No B.S. Sales Success In The New Economy.

Kennedy, Dan.
Irvine : Entrepreneur Press, 2010.
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No B.S.
No B.S.

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In The New Economy, only a select few will gain and keep membership in the elite sales fraternity enjoying the top incomes, the greatest security, the most independence and power, and the highest status. And, who better to show you how to get in than.
Part I - 15 No B.S. Strategies for Exceptional Success in Sales, Persuasion, and Negotiations
Chapter 1 - Strategy 1: Immunity to the Word "No
No's Turned Into Yes's, That's What Master Salespeople Do
Chapter 2 - Strategy 2: The Positive Power of Negative Preparation
How General Patton Used the Positive Power of Negative Preparation
Who Else Uses the Positive Power of Negative Preparation?
Chapter 3 - Strategy 3: Use Listening to Influence People
What Are You Listening For?
How to Read Anyone's Mind
Chapter 4 - Strategy 4: Avoid Contamination
How to Cheat on Your Expense Account and Other "Lessons" from the Grizzled Pro
Chapter 5 - Strategy 5: The Process of Personal Packaging
A Valuable Lesson from a Prejudiced Banker
Chapter 6 - Strategy 6: Remembering Why You're There
Chapter 7 - Strategy 7: Do Expectations Govern Results?
Chapter 8 - Strategy 8: Proof: The Most Important Tool for Exceptional Success in Selling
Proof Through Testimonials
How Dumb Salespeople Work Ten Times Harder Than They Need To and Get One-Tenth the Results They Could Get
A Picture Is Worth a Thousand Words
Statistical Proof
How Much Proof Is Enough? How Much Proof Is Too Much?
Chapter 9 - Strategy 9: Fred Herman's K.I.S.S. Principle
The New Economy's Chaos of Choices and New Economy Customers' Desire for the Easy Button
You Can Get Rich Making the Complicated Simple
Close the Doors on the Sales Prevention Department
Chapter 10 - Strategy 10: Sell Money at a Discount
How to Put Money in Their Pockets and Then Set It on Fire
Becoming an "Added-Value" Sales Professional
Be Able To Say: No Other __________ Will . . .
Creating Added Value from Thin Air
Creating Added Value at Nominal Cost
Chapter 11 - Strategy 11: Always Compare Apples to Oranges.
Most of the Advice You Get About Dealing with Price Resistance Is Wrong
Specialization and Customization Prevent Apples to Apples Comparisons
Chapter 12 - Strategy 12: In Search of the Free Lunch
How to Close the Difficult Sale with a Very Desirable Premium
Premiums and "Big Ticket Selling
Chapter 13 - Strategy 13: The Magic of Mystique
Perception Is Reality: The "Story" Is the "Secret Ingredient
Creating Your Own Mystique
How to Unmask and Still Create Mystique
Everything Old Is New Again
at Least It Better Be!
Chapter 14 - Strategy 14: I'd Rather Be Dumb and Persistent Than Smart and Impatient
How Being a Dumb Frog Got This Rookie a Veteran's Top Income
Does Success
or Failure
Breed Success?
Chapter 15 - Strategy 15: Long Distance Is Nowhere Near As Good As Being There
Part II - How to Stop Prospecting Once and For All
Chapter 16 - Positioning, Not Prospecting
Public Speaking
Are You Just Another Salesperson?
The Final Component
Gee, This Sounds Like a Lot of Work
Chapter 17 - How to Use "Lead Generation Advertising" to Attract Highly Qualified Prospects
Never the Pest, Always the Welcome Guest
The "Welcome Guest Process" in Brief
How a Lead Generation Ad Works Like a "Personals" Ad
Where Do You Run Lead Generation Advertizing?
The Postcard Technique
Headlines Are Important
Who Uses Lead Generation Advertising?
How to Use Lead Generation to Force Prospects to Give You Information and Grant Your Control of the Sales Process
The Last but First Thing You Need to Know About Lead Generation
Part III - A No B.S. Start-to-Finish Structure for the Sale
Chapter 18 - The Six Steps of the No B.S. Sales Process
Step One: Permission to Sell
Step Two: The Offer.
Step Three: The Presentation
Step Four: Emotional Logic
Step Five: Closing the Sale
Step Six: The Morning After
Part IV - Dumb and Dumber Things That Sabotage Sales Success
Chapter 19 - B.S. That Sales Managers Shovel Onto Salespeople
1. "The Answer to Your Problem Is Simple: Make More Calls.
2. "Everybody's Your Prospect.
3. "It Is Easier to Sell to Someone Who Isn't Interested than It Is to Find Someone Who Is.
4. "Your Problem Is You're Not Motivated.
5. "It's Just a Numbers Game. Keep at It.
How to Tell a Good Sales Manager from a Bad One
Chapter 20 - Six Dumbest Things Salespeople Do to Sabotage Themselves
1. Lousy Follow-Up
2. Hanging Out with Losers
3. Hanging Out with the Losers at the Bar, Strip Club, or Coffee Shop
4. Wasting Time
5. Not Creating SYSTEMS
6. Poor Self-Discipline
Part V - My Biggest Secret to Exceptional Results in Selling: Takeaway Selling
Chapter 21 - The Awesome Power of Takeaway Selling
Proving the Theory of Supply and Demand
How a Starving Dog Trainer Rid Her Finances of Fleas, Once and For All
A Real Estate Agent to Learn From
The Power of "Disqualification
How Do New Economy Customers Respond to Takeaway Selling?
A Fundamental Choice
Chapter 22 - A Final Word from the Author
Bonus Book - How to Read Anyone's Mind
Subvert Your Own Ego
The Easiest Way to Get Anybody to Confide in You Like Their Most Trusted Friend, Fast
How to Ask Questions
Study Good Interviewers
Determine That You Will Learn Something from Everybody
Listening Skills
The Technique of "Displayed Interest
I Will Never Forget . . .
What Does "Reading Between the Lines" Really Mean?
Eye Contact
Body Language
The Right Image
Be Prepared
The Chink in the Armor
Five Human Characteristics That Can Be Relied On.
What Are People Thinking
How Physical Characteristics Affect a Person's Thinking
Demographic Clues to Attitudes
The Biggest Difference: "Think" vs "Feel
Be an Informed, Interesting Person
How to Know When a Person's Resistance Is Irrational
The Power of Suggestion
Essential Reading
Summary of Key Strategies
Part VI - Reference Section
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