eLearning or Training Business : Step-By-Step Startup Guide.

Media, The Staff of Entrepreneur.
Irvine : Entrepreneur Press, 2015.
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Possibly credited to advancements in technology or learning behaviors, or a rise in focus on personal development, the education and training industry is steadily growing, creating a demand for eager entrepreneurs. Exploring varied opportunities aspiring business owners will be given business ideas, teaching and training methods, and an overview of essential tools.
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Start Your Own eLearning or Training Business
Title Page
Chapter 1: Online Learning Today
Distance Learning Needs
Feed the Need
Corporate Training
Children and Young Adults
Personal Enrichment
The Roots of Distance Learning
Ask the Employer: How Much Does It Matter?
Riches in Enrichment
Chapter 2: Staking Your Claim
The Path to Destiny
It Takes a Village
Identify Your Offerings
Corporate Training
Higher Education
Continuing Enrichment and Professional Training for Adults
Child and Young Adult Education
Where Do You Fit In?
Multiple Markets, One Concept
Build a Unique Product
A Realistic Week as an Online Trainer
Cadence, Devices, and Audience Goals
Fill the Need
Niche Discovery
Training Industry Profitable Markets
What Kind of Training Will You Offer?
Chapter 3: Start Your Engines
Do You Have the Time?
Learn by Doing
Instructor-Led Online Learning Provider
Content Provider
Exam Preparation Site
Certification Provider
Web Aggregator
Reseller and Middleman
Develop Your Courses
Building Your Portfolio
Choosing an LMS
Work with Nonprofits
Build Classes Today
Harness Your Course for Growth
Third-Party Platforms
eLearning Materials for Teachers
Open Schedule Online Courses
Hybrid Distance Learning
Computer-Based Distance Learning
Fixed-Time Online Courses
Promotion and Organization of Your Work
Landing Pages
Your Bio Presence
Professional Research
Setting Your Rates
Going Public
Sell Courses from Your Own Website
Get Certified
Hire Instructors
Chapter 4: Make It Official
Group Benefits Last a Lifetime
Your Mission
Legal Eagles
Education-Specific Legal Obligations
Forming a Business Entity
What's in a Name?.
Brainstorm Your Name
Protect Your Name
Domain Name Registration
Insurance Is Peace of Mind
Chapter 5: A Wealth of Resources
Research Today, Act Tomorrow
Industry Analysis
Combine Primary and Secondary Research
Be a Trend Watcher
Get to Know Your Customers
Target Market Analysis
Targeting an Organization or University
Focus on Focus Groups
Know Your Competition
Competitor Analysis
Hiring a Professional
Where Is Your Audience?
The Informational Interview Is Gold
Your Competitive Edge
Don't Ignore Your Research
Chapter 6: Finance the Dream
How Much Will It Cost?
Shine Up Your Credit
Your Business Plan
Tap Your Network
Types of Funding
Personal Assets
Friends and Family
Angel Investors
Venture Capital
Purchase an Existing Business
Ready, Aim
Homebased Businesses Aren't Free
Bank Locally
Chapter 7: Location, Location, Location
B2B Partnering
Software and Hardware
Chapter 8: Your eLearning Website
Website Components
About Us
Company Philosophy and Mission
Product Pages and Shipping/Checkout
Landing Pages
Choose a Website Builder or Hire a Pro
One-Stop-Shop Solutions
We're Hiring
Get Your Web House Ready for Guests
What Will Your Site Do?
Big Data
Offer Video
Ongoing Training Is Imperative
Social Media Practices
The Channels
Chapter 9: Human Resources
Hire Smart
Assessing Your Needs
How Many People Is Enough?
Where to Find Talent
The Formula: Make the Golden List
Networks Teaming with Talent
Labor Practices
Hiring Procedures
Background Checks
Verifying Employment Eligibility
Employee Compensation
After They're Hired.
Provide Incentives to Employees
Employee and Operations Manual
Scheduling Personnel
Employee Performance Appraisals
Chapter 10: Give Great Content
Your Class Must Match Program Goals
Syllabus Development
How the Brain Learns
Motivate, Capture, Personalize
Be a Master Storyteller
Use Striking Images and Infographics
Procession Graphics
Summarize, Summarize, Summarize
Turn It into a Game
Test Their Thinking Frequently
Blended Learning
The Perfect Synchronous/Asynchronous Salad
Design It for Cell Phones
Study What Fails
Verified Certificates of Achievement
Chapter 11: Marketing
Start with What You've Got
Passive and Active Marketing
Finding Your Audience
Lesson Number One: Sing Your Song
Chapter 12: Tales from the Trenches
Change the World
Live and Learn
Appendix: eLearning and Training Resources
Consulting Services
Tech Support
Test Prep Companies
Free Training Guides, eBooks, Classes, and Lectures
Podcasts, MOOCs, and Webinars
Job Opportunities and Talent Pools
Software and Learning Management Systems
Successful Online Trainers
Trade Publications
Publishing Platforms, Learning Management Systems
Trainer Certification Programs
Start Your Own Business
Title Page
On Your Mark . . .
Part 1: Think
Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: Taking the Plunge: Get Ready to Be an Entrepreneur
Chapter 3: Good Idea!: How to Get an Idea for Your Business
Chapter 4: Good Timing: Should You Launch Your Business Part or Full Time?
Chapter 5: Build It or Buy It?: Starting a Business vs. Buying One
Part 2: Plan
Chapter 6: Choose Your Target: Defining Your Market.
Chapter 7: If You Build It, Will They Come?: Conducting Market Research
Chapter 8: The Name Game: Naming Your Business
Chapter 9: Make It Legal: Choosing a Business Structure
Chapter 10: Plan of Attack: Creating a Winning Business Plan
Chapter 11: Call in the Pros: Hiring a Lawyer and an Accountant
Part 3: Fund
Chapter 12: All in the Family: Financing Starts with Yourself and Friends and Relatives
Chapter 13: Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained: How to Find and Attract Investors
Chapter 14: Looking for Loans: The Ins and Outs of Debt Financing
Chapter 15: Fed Funds: How to Get Government Loans
Get Set . . .
Part 4: Prepare
Chapter 16: What's Your Deal?: Negotiating Successfully by Cliff Ennico
Chapter 17: Site Seeking: Choosing a Location for Your Business
Chapter 18: Looking Good: Creating a Professional Image
Chapter 19: Stock Answers: The Lowdown on Inventory
Chapter 20: It's in the Mail: Setting Up Mailing Systems
Chapter 21: Charging Ahead: Offering Your Customers Credit
Chapter 22: Cover Your Assets: Getting Business Insurance
Chapter 23: Staff Smarts: Hiring Employees
Chapter 24: Perk Up: Setting Employee Policies and Benefits
Part 5: Buy
Chapter 25: Buyer's Guide: Business Equipment Basics
Chapter 26: Business 24/7: Using Technology to Boost Your Productivity
Chapter 27: Net Works: Building Your Company Website
Chapter 28: Keep in Touch: Using Technology to Stay Connected
Part 6: Market
Chapter 29: Brand Aid: Building a Brand
Chapter 30: Marketing Genius: Advertising and Marketing Your Business
Chapter 31: Talking Points: How to Promote Your Business
Chapter 32: Sell It!: Effective Selling Techniques
Chapter 33: Now Serving: Offering Superior Customer Service
Part 7: Engage
Chapter 34: Net Sales: Online Advertising and Marketing.
Chapter 35: Social Studies: Social Media Marketing
Chapter 36: Can You Relate?: Social Media Networking
Part 8: Profit
Chapter 37: Keeping Score: The Basics of Bookkeeping by J. Tol Broome Jr.
Chapter 38: Making a Statement: How to Create Financial Statements by J. Tol Broome Jr.
Chapter 39: On the Money: Effectively Managing Your Finances by J. Tol Broome Jr.
Chapter 40: Pay Day: How to Pay Yourself
Chapter 41: Tax Talk: What You Need to Know About Your Taxes by Joan Szabo
Appendix: Business and Government Resources
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