The Jew of Malta : authoritative text, contexts, criticism / Christopher Marlowe ; edited by Lloyd Edward Kermode.

Marlowe, Christopher, 1564-1593 author.
First edition.
New York, N.Y. : W. W. Norton & Company, Inc., [2021]
Norton critical edition
Norton critical edition : Renaissance
xvii, 552 pages : illustrations ; 22 cm.
Jews -- Drama.
Malta -- Drama.
Marlowe, Christopher, 1564-1593. Jew of Malta.
Jew of Malta (Marlowe, Christopher).
"This Norton Critical Edition of The Jew of Malta is based on Christopher Marlowe's Q 1633, the only authoritative text of the play. The tale follows the story of Barabas, an ambitious Jewish merchant in Maltese, who sets on a spiteful quest for revenge after his fortunes are taken from him. The "Context" in the Norton Critical Edition offers an in-depth look through 16th and 17th century cultural contexts, including Turkish and Jewish identities and Marlowe's role in the theater landscape. "Criticism" explores the play through 19th to 21st century criticism, ranging from the play's performance history to character analysis. A chronology and selected bibliography are also included"-- Provided by publisher.
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The Jew of Malta
Textual Notes
Theater and marlowe
Marlowe and the Rose / Julian M. C. Bowsher
From Henslowe's Diary / Philip Henslowe
From The Three Ladies of London / Robert Wilson
From Greene's Groatsworih of Wit / Robert Greene
A Libel, fixed upon the [Dutch] Church wall, in London. Anno. 1593 / Anonymous
Thomas Kyd's Accusations against Marlowe / Thomas Kyd
The Baines Note [May 12, 1593] / Richard Baines
From The Theatre of God's Judgments / Thomas Beard
From A Search for Money / William Rowley
Machiavelli and mediterranean identities
Turks and Jews in The Jew of Malta / Daniel Vitkus
From The Prince / Niccolo Machiavelli
From A Discourse Upon the Means of Well Governing / Innocent Gentillet
From The Navigations, Peregrinations, and Voyages Made into Turkey / Nicolas de Nicolay
From The Travels of Certain Englishmen / William Biddulph
From The Total Discourse of the Rare Adventures / William Lithgow
Ideas of the jew
From the Geneva Bible / Anonymous
From The Chronicles of England / John Stow
From The Third Volume of Chronicles / Raphael Holinshed
From Acts and Monuments / John Foxe
From The Canterbury Tales / Geoffrey Chaucer
From The General Prologue
The Prioress's Prologue and Tale
From On the Jews and Their Lies / Martin Luther
From Certain Secret Wonders of Nature / Pierre Boaistuau
From The Unfortunate Traveller / Thomas Nashe
Of Usury / Francis Bacon
[The Jewish Smell] / Thomas Browne
nineteenth-century criticism
[The Jew of Malta in the Nineteeth Century] / Thomas Dabbs
[Marlowe's Jew] / Charles Lamb
On Lyly, Marlowe, Heywood, etc. / William Hazlitt
The Jew of Malta, 1633 / James Broughton
[The Passion of Christopher Marlowe] / Edward Dowden
Christopher Marlowe / A. C. Bradley
[The "Father" of English Drama] / John Addington Symonds
Marlowe the Atheist / S. Britton
[Marlowe's "Burning Hand"] / James Russell Lowell
From The Marlowe Commemoration / Anonymous
Twentieth-Century Criticism
[Christopher Marlowe] / T. S. Eliot
From The Overreacher / Harry Levin
The Theology of Marlowe's The Jew of Malta / G. K. Hunter
Marlowe and the Will to Absolute Play / Stephen Greenblatt
Marlowe's "Sound Machevill" / Catherine Minshull
"So neatly Plotted, And So Well Perform'd": Villain AS Playwright in Marlowe's The Jew of Malta / Lisa S. Starks
[The Part of the Jew in Imperial Malta] / Emily C. Bartels
Race, Nation, or Alien? / James Shapiro
The Jew as Renaissance Man / Peter Berek
twenty-first-century critical directions
Abigail's Roles in The Jew of Malta / Michelle Ephraim
Barabas and Charles I / John Parker
THE JEW OF MALTA in performance
The Performance History / Sara Munson Deats
From Marlowe's Celebrated Tragedy of The Jew of Malta / Samson Penley
[Blackwood's Edinburgh Magazine Review of Penley/Kean's The Jew of Malta] / Anonymous
From Theatric Revolution / Eliza Macauley
[A Reflection on the Penley/Kean Production] / Tucker Brooke
Edmund Kean, Anti-Semitism, and The Jew of Malta / Stephanie Moss
[The Jew of Malta, Royal Shakespeare Company, 2015] / Kelly Newman O'Connor
Christopher Marlowe and The Jew of Malta: A Chronology.
Includes bibliographical references.
Kermode, Lloyd Edward, editor.
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