Jefferson : Political Writings.

Jefferson, Thomas.
Cambridge : Cambridge University Press, 1999.
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Cambridge Texts in the History of Political Thought
Cambridge Texts in the History of Political Thought

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Political science.
State, The.
United States -- Politics and government -- Sources.
Electronic books.
The key writings of the author of the Declaration of Independence are presented in a clear and accessible format.
Life and times
Jefferson as theorist
Biographical synopses
A note on sources
Bibliographical note
I A Private Man in Public Life
I.1 To Giovanni Fabbroni
I.2 To James Monroe
I.3 To Archibald Stuart
I.4 To Maria Cosway
I.5 To Angelica Schuyler Church
I.6 To Dr.Benjamin Rush
I.7 To Samuel Smith
I.8 Services to My Country
I.9 To Dr. Benjamin Rush
I.10 Rules of Etiquette [for President Jefferson's White House]
I.11 To P.-S. DuPont de Nemours
I.12 To the Inhabitants of Albemarle County, in Virginia
I.13 To Charles Willson Peale
I.14 To Dr. Benjamin Rush
I.15 To John Adams
I.16 To Dr. Walter Jones
I.17 To John Adams
I.18 [Classification of Books in Jefferson's Library, 1815]
I.19 To John Adams
I.20 To John Adams
I.21 To John Adams
I.22 To John Adams
I.23 To Thomas Jefferson Smith
I.24 To John Adams
I.25 To James Madison
II Natural Law, Natural Right, and Revolution
II.1 A Summary View of the Rights of British America
II.2 Declaration of the Causes and Necessity of Taking Up Arms
II.3 To John Randolph
II.4 From the Autobiography
II.5 A Declaration by the Representatives of the United States of America, in General Congress Assembled [Jefferson's draft]
II.6 The Declaration of Independence [as amended and adopted in Congress], July 4, 1776
II.7 To Rev. James Madison
II.8 To James Madison
II.9 To William Stephens Smith
II.10 To David Humphreys
II.II From the Autobiography
II.12 To William Short
II.13 To Dr. Thomas Cooper
II.14 To Francis W. Gilmer
II.15 To James Madison
II.16 To Henry Lee
II.17 To Roger C. Weightman
III Self-government
III.1 To Edward Carrington
III.2 To Thomas Paine.
III.3 To Diodati
III.4 Opinion on Residence Bill
III.5 Petition on Election of Jurors
III.6 To Elbridge Gerry
III.7 To Gideon Granger
III.8 To Jeremiah Moor
III.9 First Inaugural Address, March 4, 1801
III.10 To Dr. Thomas Cooper
III.11 To Dr Joseph Priestley
III.12 To John Breckenridge
III.13 To DeWitt Clinton
III.14 To John Tyler
III.15 To Dr. Samuel Brown
III.16 To John Adams
III.17 To the Marquis de Lafayette
III.18 To Baron von Humboldt
III.19 To Joseph C. Cabell
III.20 To the Marquis de Lafayette
III.21 To Joseph C. Cabell
III.22 To John Taylor
III.23 To Samuel Kercheval
III.24 To Isaac H. Tiffany
III.25 To Samuel Kercheval
III.26 To Baron von Humboldt
III.27 To John Adams
III.28 To Isaac H. Tiffany
III.29 To John Adams
III.30 To John Adams
III.31 To Edward Livingston
IV Moral Sense, Civic Education, and Freedom of the Press
IV.1 To Robert Skipwith
IV.2 A Bill for the More General Diffusion of Knowledge
IV.3 To Peter Carr
IV.4 To John Banister, Junior
IV.5 To George Wythe
IV.6 To Peter Carr
IV.7 Notes on Virginia: Query XIV
IV.8 To Thomas Mann Randolph
IV.9 To Dr. Joseph Priestley
IV.10 To Dr. Joseph Priestley
IV.11 To Dr. Benjamin Rush
Syllabus of an estimate of the merit of the doctrines of Jesus, compared with those of others
IV.12 To Judge John Tyler
IV.13 To Thomas Seymour
IV.14 To John Norvell
IV.15 To William Short
IV.16 To Thomas Jefferson Randolph
IV.17 To James Fishback
IV.18 To William Duane
IV.19 To Thomas Law
IV.20 To Dr. Thomas Cooper
IV.21 To P.-S. DuPont de Nemours
IV.22 To John Adams
IV.23 Report of the Commissioners for the University of Virginia
IV.24 To John Brazier
IV.25 To William Short
Syllabus of the doctrines of Epicurus.
IV.26 To -.
V The Constitutions of Virginia and France
V.1 From the Autobiography
V.2 Notes on Virginia: Query XIII
V.3 To Edmund Pendleton
V.4 Proposed Constitution for Virginia
V.5 To Rabaut de St. Etienne
Proposed Charter for France
VI The U. S. Constitution
VI.1 From the Autobiography
VI.2 To Dr. Richard Price
VI.3 To John Adams
VI.4 To James Madison
VI.5 To Edward Carrington
VI.6 To James Madison
VI.7 To James Madison
VI.8 To John Taylor
VI.9 To Dr. Joseph Priestley
VI.10 To Wilson C. Nicholas
VI.11 To John B. Colvin
VI.12 To Judge Spencer Roane
VI.13 To William Charles Jarvis
VI.14 To Major John Cartwright
VII Religious Liberty and Toleration
VII.1 A Bill for Establishing Religious Freedom (1777)
VII.2 Notes on Virginia: Query XVII
The different religions received into that state?
VIII.3 To Messrs. Nehemiah Dodge, Ephram Robbins, and Stephen S. Nelson, a Committee of the Danbury Baptist Association, in…
VII.4 To Rev. Samuel Miller
VII.5 To Mrs. Samuel H. Smith
VII.6 To Mathew Carey
VII.7 To William Short
VII.8 To Dr. Thomas Cooper
VIII Political Parties
VIII.1 To Francis Hopkinson
VIII.2 To James Madison
VIII.3 To William Branch Giles
VIII.4 To Philip Mazzei
VIII.5 To James Sullivan
VIII.6 To John Taylor
VIII.7 Notes for the First Inaugural Address
VIII.8 To Joel Barlow
VIII.9 To Abigail Adams
VIII.10 To Thomas Cooper
VIII.11 To Dr. Benjamin Rush
VIII.12 To John Melish
VIII.13 To John Adams
VIII.14 From the Anas
VIII.15 To William Johnson
VIII.16 To William Johnson
VIII.17 To the Marquis de Lafayette
VIII.18 To Henry Lee
VIII.19 To William Short
IX Race and Slavery
IX.1 Report of Government for the Western Territory
IX.2 To Dr. Richard Price
IX.3 A Bill Concerning Slaves.
IX.4 To Jean Nicholas Démeunier
IX.5 To Jean Pierre Brissot de Warville
IX.6 Notes on Virginia: Query XIV
IX.7 Notes on Virginia: Query XVIII
IX.8 To Dr. Edward Bancroft
IX.9 To Benjamin Banneker
IX.10 To the Marquis de Condorcet
IX.11 To St. George Tucker
IX.12 To the Governor of Virginia (James Monroe)
IX.13 To Christopher Ellery
IX.14 To William A. Burwell
IX.15 To Henri Grégoire
IX.16 To Edward Coles
IX.17 To Dr. Thomas Humphreys
IX.18 To John Holmes
IX.19 To James Heaton
X Native Americans
X.1 Notes on Virginia: Query VI
X.2 Notes on Virginia: Query XI
X.3 To General Chastellux
X.4 To Charles Carroll
X.5 To Brother Handsome Lake
X.6 To Benjamin Hawkins
X.7 To Governor Wm. Henry Harrison
X.8 To the Brothers of the Choctaw Nation
X.9 Second Inaugural Address
X.10 To the Secretary of War (Henry Dearborn)
X.11 To John Adams
XI Women (not) in Politics
XI.1 To Anne Willing Bingham
XI.2 To Anne Willing Bingham
XI.3 To General George Washington
XI.4 To the Secretary of the Treasury (Albert Gallatin)
XI.5 To Nathaniel Burwell
XII Law of Nations
XII.1 To John Jay
XII.2 To Count Hogendorp
XII.3 Opinion on the French Treaties
XII.4 To Benjamin Austin
XIII Innovation and Progress
XIII.1 To Dr. Joseph Priestley
XIII.2 To John Adams
XIII.3 To Isaac McPherson
XIII.4 To John Waldo
XIII.5 To Joseph Milligan
XIII.6 To William Ludlow
XIV Relations between Generations
XIV.1 To James Madison
XIV.2 To John Wayles Eppes
Appendix A: James Madison to Jefferson
Appendix B: John Adams to Timothy Pickering
Appendix C: Seneca Falls Declaration
Appendix D: The Gettysburg Address (Abraham Lincoln)
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