Unified non-local theory of transport processes : generalized Boltzmann physical kinetics / B. V. Alexeev

Alexeev, Boris V., author
2nd ed.
Amsterdam, Netherlands ; Oxford, England ; Waltham, Massachusetts : Elsevier, 2015
1 online resource (644 p.)
Maxwell-Boltzmann distribution law.
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Unified Non-Local Theory of Transport Processess, 2nd Edition provides a new theory of transport processes in gases, plasmas and liquids. It is shown that the well-known Boltzmann equation, which is the basis of the classical kinetic theory, is incorrect in the definite sense. Additional terms need to be added leading to a dramatic change in transport theory. The result is a strict theory of turbulence and the possibility to calculate turbulent flows from the first principles of physics. Fully revised and expanded edition, providing applications in quantum non-local hydrodynamics, quantum sol
Front Cover; Unified Non-Local Theory of Transport Processes: Generalized Boltzmann Physical Kinetics; Copyright; Contents; Preface; Historical Introduction and the Problem Formulation; Chapter 1: Generalized Boltzmann Equation; 1.1. Mathematical Introduction-Method of Many Scales; 1.2. Hierarchy of Bogolubov Kinetic Equations; 1.3. Derivation of the Generalized Boltzmann Equation; 1.4. Generalized Boltzmann H-Theorem and the Problem of Irreversibility of Time; 1.5. Generalized Boltzmann Equation and Iterative Construction of Higher-Order Equations in the Boltzmann Kinetic Theory
1.6. Generalized Boltzmann Equation and the Theory of Non-Local Kinetic Equations with Time DelayChapter 2: Theory of Generalized Hydrodynamic Equations; 2.1. Transport of Molecular Characteristics; 2.2. Hydrodynamic Enskog Equations; 2.3. Transformations of the Generalized Boltzmann Equation; 2.4. Generalized Continuity Equation; 2.5. Generalized Momentum Equation for Component; 2.6. Generalized Energy Equation for Component; 2.7. Summary of the Generalized Enskog Equations and Derivation of the Generalized Hydrodynamic Euler Equations; Chapter 3: Quantum Non-Local Hydrodynamics
3.1. Generalized Hydrodynamic Equations and Quantum Mechanics3.2. GHEs, Quantum Hydrodynamics. SE as the Consequence of GHE; 3.3. SE and its Derivation from Liouville Equation; 3.4. Direct Experimental Confirmations of the Non-Local Effects; Chapter 4: Application of Unified Non-Local Theory to the Calculation of the Electron and Proton Inner Structures; 4.1. Generalized Quantum Hydrodynamic Equations; 4.2. The Charge Internal Structure of Electron; 4.3. The Derivation of the Angle Relaxation Equation; 4.4. The Mathematical Modeling of the Charge Distribution in Electron and Proton
4.5. To the Theory of Proton and Electron as Ball-like Charged ObjectsChapter 5: Non-Local Quantum Hydrodynamics in the Theory of Plasmoids and the Atom Structure; 5.1. The Stationary Single Spherical Plasmoid; 5.2. Results of the Mathematical Modeling of the Rest Solitons; 5.3. Nonstationary 1D Generalized Hydrodynamic Equations in the Self-Consistent Electrical Field. Quantization in the Gen ...; 5.4. Moving Quantum Solitons in Self-Consistent Electric Field; 5.5. Mathematical Modeling of Moving Solitons; 5.6. Some Remarks Concerning CPT (Charge-Parity-Time) Principle
5.7. About Some Mysterious Events of the Last Hundred Years5.7.1. Tunguska Event (TE); 5.7.2. Gagarin and Seryogin Air Crash; 5.7.3. Accident with Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370; Chapter 6: Quantum Solitons in Solid Matter; 6.1. Quantum Oscillators in the Unified Non-local Theory; 6.2. Application of Non-Local Quantum Hydrodynamics to the Description of the Charged Density Waves in the Graphene Cryst ...; 6.3. Generalized Quantum Hydrodynamic Equations Describing the Soliton Movement in the Crystal Lattice; 6.4. Results of the Mathematical Modeling Without the External Electric Field
6.5. Results of the Mathematical Modeling With the External Electric Field
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