Buddhist revitalization and Chinese religions in Malaysia / Tan Lee Ooi.

Tan, Lee Ooi, author.
Amsterdam : Amsterdam University Press, [2020]
206 pages ; 24 cm.
Religion and society in Asia ; 8.
Religion and society in Asia ; 8

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Chinese -- Malaysia -- History.
Buddhism -- Malaysia.
Malaysia -- Civilization -- Buddhist influences.
Civilization -- Buddhist influences.
This book tells the story of how a minority community comes to grip with the puzzling drama of modernity, history, globalization, and cultural assertion in an ever changing Malaysia. It captures the religious connection, transformation, and tension within a complex traditional belief system in a multi-religious society. In particular, the book revolves around a discussion on the religious revitalization of Chinese Buddhism in modern Malaysia. This Buddhist revitalization movement is intertwined with various forces, such as colonialism, religious transnationalism, and global capitalism. Reformist Buddhists have helped to remake Malaysia's urban-dwelling Chinese community and have provided an exit option in the Malay and Muslim majority nation state. As Malaysia modernizes, there are growing concerns by certain segments of the country's ethnic Chinese Buddhist population to separate Buddhism from popular Chinese religions. Nevertheless, these reformist groups face counterforces from traditional Chinese religionists within the context of the cultural complexity of the Chinese belief system.
Machine generated contents note: 1. Introduction
The Origins of Buddhist Revitalization
Colonization and Modern Religion
Buddhist Modernism and Chinese Religions
The Flexible Chinese Attitude towards Religions
Buddhism in the Contestation of Religious Proselytizing in Malaysia
The Transnational Reconnection of Mahayana Buddhism
Chapter Overviews
2. A Brief History of Buddhist Transnational Connections
Theravada Buddhist Communities in Malaya
Thai Buddhist Temples and Their Influence on Chinese Communities
Burmese Temples and Their Influence on Chinese Communities
Sinhalese Temples and Their Influence on Chinese Communities
Early Mahayana Buddhism in Malaya
Kek Lok Si (Temple of Paradise)
The Penang Buddhist Association (PBA)
Pan-Asian Phenomena of Buddhist Modernism
Reformed Buddhism: Thai Lineage
Buddhist Modernism: Sinhalese Lineage
Ren Sheng FoJiao (Buddhism for Human Life): Mahayana Lineage
3. Reforming Chinese Buddhism through the Zheng Xin (Right Faith) Movement
The Discourse of Zheng Xin
Zheng Xin in the Malaysian Chinese Buddhist Context
Defending Zheng Xin Buddhism in Malaysia
Conflict with the Unity Sect (Yi Guan Dad)
Buddhicizing the Hungry Ghost Festival
The Role of the MBA
Formalization of Taking Refuge Ceremony
The Malaysian Buddhist Institute
Malaysian Buddhist Examination Syndicate (MBES)
The Buddhist Youth Movement and Zheng Xin Buddhism
Venerable Sumangalo: The Father of the Malaysian Buddhist Youth Movement
The YBAM and Zheng Xin Buddhism
The YBAM Network's Promotion of Zheng Xin Buddhism
4. New Transnational Connections with Taiwan
Buddhist Compassion Relief Tzu Chi Merits Society
A Brief History of Tzu Chi in Taiwan
A Brief History of the Buddhist Tzu Chi Merits Society Malaysia
Tzu Chi and Malaysian Buddhism
Tzu Chi as a Humanitarian Corporation
Mobilization of Malaysian Chinese Buddhists in Volunteer Work
Charity Projects of Tzu Chi Malaysia
Recycling Project
Mass Participation
Shifting of Buddhist Cosmologies
Reinventing the Tradition of Self-Cultivation Practices
Tzu Chi's Pragmatism
Laity Oriented
Fo Guang Shan
A Brief History of Fo Guang Shan in Taiwan
A Brief History of Fo Guang Shan Malaysia
Fo Guang Shan and Malaysian Buddhism
Fo Guang Shan and the Chinese Mass Media in Malaysia
Fo Guang Shan's Vision of a Buddhist Popular Culture
Buddhist Education
Differences between Tzu Chi and Fo Guang Shan
Similarity of the Esthetics of Religious Space and Material
Esthetics of Fo Guang Shan Malaysia's Temple
Function and Use of Jing Si Books & Cafe
5. Remaking Chinese Buddhists
Chinese Communities and Buddhism in Malaysia
The Emergence of Second-Generation Religious Leaders: A Case of Venerable Chi Chern
Chi Chern and Yinshun
Chi Chern and Meditation Camps
Chi Chern's Publications
The Puzhao Buddhist Vihara Controversy
Cultural Reformation in Chinese Communities
Chi Chern's Vision for the Malaysian Chinese Communities and Buddhism
Political Engagement of the Buddhist Community
The Experience of Fo Guang Shan's Celebration: Chinese New Year Lantern and Floral Festival
Tzu Chi's Chinese New Year Relief
The Declining Role of Chinese Associations
Transethnic Solidarities
Exit Option Revisited
6. Counterforces of Buddhist Revitalization
Dreams about My Father
Case 2 A Battle between Traditional Chinese Religion and Buddhism at Kampung Baru Jenjarom
Case 3 The Urban Miracle of the Talking Buddha Statues
Multiple Counterforces to Buddhist Revitalization
Counterforces within Chinese Buddhism
The Relaxation of Political Correctness in Zheng Xin Buddhism
The Politics of Buddhist Unity
Wesak Day Celebrations
Statistical Legitimacy
7. Conclusion
Future Research
Appendix 1 Song of Triple Gem
Appendix 2 YBAM's Affiliate Members.
Includes bibliography (pages 189-201) and index.