Functional and preservative properties of phytochemicals / edited by Bhanu Prakash.

London : Academic Press, 2020.
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Botanical chemistry.
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Functional and Preservative Properties of Phytochemicals examines the potential of plant-based bioactive compounds as functional food ingredients and preservative agents against food-spoiling microbes and oxidative deterioration. The book provides a unified and systematic accounting of plant-based bioactive compounds by illustrating the connections among the different disciplines, such as food science, nutrition, pharmacology, toxicology, combinatorial chemistry, nanotechnology and biotechnological approaches. Chapters present the varied sources of raw materials, biochemical properties, metabolism, health benefits, preservative efficacy, toxicological aspect, safety and Intellectual Property Right issue of plant-based bioactive compounds. Written by authorities within the field, the individual chapters of the book are organized according to the following practical and easy to consult format: introduction, chapter topics and text, conclusions (take-home lessons), and references cited for further reading. -- Provided by publisher.
1. Antimicrobial and antioxidant properties of phytochemicals : current status and future perspective / Bhanu Prakash, Akshay Kumar, L.S. Songachan, et al.
2. Functional food ingredients from old age cereal grains / P. Anjali and P. Vijayaraj
3. Aquatic plants as a natural source of antimicrobial and functional ingredients / Km Pooja, Sapna Rani, Gaurav Kumar Pal, et al.
4. Antimicrobial properties of selected plants used in traditional Chinese medicine / Mishri Lal, Sandip Kumar Chandraker and Ravindra Shukla
5. Natural products from plants : recent developments in phytochemicals, phytopharmaceuticals, and plant-based neutraceuticals as anticancer agents / S. Priya and P.K. Satheeshkumar
6. Foodborne microbial toxins and their inhibition by plant-based chemicals / Somenath Das, Anand Kumar Chaudhari, Nawal Kishore Dubey, et al.
7. Recent advances in extraction technologies of phytochemicals applied for the revaluation of agri-food by-products / Sandra Pimentel-Moral, María de la Luz Cádiz-Gurrea, Antonio Segura-Carretero, et al.
8. Application of nanotechnology to boost the functional and preservative properties of essential oils / Akshay Kumar, Priyanka Singh, Bhanu Prakash, et al.
9. Biotechnology : a tool for synthesis of novel bioactive compounds / Sandeep Kumar, Praveena Bhatt and Sarma Mutturi
10. Prospects of omics technologies and bioinformatics approaches in food science / Bhanu Prakash, Prem Pratap Singh, Vishal Gupta, et al.
11. Phytochemicals : extraction process, safety assessment, toxicological evaluations, and regulatory issues / Monika Thakur, Karuna Singh and Renu Khedkar
12. Phytochemicals : intellectual property rights / Manoj Kumar Singh, Sandeep Kumar Singh, Ajay Kumar, et al.
13. Innovations and future trends in product development and packaging technologies / Bababode Adesegun Kehinde, Ishrat Majid, Vikas Nanda, et al.
Includes index.
Prakash, Bhanu, editor.
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