Deciphering Sun Tzu : How to Read The Art of War.

Yuen, Derek M. C.
Oxford : Oxford University Press, 2014.
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As the People's Republic's seemingly inexorable rise to economic and military power continues, never has the need for a better grasp of Chinese strategic thought by the West been more acute. In Deciphering Sun Tzu, Derek Yuen seeks to reclaim for the reader the hidden contours and lost Chinese and Taoist contexts of Sun Tzu's renowned treatise The Art of War, a literary classic and arguably one of the most influential books ever written. He also explains its historical, philosophical, strategic, and cross-cultural significance. His comprehensive analysis of Sun Tzu, based on a close reading of the Chinese sources, also reconstructs the philosophy, Taoist methodology and worldview that effectively form the cornerstones of Chinese strategic thinking, which are arguably as relevant today as at any moment in history. Yuen's innovative reading and analysis of Sun Tzu within and from a Chinese context is a new way of approaching the strategic master's main concepts, which he compares with those of Clausewitz, Liddell-Hart and other Western strategists. Deciphering Sun Tzu offers illuminating analysis and contextualization of The Art of War in a manner that has long been sought by Western readers and opens new means of getting to grips with Chinese strategic thought.
Introduction: Sun Tzu in the West
What Translations of The Art of War Can't Do
Aim and Scope
Organization of the Book
A Note on the Translation, Pronunciation, and Definition
1. The System of Chinese Strategic Thought
Chinese Strategic Thought: Assumptions
The Chinese Use of Paradox/Contradiction
The Horizontal Dimension of Chinese Strategic Thought
1. The School of Strategy (quan mou)
2. The School of Operations and Tactics (hsing and shih)
3. The School of Yin and Yang
4. The School of Technology
Sun Tzu and the Four Schools
The Four Schools and Modern Strategy
The Four Schools and a General Theory of Strategy
The Vertical Dimension of Chinese Strategic Thought
Heaven and Earth: A Necessary Step toward the Tao
The Tao: The Whole System as One
2. The Genesis of The Art of War
The State of Qi (Ch'i) and Sun Tzu
Tai Gong (T'ai Kung)
The Culture of Qi
Guan Zhong and Qi's Rise to Hegemony
Sun Tzu and his Zeitgeist
The Rise of Deception as the Key Principle of Warfare
Toward a New Form of Warfare
Bifurcation of Officials and Generals in the State
Lao Tzu
3. From Sun Tzu and Lao Tzu: The Completion of Chinese Strategic Thought
'Tao Te Ching' as a Strategic Text
From Sun Tzu to Lao Tzu: The Origin
From Sun Tzu to Lao Tzu: The Transformation
The Taoist Methodology
The Water Metaphors and the Condition-Consequence Approach
From the Water Metaphor to the Theory of Tao
The Taoist Worldview
The Taoist Statecraft and Grand Strategy
4. Deciphering Sun Tzu
Clausewitz and Sun Tzu: Their Views on the Complexities of War
Trinitarian Analysis: Sun Tzu's Version
Certain to Win.
"Know thy Self, Know thy Enemy"
"Master of the Enemy's Fate"
Controlling the Negative Feedback
Controlling the Positive Feedback
A Theory of Control
5. The Successors of Sun Tzu in the West
Basil H. Liddell Hart: Rediscovering Sun Tzu
"The Indirect Approach"
The Condition-Consequence Approach
Grand Strategy
John Boyd: The American Sun Tzu
6. On Chinese Strategic Culture
Chinese Strategic Culture as a Western Construct
From Mao's Way of War to the Taoist Way of War
Johnston and Scobell: One or Two Strategic Culture(s)?
Chinese Strategic Culture and Chinese Strategic Thought
Theorizing War: Chinese and Western Thought
Toward a General Theory of Strategy: Cases of Mao and Boyd
Understanding Chinese Strategic Thought as a Philosophical and Cultural Undertaking
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