Leadership : political-economic, regional business and socio-community contexts / editors, T. W. Lim, Carol Ma.

Singapore ; Hackensack, NJ : World Scientific, [2020]
xi, 270 pages : illustrations ; 26 cm

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Political leadership -- Asia -- Case studies.
Community leadership -- Asia.
Asia -- Politics and government.
Community leadership.
Political leadership.
Politics and government.
Case studies.
"Political leadership styles in East Asian states are shaped and influenced by a number of domestic factors. These factors include the type of political system that an East Asian state adopted from their days of independence and decolonization. There is a diverse array of political systems in the region, ranging from Western-style liberal democracies like Japan and South Korea to autocratic one-party states like North Korea. Most other East Asian countries adopt systems somewhere in between these two polar ends. This volume begins with a macro-political perspective of leadership. It then looks at case studies of political leadership and the factors that influence the shape and outcome of leadership styles in the region.The book also examines the concept of community leadership and its impact on community well-being. Several specific case studies are examined in depth. While examining political leadership from a macro theoretical and empirical perspective, the book also adopts historical-anthropological perspectives to analyse case studies. The case studies also examine policy formulation and implementation to look at the role of government in handling community-level issues. Finally, the book focuses on economic leadership in international political economy and global business"--Back cover.
Machine generated contents note: Section A Political Leadership
ch. 1 Introduction / T. W. Lim
ch. 2 Introduction to Political Leadership in Northeast Asia / T. W. Lim
ch. 3 The Chinese Case Study / T. W. Lim
ch. 4 Leadership in East Asia / T. W. Lim
ch. 5 Leadership Lessons of a Small State in Central Asia: Kyrgyzstan, Amidst Empires / T. W. Lim
ch. 6 Building Emergency Management in Post-Sars China / Wee-Kiat Lim
ch. 7 Torn Hashimoto's Unfinished Local Governance Reform: A Micro Case Study of Political Leadership at Local-Level Politics in Japan / Y. Godo
ch. 8 Taiwan's Leadership Pickle / S. King
ch. 9 A Case Study of Political Leadership in Taiwanese Election Campaigns: A Brief Analysis of the Han Kuo-Yu Phenomenon / T. Katherine
ch. 10 Leadership in Hong Kong: The Fragile "One Country Two Systems" and the China Factor / H. Y. Li
Section B Community Leadership
ch. 11 Community Leadership and Social Development in Singapore / W. Kenneth
ch. 12 Understanding Community Leadership
- A Case Study of Yokohama Chinatown / W. Elim
ch. 13 Case Study of Guandi's Birthday Celebrations in Yokohama Chinatown in 2015 and 2016 / W. Elim
ch. 14 Review Chapter on Ideal Student Leadership and the Impact on Youth Development: Leadership and Psychology from a Practitioner's Perspective / D. Tan
ch. 15 Religious and Spiritual Leadership From a Devotee's Standpoint Perspective: Biopic of a Great Spiritual Leader Master Cheng Yen / W. X. Lim
ch. 16 Political/Community Leadership and Singapore's Multi-Religious Scene / J. Xue
ch. 17 Community Services, Service-Learning and Service Leadership in Hong Kong / Carol Ma
Section C Leadership in Economic Regionalism
ch. 18 India in SAARC: Leader or Not? / S. Shahadave
Section D Concluding Section
ch. 19 Conclusion / T. W. Lim.
Includes bibliographical references.
Lim, Tai-Wei, editor.
MA Hok-ka, Carol, editor.