Forensic investigation of sex crimes and sexual offenders / Chris Rush Burkey, Tusty ten Bensel, Jeffery T. Walker.

Rush Burkey, Chris, author.
Oxfordshire, England ; New York : Routledge, 2015.
Forensic studies for criminal justice.
Forensic studies for criminal justice
Forensic Studies For Criminal Justice
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Sex crimes -- Investigation.
Forensic sciences.
Sex offenders -- Psychology.
Forensic psychology.
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The investigation of sex crimes is a specific function for many law enforcement agencies, requiring an understanding of how to investigate, process crime scenes, interact with victims and offenders, and prepare for court. Forensic Investigation of Sex Crimes and Sexual Offenders provides in-depth coverage in these areas, offering a valuable supplement for criminal justice courses and an accessible guide for law enforcement. Drawing on new methods of investigation and the effects of such crimes on victims, this book is an important addition to the Forensic Studies for Criminal Justice
Front Cover; Forensic Investigation of Sex Crimes and Sexual Offenders; Copyright Page; Contents; 1 Sex Crimes and Offenders; 1.1 Introduction; 1.2 What is Sexual Assault Victimization?; 1.3 Nature of the Problem; 1.3.1 National Data Sources on Sex Crimes; 1.4 Theories of Sex Crimes; 1.4.1 Single Factor Theories; 1.4.2 Multifactor Theories; 1.5 How Sex Crimes are Typically Discovered; References; 2 Typology of Sexual Offenders; 2.1 Case Study 1; 2.2 Case Study 2; 2.2.1 August 12, 2012; 2.2.2 August 13, 2012; 2.2.3 August 14, 2012; 2.3 Case Study 3; 2.4 Introduction; 2.5 Typologies
2.5.1 Rapists2.5.2 Child Molesters; 2.5.3 Female Sex Offenders; 2.5.4 Juvenile Sex Offenders; 2.5.5 Cyber Offenders; 2.6 Victim Characteristics; 2.7 Conclusion; References; 3 Crime Scene Investigation; 3.1 Case Study; 3.2 Source: Washington Post; 3.3 Crime Scene Investigation; 3.4 History; 3.4.1 Locard's exchange principle; 3.5 Investigation and Evidence; 3.6 Victim; 3.7 DNA; 3.8 Rape Kits and DNA; 3.9 Evidence Collection-Suspect; 3.10 Databases; 3.11 LInX; 3.12 Role of the Crime Lab; References; 4 Interrogation and Interviews; 4.1 Case Study; 4.2 Conducting Interviews
4.2.1 Interviewing Children4.3 Investigation of Suspects; 4.4 Use of Polygraphs; References; 5 Prosecution of Sex Offenders; 5.1 Case Studies; 5.1.1 Ted Bundy; 5.1.2 John Wayne Gacy; 5.1.3 Jeffery Dahmer; 5.1.4 Debra Lafave; 5.1.5 Trent Mays and Ma'lik Richmond; 5.1.6 Jack Schaap; 5.1.7 Aaron Thomas; 5.1.8 Russell Williams; 5.2 Laws Associated with Sex Crimes; 5.3 Prosecution of Sex Offenders; 5.3.1 Plea Bargains; 5.3.2 Use of Victim Testimony; 5.3.3 Sentencing and Recidivism Rates; 5.4 Sex Registries and Deterrence; 5.4.1 Research and Unintended Consequences of these Laws; 5.5 Rehabilitation
5.6 ConclusionReferences
"an anderson book"--Cover.
Includes bibliographical references at the end of each chapters.
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Ten Bensel, Tusty, author.
Walker, Jeffery T., author.
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