When the Opposite Sex Isn't : Sexual Orientation in Male-To-Female Transgender People.

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Samons, Sandra L.
Florence : Taylor & Francis Group, 2008.
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Transgender people.
Transgender people -- Identity.
Gender identity.
Male-to-female transsexuals.
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When there is uncertainty about the gender identity or social gender role of an individual, determining exactly who the opposite sex is can be a complicated question for both the transgender person and for those who seek to relate to her. Written in both an enlightened and a reader friendly style interspersed with vignettes, When the Opposite Sex Isn't offers a combination of insights and common sense understanding of the diversity of the human condition together with concepts of gender and sexuality that expand the horizons of any mental health professional, regardless of the clinical focus of his or her work. Samons challenges concepts once taken for granted, thus providing stimulus for creative thinking which many lay readers will also find interesting and entertaining, whether or not they are (thus far) acquainted with a transgender person.
When the Opposite Sex Isn't: Sexual Orientation in Male-to-Female Transgender People
List of Tables
List of Figures
1 Beyond Vocabulary
Words Are Meaningful
Exactly What Do We Mean by Transgender?
The Middle Ground
The Other End of the Spectrum
Square Pegs, Round Holes
Degrees of Intensity of Transgender Feelings
The Ability and Need to Pass
Being Transgender Is Only One Part of a Larger Picture
Everyone Has a Personality
Labels-Sometimes Efficient but Never Without a Cost
The Beginning of Gender Self-Discovery
Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity
Who Has Been Paying Attention to Sexual Orientation?
Asking the Experts
Is It a Question of Morality?
The Debate Goes On
Social Gender Role, as Opposed to Gender Identity
Are Transgender People Just Trying to Get Attention?
The Search for a Definition of Self
The Standards of Care
The Standards of Care as a Focus of Controversy
Transgender People Need to Have Hope
The Transgender Person May Be Possessive of Her Closet
He May Hold on to the Hope That He Will Outgrow It
The Meaning of the Terms Masculine and Feminine
Being Different Is Difficult
Learning From Martin Luther King Jr.
The Loneliness of a Transgender Child
When and How Does Awareness of Transgender Identity Emerge?
Professional Self-Monitoring
The SOCs Do Not Offer Guidance for Every Case
Knowing About Alternatives
Finding Creative Solutions
Living One Day at a Time
2 Sex and Gender
Western Culture-Too Smart for Its Own Good?
Sex Designation
Reasons for Conducting This Research Project
A Transition Story
Therapy for People Who Do Not Have a Diagnosis
The Effect of the Gatekeeper Role.
The God Complex
The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)
When People Are Too Young to Speak for Themselves
The Basis for Defining Sexual Orientation
The Importance of Genitals
What Does the Literature Say About Sexual Orientation in Transgender People?
Transgender People Prior to 1948
Autogynephilia: A Concept That May Have Been Carried Too Far
Other Points of View
Different Is Only Different, Not Necessarily Better or Worse
On a Personal Note
The Minnesota Model
3 The Birth of the Research Project at Hand
The People Who Were Studied
Becoming More Objective About Transgender Clients
Preserving Privacy
Willingness to Talk About Sexual Orientation
Meaningful Diagnosis and Changing Sexual Orientation
The Cyber Revolution
Saying the Word Sex
4 Findings About Sexual Orientation in MTF Transgender People
The Comparisons
The Role of Age
Marital Status and Living Situation
The Implications of Marriage
Can Falling in Love Be the Cure?
Avoiding Transgender Identity in Self
Age at First Memory Related to Being Transgender
The Approach to Therapy
Measuring the Length of Time in Therapy
Length of Time in Therapy
The Uniqueness of the Transgender Path
New Shoes
Experience With Transgender Expression
Primary Sexual Fantasy
Gender Identity
Self-Defined Sexual Orientation
Puberty Revisited
The Outliers
When Is a Change Really a Change?
The Perceived Power of Hormones
Considerations Other Than Therapy
Genital Reconstruction Surgery
5 Approaches to Therapy With Transgender Clients
Is There Really No One or Nothing to Blame?
Crossdressing Among Non-Crossdressers
Assessing for Coexisting Conditions
Treating Co-Occurring Diagnoses.
What Price Would a Person Be Willing to Pay for Gender Congruity?
The Stress of Daily Life
The Need to Belong
Current Risk for Suicide
Current Risk for Life Crisis
Determining the Current Status of the Client
Knowledge and Experience
Steps Already Taken
The Thorny Issue of Hormones via the Internet
Dealing With the Gatekeeper Role
6 Transgender Children and Transgender Parents
The Transgender Child
When Parents Want a Therapist to Fix Their Child
A Child Is Not a Free Agent
The Colombo Approach to Therapy
Is Anatomy Destiny?
Magical Thinking Is Like Wishing on a Star
Just Who Is the Opposite Sex?
Being Different Can Be Good
Choosing a New Name
The Role of Geographic Location
Children and Transgender Adults
Children of Divorce
Becoming an Expert
7 Wives and Partners
I Don't Know Where I'm Going, but Please Come With Me
A Transgender Person May Wonder If It Is Too Late
Emotional Energy as a Limited Resource
Bargaining and Avoidance
Wives of Crossdressers
When Other People Ask, "Are You Going to Get a Divorce?
8 Some Further Comments on Transgender and Findings of the Current Research
The Uniqueness of the Transgender Path
Experience With Transgender Expression
Feminizing the Voice
Do Clothes Make the Woman?
Defining Community
Taking the Risk to Explore Gender Expression
The Role of Hormones
Generational Differences
Disclosures That Are Withheld or That Come Belatedly
The Pattern of Hormone Use
A Brave New World
The Individuality of Self
Feminine Heart-Masculine Voice
Other Subtleties of Speech
Sexual Fantasies and Partner Preference
How Gender Identity Influenced Sexual Orientation
The Importance (or Lack Thereof) of Outward Appearance
Cultural Influences
First Awareness of Being Different.
Sexual Orientation Begins With "Who Am I?"
To Enjoy One's Own Gender Is Normal
The Desire to Be Pretty
Puberty Revisited
Intentions Regarding Genital Reconstruction Surgery
Medical Contraindications for GRS
Weighing the Risk Factors
No Immunity for Transgender People
Cost Versus Benefit
An Unanticipated Reaction to Genital Surgery
Cause-and-Effect Relationships
The Relationship to Finances
Which Reasons for GRS Are Valid?
Beginning to Notice Attractive Men
9 Where Do We Go From Here?
A New Beginning
Tracking When There Is No Paper Trail
Living in Stealth
The Diversity of Crossdressers
Discovering the Real Truth
More Limitations
Waiting Until One's Body Is "Right
Beyond Semantics
Avoiding Misinterpretation
Appendix A: Mental Health Evaluation Checklist for Transgender Clients
Appendix B: Basic Data Sheet
Appendix C: More About Methods
Appendix D: More About Data and Findings
Appendix E: Internet Resources
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