AutoCAD 2018 and AutoCAD LT 2018 Essentials.

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Onstott, Scott.
Indianapolis : John Wiley & Sons, Incorporated, 2017.
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AutoCAD® 2018 and AutoCAD LT® 2018: Essentials
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Chapter 1 Getting Started
Sign In to Autodesk 360 on the Start Tab
Exercise 1.1: Configure Autodesk 360
Explore the AutoCAD 2018 for Windows User Interface
Exercise 1.2: Explore the Graphical User Interface
Exercise 1.3: Control the AutoCAD Ribbon
Set Drawing Units
Exercise 1.4: Set the AutoCAD Drawing Units
Chapter 2 Gaining Basic Drawing Skills
Navigate 2D Drawings
Exercise 2.1: Navigate a Drawing
Draw Lines and Rectangles
Exercise 2.2: Draw Lines
Exercise 2.3: Draw Rectangles
Cancel, Erase, and Undo
Exercise 2.4: Correct Mistakes
Use Coordinate Systems
Exercise 2.5: Use Absolute Coordinates
Exercise 2.6: Use Relative Coordinates
Exercise 2.7: Use Polar Coordinates
Draw Circles, Arcs, and Polygons
Exercise 2.8: Create Circles
Exercise 2.9: Create Arcs
Exercise 2.10: Draw Polygons
Use Fillet and Chamfer
Exercise 2.11: Join Nonparallel Lines
Exercise 2.12: Join Crossed Lines with Fillet
Chapter 3 Using Drawing Aids
Use Grid and Snap
Exercise 3.1: Draw with Grid and Snap
Employ Ortho and Polar Tracking
Exercise 3.2: Draw with Ortho and Polar Tracking
Use PolarSnap
Exercise 3.3: Draw with PolarSnap
Select Running Object Snaps
Exercise 3.4: Draw with Running Object Snaps
Harness the From Snap
Exercise 3.5: Use the From Snap
Apply Object Snap Tracking
Exercise 3.6: Use Object Snap Tracking
Chapter 4 Editing Entities
Create Selection Sets
Exercise 4.1: Create a Selection Set at the Select Objects: Prompt
Exercise 4.2: Create a Selection Set Before Deciding on a Command
Use Move and Copy
Exercise 4.3: Move and Copy
Use Rotate and Scale
Exercise 4.4: Rotate and Scale
Work with Arrays.
Exercise 4.5: Create a Rectangular Array
Exercise 4.6: Create a Polar Array
Use Trim and Extend
Exercise 4.7: Trim and Measure
Use Lengthen and Stretch
Exercise 4.8: Lengthen and Stretch
Use Offset and Mirror
Exercise 4.9: Offset and Mirror
Edit with Grips
Exercise 4.10: Edit with Grips
Chapter 5 Shaping Curves
Draw and Edit Curved Polylines
Exercise 5.1: Draw and Edit Curved Polylines
Draw Ellipses
Exercise 5.2: Draw Ellipses
Shape Splines
Exercise 5.3: Work with Control Vertices
Exercise 5.4: Work with Fit Points
Blend Between Objects with Splines
Exercise 5.5: Blend Splines
Chapter 6 Controlling Object Visibility and Appearance
Change Object Properties
Exercise 6.1: Edit Object Properties
Set the Current Layer
Exercise 6.2: Choose the Current Layer
Alter the Layer Assignments of Objects
Exercise 6.3: Assign Layers
Control Layer Visibility
Exercise 6.4: Toggle Layer Status
Exercise 6.5: Isolate Layers
Exercise 6.6: Save Layer States
Apply Linetype
Exercise 6.7: Use Linetype
Assign Properties by Object or by Layer
Exercise 6.8: Assign Properties
Manage Layer Properties
Exercise 6.9: Control Layer Properties
Isolate Objects
Exercise 6.10: Isolate and Hide Individual Objects
Chapter 7 Organizing Objects
Define Blocks
Exercise 7.1: Draw a Chair and Define It as a Block
Exercise 7.2: Draw a Door and Define It as a Block
Insert Blocks
Exercise 7.3: Use Blocks
Edit Blocks
Exercise 7.4: Edit Block Definitions
Exercise 7.5: Assign Floating Properties
Exercise 7.6: Nest Blocks
Exercise 7.7: Explode Blocks
Redefine Blocks
Exercise 7.8: Redefine Block Definitions
Work with Groups
Exercise 7.9: Create Groups
Chapter 8 Hatching and Gradients
Specify Hatch Areas.
Exercise 8.1: Pick Points to Determine Boundaries
Exercise 8.2: Select Objects to Define Boundaries
Associate Hatches with Boundaries
Exercise 8.3: Associate Boundaries
Hatch with Patterns
Exercise 8.4: Specify Properties
Exercise 8.5: Separate Hatch Areas
Hatch with Gradients
Exercise 8.6: Create Gradients
Chapter 9 Working with Blocks and Xrefs
Work with Global Blocks
Exercise 9.1: Write a Local Block Definition to a File
Exercise 9.2: Insert a Drawing as a Local Block
Exercise 9.3: Redefine Local Blocks with Global Blocks
Access Content Globally
Exercise 9.4: Access Global Content
Store Content on Tool Palettes
Exercise 9.5: Add to the Tool Palettes
Reference External Drawings and Images
Exercise 9.6: Use Xrefs
Chapter 10 Creating and Editing Text
Style Text
Exercise 10.1: Create Text Styles
Write Lines of Text
Exercise 10.2: Create Text to Fit
Exercise 10.3: Justify Text
Exercise 10.4: Transform and Create Text
Write and Format Paragraphs Using MTEXT
Exercise 10.5: Write and Format with MTEXT
Edit Text
Exercise 10.6: Edit Content and Properties
Exercise 10.7: Work with Columns
Recognize and Combine Text
Exercise 10.8: Import, Recognize, and Combine Text from PDF
Chapter 11 Dimensioning
Style Dimensions
Exercise 11.1: Create Dimension Styles
Add Dimensions
Exercise 11.2: Use Inquiry Commands
Exercise 11.3: Add Dimension Objects
Exercise 11.4: Add and Style Multileaders
Edit Dimensions
Exercise 11.5: Alter Dimension Objects
Chapter 12 Keeping In Control with Constraints
Work with Geometric Constraints
Exercise 12.1: Use Geometric Constraints
Apply Dimensional Constraints
Exercise 12.2: Create Dimensional Constraints
Constrain Objects Simultaneously with Geometry and Dimensions.
Exercise 12.3: Use Simultaneous Constraints
Make Parametric Changes to Constrained Objects
Exercise 12.4: Alter Constraint Parameters
Chapter 13 Working with Layouts and Annotative Objects
Create Annotative Styles and Objects
Exercise 13.1: Work with Annotative Text
Exercise 13.2: Work with Annotative Dimensions
Create Layouts
Exercise 13.3: Configure Layouts
Adjust Floating Viewports
Exercise 13.4: Work on Layout1
Exercise 13.5: Work on Layout2
Override Layer Properties in Layout Viewports
Exercise 13.6: Override Layer Properties
Draw on Layouts
Exercise 13.7: Lay Out Geometry
Chapter 14 Printing and Plot ting
Configure Output Devices
Exercise 14.1: Set Up a System Printer
Exercise 14.2: Set Up an AutoCAD Plotter
Create Plot Style Tables
Exercise 14.3: Create a Named Plot Style Table
Use Plot Style Tables
Exercise 14.4: Configure New Drawings for Named Plot Style Tables
Exercise 14.5: Assign Plot Styles by Layer or by Object
Plot in Model Space
Exercise 14.6: Plot from Model Space
Plot Layouts in Paper Space
Exercise 14.7: Plot from Paper Space
Export to an Electronic Format
Exercise 14.8: Export to DWF
Exercise 14.9: Export to PDF
Exercise 14.10: Share Design Views
Chapter 15 Working with Data
Geolocate Projects
Exercise 15.1: Geolocate a Drawing
Import SketchUp Models
Exercise 15.2: Import a SketchUp Model
Define Attributes and Blocks
Exercise 15.3: Define Attributes and a Block
Insert Attributed Blocks
Exercise 15.4: Insert Block References with Attributes
Edit Table Styles and Create Tables
Exercise 15.5: Alter a Table Style and Make a Table
Use Fields in Table Cells
Exercise 15.6: Create Fields
Edit Table Data
Exercise 15.7: Alter Table Data
Chapter 16 Navigating 3D Models
Use Visual Styles.
Exercise 16.1: Explore Visual Styles
Work with Tiled Viewports
Exercise 16.2: Tile Viewports
Navigate with the ViewCube
Exercise 16.3: Use the ViewCube to Navigate
Orbit in 3D
Exercise 16.4: Orbit
Use Cameras
Exercise 16.5: Utilize Virtual Cameras
Navigate with SteeringWheels
Exercise 16.6: Use SteeringWheels to Navigate
Save Views
Exercise 16.7: Save Views
Chapter 17 Modeling in 3D
Create Surface Models
Exercise 17.1: Make Planar Surfaces
Exercise 17.2: Revolve a 2D Profile to Create a 3D Model
Exercise 17.3: Sweep Out 3D Geometry
Exercise 17.4: Extrude 2D Geometry into 3D
Edit Surface Models
Exercise 17.5: Trim Surfaces with Other Surfaces
Exercise 17.6: Project Edges on Surfaces
Exercise 17.7: Trim Surfaces with Edges
Create Solid Models
Exercise 17.8: Extrude Solid Objects
Exercise 17.9: Loft Solid Objects
Edit Solid Models
Exercise 17.10: Perform Boolean Operations
Exercise 17.11: Edit Solids
Smooth Mesh Models
Exercise 17.12: Create, Edit, and Smooth Mesh
Live-Section Models
Exercise 17.13: Create and Edit a Section Plane
Chapter 18 Presenting and Documenting 3D Design
Assign Materials
Exercise 18.1: Apply Materials
Place and Adjust Lights
Exercise 18.2: Add Artificial Lights
Exercise 18.3: Simulate Natural Light
Create Renderings
Exercise 18.4: Make Realistic Renderings in the Cloud
Document Models with Drawings
Exercise 18.5: Document Models
Appendix A Making Isometric Drawings
Appendix B Autodesk™ AutoCAD™ 2018 Certification
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