Cataloging Cultural Objects : A Guide to Describing Cultural Works and Their Images.

Baca, Murtha.
Chicago : ALA Editions, 2006.
1 online resource (411 pages)

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Scope and Methodology
Part 1: General Guidelines
I. How to Use This Guide
II. What Are You Cataloging
III. Works and Images
IV. Minimal Descriptions
V. Record Type
VI. Related Works
VII. Database Design and Relationships
VIII. Authority Files and Controlled Vocabularies
IX. Examples of Work Records
Part 2: Elements
I. CCO Elements
II. List of Elements
Chapter 1: Object Naming
1.1 About Object Naming
1.1.1 Discussion
1.1.2 Teminology
1.2 Cataloging Rules
1.2.1 Rules for Wort Type
1.2.2 Rules for Title
1.3 Presentation of Data
1.3.1 Display and Indexing
1.3.2 Examples
Chapter 2: Creator Information
2.1 About Creator Information
2.1.1 Discussion
2.1.2 Terminology
2.2 Cataloging Rules
2.2.1 Rules for Creator
2.2.2 Rules for Creator Role
2.3 Presentation of the Data
2.3.1 Display and Indexing
2.3.2 Examples
Chapter 3: Physical Characteristics
3.1 About Phyiscal Characteristics
3.1.1 Discussion
3.1.2 Terminology
3.2 Cataloging Rules
3.2.1. Rules for Measurement
3.2.2 Rules for Materials and Techniques
3.2.3 Rules for State and Edition
3.2.4 Rules for Additional Physical Characteristics
3.3 Presentation of Data
3.3.1 Display and Indexing
3.3.2 Examples
Chapter 4: Stylistic, Cultural, and Chronological Information
4.1 About Stylistic, Cultural, and Chronological Infomation
4.1.1 Discussion
4.1.2 Terminology
4.2 Cataloging Rules
4.2.1 Rules for Style
4.2.2 Rules for Culture
4.2.3 Rules for Date
4.3 Presentation of Data
4.3.1 Display and Indexing
4.3.2 Examples
Chapter 5: Location and Geography
5.1 About Location and Geography
5.1.1 Discussion
5.1.2 Terminology
5.2 Cataloging Rules
5.2.1 Rules for Location.
5.3 Presentation of Data
5.3.1 Display and Indexing
5.3.2 Examples
Chapter 6: Subject
6.1 About Subject
6.1.1 Discussion
6.1.2 Terminology
6.2 Cataloging Rules
6.2.1 Rules for Subject
6.3 Presentation of the Data
6.3.1 Display and Indexing
6.3.2 Examples
Chapter 7: Class
7.1 About Class
7.1.1 Discussion
7.1.2 Terminology
7.2 Cataloging Rules
7.2.1 Rules for Class
7.2 Presentation of Data
7.3.1 Display and Indexing
7.3.2 Examples
Chapter 8: Description
8.1 About Description and Other Notes
8.1.1 Discussion
8.1.2 Terminology
8.2 Cataloging Rules
8.2.1 Rules for Description
8.2.2 Rules for Other Descriptive Notes
8.2.3 Rules for Sources for Notes
8.3 Presentation of Data
8.3.1 Display and Indexing
8.3.2 Examples
Chapter 9: View Information
9.1 About View Information
9.1.1 Discussion
9.1.2 Terminology
9.2 Cataloging Rules
9.2.1 Rules for View Description and View Type
9.2.2 Rules for View Subject
9.2.3 Rules for View Date
9.3 Presentation of the Data
9.3.1 Display and Indexing
9.3.2 Examples
Part 3: Authorites
A.1 Authorities
A.1.1. About the Name Authority
A.1.1.1 Discussion
A.1.1.2 Terminology
A.1.2. Editorial Rules
A.1.2.1. Rules for Names
A.1.2.2. Rules for Other Elements
A.1.3. Presentation of the Data
A.1.3.1. Display and Indexing
A.1.3.2. Examples
A.2 Geographic Place Authority
A.2.1. About the Geographic Place Authority
A.2.1.1 Discussion
A.2.1.2 Terminology
A.2.2 Editorial Rules
A.2.2.1 Rules for Place Names
A.2.2.2 Rules for Other Elements
A.2.3 Presentation of the Data
A.2.3.1 Display and Indexing
A.2.3.2 Examples
A.3 Concept Authority
A.3.1 About the Concept Authority
A.3.1.1 Discussion
A.3.1.2 Terminology
A.3.2 Editorial Rules.
A.3.2.1 Rules for Terms
A.3.2.2 Rules for Other Elements
A.3.3 Presentation of the Data
A.3.3.1 Display and Indexing
A.3.3.2 Examples
A.4 Subject Authority
A.4.1 About the Subject Authority
A.4.1.1 Discussion
A.4.1.2 Terminology
A.4.2 Editorial Rules
A.4.2.1 Rules for Subject Names
A.4.2.2 Rules for Other Elements
A.4.3 Presentation of the Data
A.4.3.1 Display and Indexing
A.4.3.2 Examples
Selected Bibilography
Description based on publisher supplied metadata and other sources.
Harpring, Patricia.
Lanzi, Elisa.
McRae, Linda.
Whiteside, Ann Baird.
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