitchens, Christopher, editor., Editor,
De Gruyter.
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