Human and Societal Security in the Circumpolar Arctic, Special focus on local and indigenous communities.

Kamrul Hossain; Jose Miguel Roncero Martin; Anna Petrétei (Editors)
Leiden, Boston: Brill | Nijhoff, 2018.
1 online resource (xvi, 407 pages).
Studies in Polar Law 1.
Studies in polar law

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Human security.
Social conditions.
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Human and Societal Security in the Circumpolar Arctic addresses a comprehensive understanding of security in the Arctic, with a particular focus on one of its sub-regions – the Barents region. The book presents a comparative and interdisciplinary perspective to which the Arctic is placed as referent, and special attention is paid to the viewpoint of local and indigenous communities. Overarching topics of human and societal security are touched upon from various angles and disciplinary approaches, The discussions are framed in the broader context of security studies. The volume specifically addresses the challenges facing the Arctic population which are important to be looked at from human security perspectives.
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Understanding Human Security as a Tool to Promote Societal Security in the Arctic / Kamrul Hossain , José Miguel Roncero Martín and Anna Petrétei
Overview of Human and Societal Security in the Circumpolar Arctic: Local Actors and Governance Frameworks
Policies and Strategies for the Arctic: A Review of the Approaches to Human Security in the Arctic / José Miguel Roncero Martín
The Interplay of the Human Security and Sustainable Development Concepts: The Case of Russia’s Arctic Industrial Centers / Alexander Sergunin
Human Security, Risk and Sustainability in the Swedish Policy for the Arctic / Sara Nyhlén , Katarina Giritli Nygren , Anna Olofsson and Johanna Bergström
Colonialism, Statehood, and Sámi in Norden and the Norwegian High North / Wilfrid Greaves
Outer Space and Indigenous Security: Sweden’s ESRANGE Launch Site and the Human Security of the Sami / Michael Sheehan
Arctic Societies: Local Implications of Global Developments
The Value of the Barents Region: More than a Resource Provider / Corinna Casi
Whether and How Social Work Could Address the Long-term Socio-environmental Risks Caused by the Mining Industry in Northern Finland / Satu Ranta-Tyrkkö
Achieving Human and Societal Security in Oil Producing Regions: A Komi-Izhma Community Perspective from Pripechor’e, Russia / Julia Loginova
The Role of Hydrocarbon Development in Arctic Governance: A Suitable Approach for Human Development in the Region? / Gerald Zojer
Arctic Society and Societal Security: A Reference to Extractive Developments in Northern Fennoscandia / Kamrul Hossain and Anna Petrétei
Indigenous Rights and Livelihoods as Concerns in the Decision-Making on Extractive Industries in Finland / Stefan Kirchner
Identity, Culture, Business and Community Values
Innocence Challenged: Perceptions and Constructions of Human Security in Scandinavian Literature on the Arctic / Helene Peterbauer and José Miguel Roncero Martín
Digital Storytelling: A Bottom-Up Approach to Gender and Human Security in the Barents Region? / Tahnee Lisa Prior
Cultural Identity in Families with “The Finnish Origin,” Living in a Russian Speaking Environment (According to Material of Murmansk Region) / Elena Busyreva
Favorite and Least Favorite Places of the Northern Border Cities (As Exemplified in the Drawings of Schoolchildren of Nikel and Kirkenes) / Tatiana Zhigaltsova
The Arctic – A Region in Motion / Kamrul Hossain , José Miguel Roncero Martín and Anna Petrétei
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10.1163/9789004363045 DOI