Medicine in the Qur'an and Sunnah : An Intellectual Reappraisal of the Legacy and Future of Islamic Medicine and Its Represent.

Umar, Faruk Adamu.
Ibadan : Safari Books Limited, 2012.
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Medicine -- Religious aspects -- Islam.
Medicine in the Qur'an.
Health -- Religious aspects -- Islam.
Spiritual healing -- Islam.
Medicine, Preventive -- Religious aspects -- Islam.
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It is the aim of this book while clarifying doubts and misconceptions, to provide a thorough reappraisal of the intellectual and rich cultural heritage of Islam with regards to the principles and practice of medicine and its representation to the world in the language of today.
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Foreword l
Foreword II
List of Reviewers and Editorial Advisers
List of Definitions and Abbreviations
CHAPTER ONE - Seeking for Knowledge
1.1. The Concept of Knowledge
1.2 The Importance of Knowledge
1.3 The Diversification of Knowledge
1.4 The Promotion of Medical Educationand Health Services
CHAPTER TWO - Preventive Medicine
2.0 Introduction
2.1 Personal and Environmental Hygiene
2.2 Oral Hygiene
2.3 Circumcision
2.4 Other Forms of Personal Hygiene
2.5 Drinking Clean and Pure Water
2.6 Manners of Eating
2.7 Diet
2.8 Physical Health - Sport, Amusement and Recreation
2.9 Social Health
2.10 Mental Health
2.11 The Control of Communicable Diseases and Epidemics
2.12 Passing Urine in Stagnant Water
2.13 Medical Benefits of Ablution and Salat
CHAPTER THREE - Curative Medicine
3.0 Introduction
3.1 Treatment with Honey
3.2 Fever, Sore 'Throat and Tonsilitis
3.3 The Control of Bleeding and the Treatment of Wounds
3.4 Cupping and Cauterisation
3.5 Remedy with Dates
3.6 Remedy with Nigella Seed (Habba-tus-Sawda)
3.7 Diseases of and Antidotes to the Housefly
3.8 Remedy with Milk
3.9 The Treatment of Pain and Malaise
3.10 The Management of the UnconsciousPatient
3.11 The Management of Burns andDehydration
3.12 Nutritional Rehabilitation in Patients'Care
3.13 The Treatment of Mental Illnesses and Other Diseases
3.14 The Treatment of Insomnia or Sleep Disorder
3.15 Medical and Genetic Counselling
3.16 Psychotherapy
3.17 Conclusion
CHAPTER FOUR - Health Policies
4.1 Family Health and Breast Feeding
4.2 The Provision of Adequate and Potable Water
4.3 Legislation on Foods, Drinks, Recreation and Sex.
4.4 The Wisdom in the Prohibition of Eating Pigs and Dogs
4.5 Noise as Pollution The Qur'an states
4.6 The Promotion of Medical Ethics
4.7 Magic, Witchcraft, Enchantments and Charms
4.8 Euthanasia (Mercy Killing)
4.9 Suicide
4.10 Healthcare Delivery and Administration
4.11 The Promotion of Health Services
4.12 The Rehabilitation of the Sick and the Needy
4.13 The Promotion of International Health
CHAPTER FIVE - Research and Development
5.0 Introduction
5.1 The Source of Human Creation
5.2 Embryonic and Fetal Development
5.3 Sex Differentiation and Determination
5.4 The Acquisition of the Soul
5.5 The Completion of Creation, Labour and Delivery
5.6 Conclusion
5.7 Reflection
CHAPTER SIX - Spiritual Health
6.0 Introduction
6.1 The Existence of Jinn, Their Nature and Effect on the Human Body
6.2 Possession
6.3 Exorcism
6.4 Healing through Miracles
6.5 The Use of Washed Qur'anic Verses on Slates as a Medicinal Remedy
6.6 The Use of Amulets and Charms
6.7 Omens and Superstitions
6.8 Magic and Soothsaying
CHAPTER SEVEN - Public Health Issues
7.0 Introduction
7.1 Artificial Insemination in the Treatment of Infertility
7.2 Abortion
7.3 Family Planning
7.4 HIV Infection and AIDS
7.5 Immunisation and Prophylaxis
CHAPTER EIGHT - Necessity Dictates Exception
8.1 Doctors Examining Patients of the Opposite Sex
8.2 Females in Medical Practice
8.3 Seeking Health Services from Non-Muslims
8.4 The Use of Cadavers (Dead Bodies) for Medical Training
8.5 Treating Illnesses with Prohibited Substances or Means
8.6 Medication and Instrumentation for the Fasting Patients
CHAPTER NINE - Muslims and the Practice of Medicine
9.1 Historical Background
9.2 The Challenges of Modern Medicine to Muslims.
9.3 The Principles and Approaches of "Islamic Medicine"
9.4 The Islamisation of the Medical Sciences
CHAPTER TEN - Conclusion
Appendix - Authority of Tibbi Nabawi (Prophetic Medicine)
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