Chapters into Verse, Volume II [electronic resource] : Poetry in English Inspired by the Bible: Gospels to Revelation

Atwan, Robert.
: Oxford University Press, 1993.
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For generations, poets have turned to the Bible for insight and inspiration. What did so many creative minds find in scripture? Is the Bible still a vital source of poetic inspirations? Chapters Into Verse is the first comprehensive collection ever made of poems written in English inspired by the Bible. A groundbreaking anthology, it introduces readers to a distinct heritage of English poetry: the scriptural tradition. Though frequently ignored and sometimes suppressed, thistradition rivals the classical and is every bit as venerable. Drawing a unique map of the history of English po
Contents; Introduction; EXTRACTS; To the Christians; The Carpenter's Son; from Milton, a Poem in 2 Books; Satire VIII; The Respectable Burgher; The H. Scriptures II; O Grant. . .; Jesus; On the Gospel; H. Scriptures; N T; To Him that was Crucified; THE FOUR GOSPELS HARMONIZED; Prologue; In the Beginning; A Word made Flesh is seldom; The Body of God; from The Everlasting Gospel; The Birth; The Harp; The Virgin; Ave Maria Gratia Plena; The Annunciation; On the Marriage of a Virgin; Annunciation; Mary and Gabriel; The Song of the Virgin Mary; The Nativity of St. John the Baptist
To St John BaptistI Sing of a Maiden; Ana-{MARY/ARMY} gram; Joseph; A Stick of Incense; Christmas Day: The Family Sitting; Nativity; Upon Christ his birth; Salus Mundi; The Nativity; Christmas Mourning; 'Unto Us A Child is Born'; The Shepherds; New Heaven, New War; A Hymn on the Nativity of My Savior; Christus Natus Est; The Mother of God; To his Savior. The New years gift.; Upon the Circumcision; A Song for Simeon; The Magi; To his Savior, a Child; a Present, by a child; The Gift; The Three Kings; Holy Family; The Flight in the Desert; Lulla, my sweet little baby; To the Infant Martyrs
A Curse on HerodChrist's Childhood; Temple; from The Everlasting Gospel; The Call; For the Baptist; Midnight; My Baptismal Birth-day; In the Wilderness; from Paradise Regained, Bk IV; The Lamb; The Wedding Feast; Cana; The Signs; The Night; The Wind; But men loved darkness rather than Light; The Man Who Married Magdalene; The Master; Nocturne at Bethesda; from Jubilate Agno; Matthew 9. 12; Jesus Praying; Starlight Like Intuition Pierced the Twelve; The passionate man's Pilgrimage; Luke 6. 25; The Candle Indoors; Progress; Our Father; The Habit of Perfection; For Daughters of Magdalen
A Paraphrase. . . of St. MatthewJudge Not; H. Baptism II; Across the Sea, Along the Shore; John; Saint Mary Magdalene or The Weeper; For the Magdalene; The Unpardonable Sin; The Sower; On the holy Scriptures; The Seed growing secretly; The Kingdom of Heaven . . . Mustard-seed; The Pearl. Matth. 13; The Daughter of Herodias; Portrait (II); Salome; On S. John the Baptist; Business Reverses; In the Twentieth Century; Walking on Water; Galilee Shore; The Drunken Fisherman; E Tenebris; The Beloved; Meditation Eight; The Given Flesh Returns Nothing but Bread; When in my Pilgrimage
""Retro Me, Sathana""Do People moulder equally; The Transfiguration; Innocence; A Shropshire Lad: Poem 45; from The Everlasting Gospel; Salutation; See Lucifer like Lightning Fall; a man who had fallen among thieves; The Sons of Martha; Blessed be the paps; Love III; The Fallen Tower of Siloam; Contrition; His Metrical Prayer; The Prodigal Son; The Prodigal; To ""A Certain Rich Man""; To Dives; The Convert; On Lazarus raised from death; An Epistle Containing. . .; Lady Lazarus; A loss of something ever felt I -; Two went up into the Temple to pray; Upon the first sight of New-England
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