My New iPad : A User's Guide.

Wang, Wallace.
San Francisco : No Starch Press, Incorporated, 2010.
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iPad (Computer).
Tablet computers.
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Table of Contents
1: Turning Your iPad On and Off
What You'll Be Using
Turning On Your iPad
Turning Off Your iPad
Putting Your iPad to Sleep
Putting Your iPad to Sleep Automatically
Waking Up Your iPad from Sleep Mode
Turning Airplane Mode On and Off (3G iPad Models Only)
Additional Ideas for Turning Your iPad On and Off
2: Charging and Conserving iPad Battery Power
Recharging an iPad
Turning Off Wi-Fi and 3G
Turning Off Push Accounts
Turning Off Location Services
Monitoring Battery Life
Turning Off Bluetooth
Additional Ideas for Conserving Power
3: Using Your iPad's Physical Controls
Viewing the Home Screen
Modifying the Home Button
Adjusting the Volume
Rotating the iPad
Additional Ideas for Controlling Your iPad
4: Controlling the iPad User Interface
Using the Multi-Touch Screen
Additional Ideas for Controlling Your iPad
5: Using and Customizing the Virtual Keyboard
Displaying Different Virtual Keyboards
Typing on a Virtual Keyboard
Selecting, Copying, and Cutting Text
Customizing the Virtual Keyboard
Adding Auditory Keyboard Clicks
Typing Foreign Characters
Additional Ideas for Using the Virtual Keyboard
6: Customizing the Home Screen
Rearranging Icons on the Home Screen
Putting Apps on the Dock
Resetting Your Home Screen
Modifying the Wallpaper
Additional Ideas for Customizing Your Home Screen
7: Using Parental Controls
Blocking iPad Features
Filtering Content
Disabling Restrictions
Additional Ideas for Using Restrictions on Your iPad
8: Protecting Your Privacy
Setting (or Removing) a Passcode
Defining When to Ask for a Passcode
Erasing Data After 10 Incorrect Passcodes
Additional Ideas for Protecting Your iPad
9: Setting the Date and Time.
Picking a Time Zone
Setting the Date and Time
Setting (or Turning Off) 24-Hour Time
Additional Ideas for Modifying the Date and Time on Your iPad
10: Restoring and Resetting Your iPad
Restoring an iPad
Resetting Everything
Resetting the Keyboard Dictionary
Resetting Location Services
Additional Ideas for Resetting Your iPad
11: Setting Up an Internet Connection
Setting Up a Wi-Fi Connection
Forgetting a Wi-Fi Network
Connecting to a 3G Cellular Network
Additional Ideas for Connecting to the Internet
12: Installing (and Uninstalling) Apps
Finding Apps on Your iPad
Installing an App
Finding Apps in iTunes
Updating Apps on the iPad
Deleting Apps from the iPad
Running iPhone Apps on the iPad
Additional Ideas for Installing and Uninstalling Apps
13: Browsing with Safari
Navigating Safari
Searching in Safari
Opening Multiple Web Pages
Emailing a Web Page Link
Copying a Graphic Image from a Web Page
Additional Ideas for Browsing the Internet
14: Using Bookmarks with Safari
Using the History Window
Adding and Managing Bookmarks
Saving a Website as a Home Screen Icon
Creating Folders in the Bookmarks Window
Additional Ideas for Bookmarking Favorite Websites
15: Filling Out Forms Automatically in Safari
Turning On the AutoFill Feature
Using AutoFill in Safari
Additional Ideas for Using AutoFill
16: Setting Up and Customizing an Email Account
Setting Up an Email Account Automatically
Setting Up an Email Account Manually
Customizing Mail Accounts
Additional Ideas for Setting Up and Customizing Email Accounts
17: Reading, Writing, and Organizing Email
Reading Email
Moving a Message to Another Folder
Replying to or Forwarding an Email Message
Writing a New Message
Deleting Messages
Searching Email.
Additional Ideas for Reading, Writing, and Organizing Messages
18: Transferring Photos, Movies, Music, TV Shows, and Podcasts to Your iPad
Importing Files to iTunes on Your Computer
Synchronizing Photoes
Transferring Music to Your iPad
Synchronizing Podcasts
Transferring Movies and TV Shows to Your iPad
Additional Ideas for Transferring Audio and Video
19: Transferring Ebooks and Audiobooks to Your iPad
Importing Ebooks into Your iPad
Reading PDF and Microsoft Word Files on an iPad
Additional Ideas for Transferring Ebooks to Your iPad
20: Transferring Contacts, Appointments, Mail, Notes, and Bookmarks
Synchronizing Contacts
Synchronizing Appointments
Synchronizing Mail, Notes, and Bookmarks
Additional Ideas for Synchronizing Personal Information
21: Transferring iTunes University Courses from a Computer to Your iPad
Downloading iTunes University Courses to Your iPad
Transferring iTunes University Courses to Your iPad from Your Computer
Playing iTunes University Courses on Your iPad
Additional Ideas for Transferring iTunes University Classes to Your iPad
22: Shopping on iTunes and the iBook Store
Shopping for Music, Movies, TV Shows, and Audiobooks
Shopping for iBooks
Additional Ideas for Shopping Online
23: Listening to Music and Other Audio Files
Playing a Song in Different iPod Modes
Choosing a Song
Controlling Your Music
Finding a Podcast, Audiobook, or iTunes U Course
Searching for Any Audio Files
Controlling Your iPod While Using Other Apps
Tagging Audio Files
Additional Ideas for Listening to Audio Files
24: Watching Videos
Choosing a Video File
Viewing a Video
Additional Ideas for Watching Video
25: Watching YouTube Videos
Choosing a YouTube Video
Viewing a Video
Searching for a YouTube Video.
Additional Ideas for Watching YouTube Videos
26: Reading Ebooks
Opening (and Closing) an Ebook
Turning the Pages of an Ebook
Searching for Text
Using Bookmarks
Making Ebooks Easier to Read
Additional Ideas for Reading Ebooks
27: Viewing Photographs
Viewing Pictures
Navigating Through Pictures
Creating a Slideshow
Additional Ideas for Viewing Pictures
28: Using and Sharing Photographs
Sending Pictures by Email
Assigning a Picture to a Contact
Additional Ideas for Using Your Pictures
29: Jotting Down Notes
Typing a Note
Creating New Notes
Navigating Through Your Notes
Sending a Note by Email
Deleting a Note
Additional Ideas for Typing Notes
30: Viewing Contact Information
Viewing Contact Information
Adding a New Contact
Editing and Deleting a Contact
Sending Contact Information by Email
Sending Email to a Contact
Getting Directions to a Contact
Additional Ideas for Using Contacts
31: Tracking Appointments on a Calendar
Understanding the Different Calendar Views
Setting an Appointment
Editing (or Deleting) an Appointment
Searching for an Appointment
Viewing Calendars
Additional Ideas for Using Calendars
32: Viewing a Map
Viewing a Map
Finding Your Current Location
Using the Compass
Additional Ideas for Using Maps
33: Finding Places and Getting Directions with Maps
Finding Places on a Map
Bookmarking Favorite Locations
Getting Directions
Additional Ideas for Finding Places and Getting Directions with Maps
34: Searching Your iPad with Spotlight
Searching with Spotlight
Customizing Spotlight
Additional Ideas for Searching with Spotlight
35: Updating the iPad Operating System
Checking for Operating System Updates
Identifying Your Current Operating System.
Additional Ideas for Updating Your Operating System
36: Making an iPad Accessible
Improving the Visual Quality of the Screen
Turning On VoiceOver
Turning On Closed Captioning and Mono Audio
Turning Accessibility Features On and Off Rapidly
Additional Ideas for Making Your iPad Accessible
37: Using Foreign Languages
Switching the iPad's Default Language
Defining a Foreign-Language Keyboard
Using a Foreign-Language Virtual Keyboard
Additional Ideas for Using Foreign Languages on Your iPad
38: Transferring and Editing Microsoft Office Documents
Transferring Microsoft Office Files to Your iPad
Transferring Microsoft Office Files from Your iPad to Your Computer
Managing Imported Files on Your iPad
Additional Ideas for Transferring Microsoft Office Files
39: The Best iPad Apps
Office Productivity Apps
News and Information
Painting and Drawing Apps
Entertainment Apps
Additional Ideas for Using Apps
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