Geotechnical Safety and Risk V.

Schweckendiek, T.
Burke : IOS Press, Incorporated, 2015.
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1st ed.

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Is There Anything Better than LRFD for Simplified Geotechnical RBD?
Geotechnical Risk Management in Dutch Public Infrastructure Projects
Accounting for Uncertainty and Variability in Geotechnical Characterization of Offshore Sites
Interactive Evaluation of the Reliability of Engineered Slopes Utilising Multi-Source Monitoring Information
Developments in Levee Reliability and Flood Risk Analysis in the Netherlands
Quantitative Geotechnical Risk Management for Tunneling Projects in China
Risk Management and Risk Communication in Geotechnical Engineering by Independent Peer Review and Special Technical Solutions
Geotechnical Risk Management and Risk Communication
Risk Management for the Underground Car Park Kruisplein
Recent Initatives for Enhancing Landslide Risk Management in Hong Kong
Risk Management Based Ground Deformation Monitoring During Queens Bored Tunnels Project
Geotechnical Risks in a Deep Building Bit in The Hague's Old City Centre - Project Veenkade Case Study of the Restoration of an Old Canal and a New Underground Parking Garage
Seismic Risk Management of a Canal System Model
Using GeoRM to Communicate Geotechnical Risks Between Engineers and Managers
Geotechnical Engineering in Contracts for Civil Projects
The Position of Geotechnical Engineering and Risk Management in Dutch Higher Education
Urban Groundwater Management as Risk Reduction Tool for Groundwater Extractions
Risk Evolution During the Design of the Adaptation of a Railway Bridge Foundation
Geotechnical Risk Management for Museum ``Our Lord in the Attic'' Amsterdam
Variability in Ground Conditions and Site Investigation
Analyzing Spatial Variability of Geologic Profiles for Four Sites in Hong Kong.
Spatial Variability of Subsurface Soil Conditions Causing Roadway Settlements
Probabilistic Characterization of a Soft Scandinavian Clay Supporting a Light Quay Structure
Spatial Variability of Soil-Rock Interface in Chennai Using Geophysical and Geotechnical Data
Non-Intrusive Reliability Analysis of Multi-Layered Slopes in Spatially Variable Soils
Reducing Risk on Unexploded Ordnance by Vibrations in the Rotterdam Subsoil
Uplift Risk Maps for Sewerage Renewal Planning in Deltaic Cities
Random Sets-Based System for Geotechnical Soundings Density Estimation
System Failure Probability of c-φ Soil Slope Stability Using Vertical Random Fields
Determination of Spatial Variability in d70 Grain Size Values Using High Density Site Measurements
Probabilistic Methodology for Seismic Deformation Assessment of Slopes in Regions with Low to Moderate Seismicity
Whole Failure Process Analysis for Jointed Rock Mass Based on Coupling Method of DDA and FEM
Reliability and Risk Analysis of Geotechnical Structures
Correlation Effect in Probabilistic Design Against Piping in Multi-Functional Flood Defences
Dynamic Axle Loads as a Main Source of Railway Track Degradation
Assessment of Risks of Regional Shallow Slope Failures
A Framework for Risk Assessment of Groundwater Drawdown Induced Subsidence
Slope Stability Assessment Based on Limit Analysis
Limit State Imprecise Probabilistic Analysis in Geotechnical Engineering
Risk Assessment and Mitigating Measures Regarding Pile Installation at EBS Biohub Jetty
Stability Analysis of Unsaturated Soil Slope Considering the Variability of Soil-Water Characteristic Curve
Influence of Model Accuracy on Load and Resistance Factor Calibration of Steel Strip Walls
Probabilistic VHM Failure Envelopes for Skirted Foundations in Spatially Variable, Normally Consolidated Clay.
Reliability Analysis of Shaft Resistance of Axially Loaded Bored Piles
Reliability Analysis of Near Surface Disposal Facilities Using Collocation Based Stochastic Response Surface Method
Assessment of Reliability-Based Serviceability Limit State Procedures Using Full-Scale Loading Tests
Reliability Based Design of Dredge Sludge Depot for Mechanism Static Liquefaction
Probabilistic Analysis at Ultimate Limit State of Strip Footings Resting on a Spatially Varying Soil Using Subset Simulation Approach
Diagnosis of Earth-Fill Dams by Several Sounding Tests
A Procedure to Determine Resistance Factors for a Newly Developed Rotation Steel Pile
Uncertainty in Centrifuge Test of Slope Failure and Its Simulation by MPS Method
Uncertainty Evaluation in Slope Failure Using Centrifuge Model Tests
Time-Dependent Reliability Analysis of Pavement Structures Under Fatigue Loading
The History of Safety Factors for Dutch Regional Dykes
Effects of Soil Spatial Variability on Bearing Capacity of Shallow Foundations
Limit State Design of Shallow Foundations
Limit State Imprecise Interval Analysis in Geotechnical Engineering
Limit-State Design of a Steel Storage Tank Foundation on a Crushed Rock Ring Based on Proven Soil Strength
Parameter Identification of Consolidation Settlement Based on Multi-Objective Optimization
Detection of Anomalies in Diaphragm Walls
Uncertainties in Redesigning an Existing Quay Wall
A Consideration on Deterioration Model for Cold Region Tunnel Lining Based on Life-Cycle Concept
Multi-Objective Optimization and Decision Aid for Spread Footing Design in Uncertain Environment
Risk Assessment of Low Level Radioactive Waste in Near Surface Disposal Facilities
Calibration of Partial Factors for Basal Reinforced Piled Embankments.
Reliability Analysis of Infinite Slopes Under Random Rainfall Events
Application of Conditional Random Fields and Sparse Polynomial Chaos Expansions to Geotechnical Problems
Estimation of Probable Maximum Loss Index of Water Supply System
A Preliminary Study on the Comprehensive Evaluation of the Disaster Prevention System of Large Urban Underground Space
Limit-State Design in Geotechnical Engineering
Geotechnical Ultimate Limit State Design Using Finite Elements
Comparison of Methods for Reliability Calibration of Partial Resistance Factors for Pile Foundations
Bearing Capacity of Working Platforms Using Distinct Layout Opitimization Method
Design of Deep Supported Excavations: Comparison Between Numerical and Empirical Methods
A Proposal for Some Modifications of EN 1997-1 Design Approaches
Evaluation and Application of Characteristic Values Based on Eurocode 7 Design Methodology
Assessment and Management of Natural Hazards
The Statistical Analysis of Hydrological Disasters
How to Determine the Phreatic Surface in a Dike During Storm Conditions with Wave Overtopping: A Method Applied to the Afsluitdijk
Flood Safety on Dikes with Wind Turbines
Safety Assessment Method of Flood Defences for Flow Sliding
Application of Fragility Curves in Operational Flood Risk Assessment
Identification and Treatment of Erodible Clays in Dikes
Preliminary Assessment of Debris Flow Hazard in a Catchment Under Extreme Condition
Monitoring Analysis of Foundation Deformations of the Botlek Lifting Bridge
Risk Analysis on Cascade Breaching of the Tangjiashan Landslide Dam and Two Smaller Downstream Landslide Dams
Risk Assessment of Induced Earthquake Hazards in the Northern Netherlands
Continuous River Levee Safety Assessment Based on a Reliability Analysis.
Case Studies, Monitoring and Observational Method
Geotechnical Monitoring of a Trial Pit Excavation Toward the Boom Clay in Antwerp (Belgium)
Risk Management of Groundwater During the Reconstruction of the Rotterdam Central Area
Risk Management of a Complex Remediation of the Former Feijenoord Gasworks Site in Rotterdam
Non-Destructive Quality Check on Cast In-Situ Piles
Utilization of EPS Geofoam for Bridge Approach Structure on Soft Bangkok Clay
Concrete Flow in Diaphragm Wall Panels: A Full-Scale In-Situ Test
Evaluation of Differential Settlement Along Bridge Approach Structure on Soft Bangkok Clay
Long Term Monitoring Test Embankments Bloemendalerpolder - Geo-Impuls Program
Evaluation Settlement Models Test Embankments Bloemendalerpolder - Geo-Impuls Program
Soil Displacement Induced Laterally Loaded Piles Test Embankments Bloemendalerpolder - Geo-Impuls Program
Reliability Analysis of an Anchored Contiguous Pile Wall in Ankara Clay with the Random Set Finite Element Method
Uncertainty Analysis and Risk Management of Underground Cavern Group at Jinping II Hydropower Station
Stochastic Analysis of Soil Heterogeneity and Geotechnical Reliability
Geotechnical Reliability Analysis Involving Spatially Autocorrelated Soil Properties
Role of Soil and Structural Heterogeneity in Geotechnical System Redundancy
Bearing Capacity of Spatially Random Rock Masses Obeying Hoek-Brown Failure Criterion
Three Dimensional Discrete Failures in Long Heterogeneous Slopes
Probabilistic Analysis of Velocity Distribution Under Earth Embankments for Piping Investigation
Safety Assessment of a Shallow Foundation Using the Random Finite Element Method
Probabilistic Slope Stability Analysis: The State of Play
Granular Contact Dynamics for the Probabilistic Stability Analysis of Slopes.
Probabilistic Slope Stability Analysis Using RFEM with Non-Stationary Random Fields.
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