Introduction to Automotive Engineering.

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Sakthivel, R.
Newark : John Wiley & Sons, Incorporated, 2019.
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Automobiles-Design and construction.
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1 Introduction
1.1 Classification of Motor Vehicle
1.1.1 Based on Type of Roads
1.1.2 Buses
1.1.3 Classifications by ISO
1.2 Functions of Subunits
1.3 Characteristics of Ground Vehicle
2 Transmission System
2.1 Introduction
2.2 Clutch
2.3 Synchromesh Gear Box
2.4 Differential Gear Box
2.5 Planetary Gear Systems
2.6 Manual Transmission System
2.7 Automatic Transmission System
2.8 Propeller Shaft and Drive Shaft
2.8.1 Role of Propeller Shaft
2.8.2 Functions of the Drive Shaft
3 Tires
3.1 Introduction
3.2 Construction of Tire
3.2.1 Tire Tread Designs
3.2.2 Cross-Ply Tires
3.2.3 Radial Ply Tires
3.3 Tire Dynamics
3.3.1 Steady State Tire Forces and Torques
3.3.2 Simple Dynamic Extension
4 Suspension System
4.1 Introduction
4.2 Types of Suspension System
4.2.1 Mechanical System
4.2.2 Pneumatic System
4.2.3 Hydraulic System Working Principle of Hydraulic Suspension System Major Parts of Hydraulic Suspension System
4.3 Design Analysis of Suspension System
4.3.1 Dimension and Force Analysis of the Pedal
4.3.2 Design of Piston and Piston Head
4.3.3 Piston Head Design
4.3.4 Design of Main Cylinder
4.3.5 Design of Reservoir Cylinder
4.3.6 Design of the Pumping Cylinder
4.3.7 Plunger Design
4.3.8 Design of Pipe
4.3.9 Design of Spring
4.3.10 Design of Release Valve
4.3.11 Design of Pin
4.3.12 Design of Ball
4.3.13 Design of Pedal
4.3.14 Link Design
4.3.15 Seal Design
4.3.16 Testing for Rolling The Longitudinal Location of CG
5 Braking System
5.1 Introduction
5.2 Background of Brake System
5.3 Classifications of Brake System
5.4 Air or Pneumatic Brake System.
5.4.1 Components of the Typical Air Brake System
5.4.2 Common Problems in Pneumatic Brake System
5.4.3 Cause of the Problem
5.4.4 Air Brake System Troubleshooting
5.4.5 Leakage in Pneumatic Brake System
5.5 Hydraulic Brake System
5.5.1 Components of Hydraulic Brake System
5.6 Brake Drum Design
5.6.1 Materials for Brake Lining
5.6.2 Specification
5.7 Result and Conclusion
6 Steering System
6.1 Introduction
6.2 Parts of Steering System
6.3 Ackerman's Steering Mechanism
6.4 Davis Steering Mechanism
6.5 Power Steering
6.5.1 Hydraulic Power Assisted Steering - HPAS System Static Characteristic of the Hydraulic Power Steering System Components of Hydraulic Power Steering General Design of Hydraulic Power Steering Systems Hydraulic Power Steering Gear Design
6.5.2 Electric Power Steering Working of EPS Essential Components of an EPS System
7 Hybrid Cars
7.1 Introduction
7.2 History
7.3 Background
7.4 Production of Hybrid Electric Vehicles
7.5 Types of Vehicles
7.5.1 Motorcycles
7.5.2 Automobiles and Light Trucks
7.5.3 Taxis
7.5.4 Buses
7.5.5 Trucks
7.5.6 Military Vehicles
7.5.7 Locomotives
8 Autonomous Cars
8.1 Introduction
8.2 Implementable Ethics for Autonomous Vehicles
8.3 Mobility and Autonomous Driving
8.4 Safety Concept for Autonomous Vehicles
8.5 Conclusions
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Mahroogi, Faisal O.
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Alammari, Youssef.
Mahroogi, Faisal O.
Sakthivel, R.
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