Agenda Setting, Policies, and Political Systems : A Comparative Approach / Christoffer Green-Pedersen, Stefaan Walgrave.

Chicago : University of Chicago Press, [2014]
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Comparative government.
Political science -- Europe.
Political science -- North America.
Politics, Practical -- Europe.
Politics, Practical -- North America.
In English.
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Before making significant policy decisions, political actors and parties must first craft an agenda designed to place certain issues at the center of political attention. The agenda-setting approach in political science holds that the amount of attention devoted by the various actors within a political system to issues like immigration, health care, and the economy can inform our understanding of its basic patterns and processes. While there has been considerable attention to how political systems process issues in the United States, Christoffer Green-Pedersen and Stefaan Walgrave demonstrate the broader applicability of this approach by extending it to other countries and their political systems. Agenda Setting and Political Attention brings together essays on eleven countries and two broad themes. Contributors to the first section analyze the extent to which party and electoral changes and shifts in the partisan composition of government have led-or not led-to policy changes in the United States, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Denmark, Switzerland, and France. The second section turns the focus on changing institutional structures in Germany, Italy, Belgium, Spain, and Canada, including the German reunification and the collapse of the Italian party system. Together, the essays make clear the efficacy of the agenda-setting approach for understanding not only how policies evolve, but also how political systems function.
1 Political Agenda Setting: An Approach to Studying Political Systems
Part I. Parties, elections, and policies
2 Party Politics and the Policy Agenda: Th e Case of the United Kingdom
3 Lawmaking and Agenda Setting in the United States, 1948-2010
4 The Evolution of the French Political Space Revisited: Issue Priorities and Party Competition
5 Party-System Development in Denmark: Agenda-Setting Dynamics and Political Change
6 The Policy Agenda in Multiparty Government: Coalition Agreements and Legislative Activity in the Netherlands
7 Agenda Setting and Direct Democracy: The Rise of the Swiss People's Party
Part II. Issue Priorities and Institutional Change
8 Content and Dynamics of Legislative Agendas in Germany
9 Strong Devolution but No Increasing Issue Divergence: Evolving Issue Priorities of the Belgian Political Parties, 1987-2010
10 The Impact of Party Policy Priorities on Italian Lawmaking from the First to the Second Republic, 1983-2006
11 Policy Promises and Governmental Activities in Spain
12 Diffusion of Policy Attention in Canada: Evidence from Speeches from the Throne, 1960-2008
13 Conclusion: What It Takes to Turn Agenda Setting from an Approach into a Theory
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